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Time come say goodbye? In Afrikaans, this deserve to be just as daunting to do as in any other language. Due to the fact that hey, that likes goodbyes?! Wishing friends and loved ones farewell is never pleasant nor easy, specifically if the parting is irreversible or long-term.

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But also this counts on how you look at it. Together Winnie the Pooh wisely says:

“How lucky ns am to have something that provides saying goodbye so hard.”

Not all goodbyes are terribly hard or sad, though. In this article, keolistravelservices.com will show you several means to say goodbye in Afrikaans and how to usage the ideal one for every occasion. 

As a complement, friend can additionally learn just how to speak Hello in Afrikaans in our specialized blog post before continuing with this one. It’s super-easy! Like speak hello, saying goodbye in Afrikaans isn’t yes, really that an overwhelming to master. Many Afrikaans goodbyes are Anglicized, an interpretation they’re taken native the English language. Let’s destruction in! begin with a bonus, and download the Must-Know starting person Vocabulary PDF for FREE!(Logged-In Member Only)

Table the Contents

1. Exactly how to to speak Goodbye in Afrikaans


1. Totsiens / “Goodbye”

Totsiens is a convulsion of Tot weersiens, i m sorry literally method “Till I view you again.” of course, the implication is the you wish the human being well till you see each other again.

Like the English equivalent, Totsiens is supplied on its own, and is a common way of indicating the you’re acquisition leave the someone’s presence. You have the right to use that in both formal and also informal situations, and also it’s regularly used as soon as you i will not ~ be seeing that person for a long time. 

When addressing a ceo or who important, part Afrikaners favor to add the person’s name, choose this: 

Totsiens, Meneer De Beer. (“Goodbye, mr De Beer.”)

This type of deal with is slightly more respectful than only using Totsiens, but it’s no by any way required for suitable social etiquette. You won’t have actually committed one unforgivable social gaffe by omitting the who name.


2. Baai! / “Cheers!”

Baai is used amongst people who recognize each various other well—like family, friends, and close colleagues—because it’s super-informal and also should be used greatly in casual situations. Words is a fairly cheerful way of saying goodbye in Afrikaans, therefore it’s finest not to use it for solemn or sad partings.

It’s typical to say Baai! once you’re walk to check out or have call with that human being again soon, despite you can also use the in various other situations. Because that instance, you can say this as soon as parting v a familiar shop assistant who you just had actually a casual, friendly conversation with. 

Afrikaners favor chatting with everyone, particularly in the rural areas of the country! We tend to it is in a bit an ext reticent and also private in cities prefer Johannesburg and Pretoria, but even in those places, foreigners making friendly tiny talk v Afrikaners won’t be rebuffed. Cape Town, in particular, is recognized to it is in a very friendly city, so conversation away as soon as you visit there! Sincerity and also politeness in her dealings with world are key, though.

Baai is a contraction of Koebaai, i m sorry is Afrikaans slang because that “Goodbye.” (Check out several of the other cool Afrikaans slang words we usage in south Africa!)A fairly common, yet new, convention is to say Baai-baai-baai in a hasty, nearly absent-minded manner. Heaven knows whereby this originated from. Alternatively, you could say Baai-baai! or Ba-baai, which room both translations that the English “Bye-bye!” kids often greet this way.


A sports of this goodbye is the English Ta-Ta! It might be derived from the English slang because that “thanks,“ i beg your pardon is “Ta!” So, then it would be favor saying “Thanks-thanks!” Anyway, this is a an extremely casual, informal method to to speak goodbye in Afrikaans, most frequently used v babies and children. Laugh widely and wave enthusiastically while saying this!

3. Sien jou later! / “See you later!”

Like that English equivalent, this Afrikaans goodbye phrase is reasonably casual and normally supplied when the parting is temporary. You can use this once you’ve make a fixed appointment or have a day with someone, or as soon as you understand you’re walking to see them later in class or at work, because that instance.

This expression is thought about an Anglicism, and is nearly always used among people who room of same status. However, it i will not ~ be thought about rude to say this to her supervisor or boss.The nuance is really subtle, but young people—or various other Afrikaners who know each other extremely well—won’t, as a rule, to speak goodbye in Afrikaans this way. It’s just a smidgen more formal and polite than various other phrases, and much more common among older folks life in landscape areas. The said, yes nothing wrong v saying farewell in Afrikaans this way if you opt to perform so!


4. Sien jou weer. / “See girlfriend again.” 

This one’s a sport of the previous greeting. It’s frequently not used literally, though, an interpretation you don’t need to have a fixed date or appointment through someone to use this phrase. It’s more of a polite and also friendly way for equals to component ways as soon as they don’t recognize each other an extremely well. 

For instance, you can confidently use this goodbye expression with acquaintances in the rectal or when parting ways with someone you met in ~ a party. It’s an ext of a polite conversation filler than a thank you wish.


The expression is often used v the adverbial graag, like this: Sien jou graag weer. There’s no literal meaning translation because that graag in English. It adds a sense of willingness and eagerness to the expression (such together “really” does, in English), and also it might indicate that you mean what you say. Use this one v some care, though, together you don’t want to show up overly eager or needy.

5. Geniet dice dag. / “Have a an excellent day.”

This is one more popular Anglicism, and also it’s slightly much more formal than the vault one. Often, the regional dominee (“pastor”), apteker (“pharmacist”), or skoolhoof (“school headmaster”) will usage it together a friendly, benevolent phrase to see people off with.


While a wave and a smile will do, this one can be attach by a handshake. It’s additionally common to combine it through Totsiens, together in: Totsiens, Magda. Geniet dice dag! (“Goodbye, Magda. Reap your day!”)

A common variation is: Geniet jou dag. (Literally: “Enjoy her day.”)

6. Kyk mooi na jouself. / “Take care.”

Kyk mooi na jouself is supplied a little differently native the English “Take care,” also though it method the same thing. It’s seldom used as a stand-alone good-bye in Afrikaans, but rather gets used like this: Totsiens en kyk mooi na jouself, Magda. (“Goodbye and also take care, Magda.”) 

Changing words order is also acceptable, favor this: Kyk mooi na jouself, Magda. Totsiens. (“Take care. Goodbye, Magda.”)

This is often used by someone who desires to express issue for the other person. A parent would certainly say goodbye like this come their kid who’s leaving for college in an additional city, for example. Or a caring colleague would say this to someone on noble leave. You could also round turn off a conversation through this phrase when visiting a friend, colleague, or loved one in the hospital.


7. Mooi loop! / Literally: “Walk well!”

This expression is a an ext casual sport of the former Kyk mooi na jouself (“Take care”), and also it’s a very typical Afrikaans saying. These days, it’s mostly used by enlarge Afrikaners.

It deserve to be provided in any kind of situation, and also implies that you great a pleasant trip for the other person. However, it’s no reserved just for world who space actually walking on a journey!Mooi loop! can be supplied as a stand-alone goodbye. However, it’s no really suitable if the human being you’re greeting is the much greater rank 보다 you, or if your connection with castle is formal.


8. Goed gewees om jou car sien. / “Good see you.”

This colloquial goodbye phrase is pretty self-explanatory—use it as soon as you want to show that one encounter through someone has actually been a satisfied experience. It can be provided when conference up with, or bumping into, one acquaintance or friend you haven’t seen for a long while. In together a case, you would certainly probably include the adverb: weer (“again”), together in: Goed gewees om jou weer car sien. (“Good seeing you again.”) However, the additional adverb is totally optional.


This phrase can likewise be created in a thank-you keep in mind to the hosts after an occasion such as a wedding or college reunion. It can signify slight formality, yet older, very polite or main Afrikaners often use it as a conventional parting phrase.

9. Ek gaan nou loop. OR Ek loop nou. / “I’m leave now.” OR “I’m out.”

There are two unique ways of using this goodbye in Afrikaans. 

First, the confident scenario: Picture yourself at occupational after a lengthy Friday in ~ the office, or after an exhausting change at the hospital. You’ve just gained done through work and are cost-free to go. That’s it! girlfriend grab her stuff and cheerfully notice your departure (to no one in particular) with this phrase. Whoever hears it will perfectly acquire your mood and intention, and may also follow suit. This is a really casual phrase and also most often adhered to by a friendly, if not absent-minded, Baai! or Totsiens!


Then there’s the much less positive scenario: 

You’re engaged in an argument with a girlfriend or Special human (SP), but it’s clear the the conversation is going nowhere. Perhaps among you offers up and also leaves v a curt, unfriendly: Ek loop nou. (“I’m out.”) similar to the English expression, the means you to speak it renders all the difference. We recommend the you don’t use this as well often, though, together it can be somewhat passive-aggressive if you’re the stubborn, unrelenting one! 

10. Ek moet hardloop. / “I gotta run.”

Like its English counterpart, this expression denotes a sense of urgency, and also it can imply the you’re so late for another appointment. 

It’s actually much more of a statement 보다 a actual goodbye in Afrikaans! Therefore, it’s most regularly used with the prefix Dis laat (“It’s late”), as in: Dis laat, ek moet hardloop. (“It’s late, I should run.”)

However, Afrikaners periodically use it together an out when we feel a little stuck in a conversation or situation! girlfriend know, to escape native that person who seems unable to check out your body language. Or from her slightly inebriated colleagues that don’t want to let you leave after a occupational party.

In this cases, a more serious phrase would it is in appropriate, together as: Ek moet gaan. (“I have to go.”) If claimed with a ton of urgency and a glance at your phone or watch, it might be all you need to obtain away! Legitimate and also useful, but don’t use it too often with world you care about. They might feel that you don’t have time because that them.This expression is constantly used v Baai! or the slightly more formal Totsiens.


11. Vaarwel. / “Farewell.”

Vaarwel is no longer used in spoken Afrikaans, uneven you’re top top stage and wishing her beloved from an additional era a melodramatic goodbye. It method you’re never going to watch that human again, however these days (fortunately), its usage is nice outdated. The native originates from a time when it was much more common come say goodbye to people forever. Imagine a girl from the 1600s sobbing inconsolably top top a harbor, if waving to her seafarer lover on a delivery that’s heading out towards new, uncharted worlds. The literally method the same as the English version: “Sail well.” The chances of your reunification were really slim, though, so speak Vaarwel usually supposed goodbye forever.


2. Body Language and Gestures once You to speak Goodbye in Afrikaans

When you speak goodbye, body language is just as necessary as the words friend use.

A) Eye Contact, Smiling, and Keeping a Distance

Afrikaners like friendly people! But an ext than that, it’s essential to remember that natural, voluntary eye contact, in particular, is large among Afrikaners. It shows that you’ve obtained nothing come hide and also are willing to enable other world to “read” you. 

Ferociously staring in a deadly eyelock is unnecessary, though. No have to impersonate Ghengis khan or Derren Brown to display your sincerity! Afrikaners would discover this inappropriate and scary. 

In the exact same vein, speak goodbye with eye contact that claims “Helloooo Baby…” is not appropriate either. Maintaining eye contact for too long, or doing for this reason in one intimate manner, will make Afrikaners feel uncomfortable. Unless you intend come seduce, of course! In this case, different etiquette will certainly apply—seduction is one art best approached through circumspection. 

Afrikaners room a warm and friendly people, yet we don’t like over-explicit sensual gestures in public, especially in more conservative communities and also rural areas. We make reasonable pin money for couples in love, of course, however our manners in this regard are still quite British.


Afrikaners often tend to be exclusive people, even when you know them well. So keeping at least a meter (or 3 feet)’s distance when saying goodbye is a safe move. If they suggest that they want you closer for a be affected by each other hug or an wait kiss, climate fine, yet it’s far better for you not to initiate this yourself.

How you to speak goodbye in Afrikaans, concerning your gestures and also actions, will absolutely depend on exactly how well you recognize the people.

B) nearby Friends and Family

If you understand the person very well, hugs space not only permitted once you say goodbye—they’re regularly required! This is particularly true if the parting is walk to it is in a long, sad one. Unless they’re household or your SP, don’t hug too tightly though. 

Kissing is also allowed, also on the lips, if you’re close. However then, only a peck. A kiss top top the cheek is also appropriate because that friends.

As a rule, Afrikaner men avoid public screens of affection, specifically with other men. Many often, they will certainly shake hands, as with they do when they first greet. The said, even men are known to summary hug a near friend with a casual arm slung end the shoulders. Cameradie is important, especially if the good-bye is difficult.


Fist-bump goodbyes are increasingly popular amongst young people and also school kids, together is throw the V-sign (or win sign), through the fore and also middle fingers elevated in a fist. It’s additionally called the tranquility Sign. However, this gesture is specific to a particular demographic. So, don’t usage it with the bank manager, a police officer, or your boss, because that instance. Uneven they’re also a rapper, that course.


While we don’t like melodrama, we’ll recognize if you’re also sad for a smile. A few tears space acceptable, even welcomed, but save the total breakdown for once you’re alone in private. Her Afrikaner girlfriend will understand if girlfriend cry, and also will try to console you—but they could feel a bit embarrassed, too. Together mentioned, we don’t love public display screens of solid emotion, together it provides us feeling vulnerable.Unless she very close! Then go ahead; a an excellent bawling session will most likely be infectious and also solidify her bond even more. Make certain to store the tissues close because that everyone, though; your effectiveness will be appreciated.


C) Informal and also Formal Situations: Etiquette as soon as Saying Goodbye come Women

Men, it is in respectful when you hug an Afrikaner woman who’s no your far-reaching other. Be sensitive to the signal she sends you, and also if she doesn’t indicate that it’s okay, or if you’re not sure, don’t reach because that a hug in ~ all! 

An waiting kiss through the ear or cheek when lightly poignant her shoulder would most likely be the safest option (if she’s a relatively close friend). You don’t want to look for trouble with her Afrikaner husband; they’re notoriously safety of your women! The best thing might be to simply offer her hand because that a handshake, nevertheless of the situation. Permit her to take the lead.

D) Informal and also Formal Situations: Etiquette for Colleagues and also Strangers

In many cases, a smile, eye contact, and a handshake would be appropriate and acceptable among Afrikaner men and women. Sell your ideal hand and also keep a respectful distance.

If the person is an elderly to you, wait because that them to sell their hand first, though. This is a authorize of respect. Jutting your hand out first toward the CEO of your firm or a dignitary, such as a room minister, would certainly be taken into consideration a bit too forward.

3. Exactly how keolistravelservices.com Can help You master Saying goodbye in Afrikaans!

We expect you enjoyed learning about how come say goodbye in Afrikaans v us. Are you prepared to start practicing the vocabulary, or execute you still have actually questions? allow us know in the comments!

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