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Imagine the you’re travel to good old Germany, and you desire the real experience (not simply staying in a hotel or hostel like everyone else). Well, this is same enough, and also we certainly encourage going because that the full Germany experience. However first, you’ll require to know some an easy family terms, like just how to say “father” in German.

Why is it so vital to know the words for family members members in German? Imagine the complying with situation:

You arrive at her freshly booked Airbnb, and your host welcomes you v a nice dinner. Yet there’s one hitch: you discover yourself eating through his parents, part friends, his cousin, and also his grandmother, too. Your organize starts to present everyone, pointing to each human as he states their name:

Ich möchte dich meinen Eltern vorstellen. Das sind mein Papa und meine Mutter. Und dort sitzt meine Großmutter und mein Cousin.

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Despite her host’s ideal efforts come familiarize you v his family, you actually find yourself an ext confused about who’s who. Five no!

While learning things like family members member terms in German first-hand is constantly a good idea, you may be more comfortable examining up top top this prior to your trip. After all, as soon as it concerns family in German, words prefer the one in our example are going to come up all the time, for this reason you should prepare using German lessons about family like this one!

keolistravelservices.com has prepared a overview just because that you, covering vocabulary state for any kind of family member girlfriend may find yourself introduced to! Going with this guide, you deserve to work on your language an abilities beforehand, so that you have the right to make the most of your first-hand discovering experiences in Germany. Therefore let’s obtain started!

Table the Contents

1. Family members in German – Die Familie


Familie is the German word because that “family.” as you have the right to see, the word is more similar come English 보다 you thought. Could this be since German households aren’t so different from those in the U.S. Or other countries? Let’s take it a look.

When girlfriend look end the demographics of Germany, you can plainly see that we room a dying nation. This way that every year, an ext people dice than room being born, and also our average age is acquiring older and also older indigenous year come year. (This is, that course, no exclusive to Germany, and is also happening in other first-world countries.)

I want to offer you a short example that the above statistics making use of my family members history. Mine grandmother was one of six children in her family at the finish of the second World War, and also this was taken into consideration a normal-sized family. Now, my mom and also dad are both among three children. And today, there’s simply me and also my sister. From every of mine uncles and aunties, ns have between zero and three cousins.

Do you check out what ns mean? German families have become much smaller sized over the last seventy-eighty years. Today, civilization tend to think very first about your lives and also careers, and secondly around kids and also family.

Families room the most important reference allude for a kid until the finish of his or she time in college. But for plenty of people, the end of college additionally represents a diminishing definition for your parents’ home. Store in mind that ns don’t want to to speak German kids don’t love your parents. Of food they do.

The family members is, and also will constantly be, crucial in Germany, for this reason learn about it and adapt to it!

2. List of Closest family Members + basic Sentence Patterns


1- general Terms for German immediate Family

We created an overview of the most important family in German vocabulary words, such together your siblings, parents, and also grandparents. The German is top top the left, and also the English tantamount is top top the right.

die Eltern“the parents”
der Vater“the father”
die Mutter“the mother”
das Kinddie Kinder“the child”“the children”
die Geschwister“the siblings”
die Schwesterdie Halbschwester“the sister”“the half-sister”
der Bruderder Halbbruder“the brother”“the half-brother”
der Sohn“the son”
die Tochter“the daughter”
die Ehefrau“the wife”
der Ehemann“the husband”
der Großvaterder Opa“the grandfather”“the grandpa”
die Großmutterdie Oma“the grandmother”“the grandma”

To assist you out v some basic words and the together for family members member terms, we produced a cost-free lesson in ours free-of-charge course. With enough practice, you’ll have the ability to talk around your parents and also siblings in German prefer it’s nothing!

2- Talking about Family Members

There room usually three cases when talking around family:

You’re trying to talk around your familyYou’re talking around someone else’s family members membersYou’re asking someone around their family

That way you require to define who’s household you’re talking or inquiring about. This is done through possessives.

Similar to “my,” “yours,” “his” in English, in Germany we use meine, deine, and also seine. Come prepare you for the upcoming challenges connected with each of the situations outlined above, we’ve provided you with some basic questions and answers.

Wer ist deine Mutter?“Who is your mother?”Das ist meine Mutter.“This is my mother.”
Sind deine Eltern verheiratet?“Are your parents married?”Nein, meine Eltern sind geschieden.“No, my parents room divorced.”
Wie viele Geschwister aside from that du?“How numerous siblings do you have?”Ich habe zwei Geschwister, zusammen sind wir 3 Kinder.“I have two siblings, together we room three kids.”
Hast du einen Bruder oder eine Schwester?“Do you have actually a brothers or a sister?”Ja, ich habe zwei Brüder und eine Schwester.“Yes, I have actually two brothers and one sister.”
Wie ist der surname deines Bruders?“What is the surname of your brother?”Mein Bruder heißt Peter.“My brother’s name is Peter.”
Wie alt sind deine Großeltern?“How old are your grandparents?”Meine Oma ist 65 und mein Opa ist 70 Jahre alt.“My grandma is sixty-five and my grandpa is seventy years old.”
Ist sie deine Ehefrau?“Is she your wife?”Ja, das ist meine Ehefrau Eva.“Yes, this is my wife Eva.”

Take a close look at how we used the possessive pronouns. They always have come be adjusted to the human being you’re talk about.

3. More Family and also Endearment Terms


1- German extended Family

Everybody has family members members outside of their prompt family. Below, we offer you some household member terms the you’ll face every work while living with a German family. We won’t go into too much detail, as the half-sister of your siblings’ aunt isn’t really interesting anymore.

der Onkel“the uncle”
die Tante“the aunt”
der Cousin “the cousin” (m)
die Cousine“the cousin” (f)
der Neffe“the nephew”
die Nichte“the niece”

This doesn’t seem too tough to understand, walk it? With every one of the terms we’ve gone end so far, you’re practically ready come talk about your family in assorted contexts. There are some an ext things fine cover in the following chapters, however what we have actually so much are the closest family members.

2- Endearment Terms

Families are cute, and you can constantly hear small grandsons or granddaughters calling your grandparents “granny” or “grandpa.” Those are simply a couple examples of so-called endearment terms, and of food we have them in Germany together well.


We’ll present you two rapid ways to develop endearment terms, and also give you part examples. Prior to we go on, we want to let you recognize that this doesn’t work-related with all family members the very same way.

1. Adding an i

The first way to develop endearment terms in Germany is to reduced the critical letter(s) the the term, and also replace it v the letter i. It’s no mistake the we pointed out it can be the last letter or letters. When the ax ends through a vowel, friend replace only the critical letter. In any kind of other case, you must replace the last 2 letters.

Here room some examples:

Mama -> Mami“mother” -> “mom/mommy”

Mutter -> Mutti“mother” -> “mom”

Papa -> Papi“father” -> “daddy”

Vater -> Vati“father” -> “dad”

Opa -> Opi“grandmother” -> “granny”

Oma -> Omi“grandfather” -> “grandpa”

But over there are also examples where it doesn’t work, together as:

Onkel -> OnkiTante -> TantiGroßmutter -> Großmutti (theoretically this works, but you’re never going to usage this)

2. Adding chen come the finish of the word

This might be the better-known kind for any type of German learner. This one is a bit trickier and also has some distinct rules. The an easy rule is the you just include chen after each term. But be conscious that when doing this, in part cases, if words ends with a vowel, you have actually to reduced this collection before adding the chen. Or, if the word has actually a vowel in-between, you adjust it come ü, ö, or ä (instead of u, o, a).

Good instances are:

Großmutter -> Großmütterchen (grandmother -> grandma)Onkel -> OnkelchenTante -> Tantchen (aunt -> auntie)Cousine -> Cousinchen

As you can see, periodically there’s not also a proper English translation because that the endearment term you can produce in German. The great thing around this method of developing endearment terms is that you have the right to use that with virtually everything, and you’re not restricted to people or household members. Take a look at this examples:

Bierchen from words Bier (beer)Tischchen from words Tisch (table)Tässchen from the word Tasse (cup)

4. How to Talk about Family

It’s rather easy to present your household to an additional person in German. Stop imagine oneself sitting approximately a huge table, wherein all the family members is eating together, and also a friend of yours arrives for the an initial time. You both stand in former of the table.


Das ist meine Mutter und das mein Papa.“This is my mother and also this is my dad.”
Dort drüben sitzen meine Großeltern.“Over there room sitting mine grandparents.”
Neben ihnen siehst du den Bruder meiner Mama, meinen Onkel.“Next come them, you can see the brothers of mine mother, mine uncle.”
Mein Cousin, der Sohn meiner Tante ist heute nicht hier.“My cousin, the child of my aunt, he is not right here today.”
Meine Oma ist leider schon gestorben.“My granny unfortunately has currently passed away.”

5. Social Insights in a German Family


The family is, for many Germans, one of the basic aspects of their lives. The family members is vital part the every German. Kids usually prosper up close to your grandparents (who occasionally take care of their grandchildren once the parents space at work). Further, to trust is a big thing because that German families. But even v this strong bond, Germans are moving out of their parents’ house quite early to study, work, and become financially independent.

We’ve currently mentioned that most German households are fairly small compared to those in various other countries. Family members size strongly depends on where you live, though. Because that instance, in the countryside, it’s normal for multiple generations come live on a huge farm together, or even an ext than one family members from one generation.

So it can be feasible to uncover houses v up come ten world in the much more rural areas, yet even there, everybody has actually their own an are and flat. You deserve to live there v your parents, her grandparents, and also maybe even your uncle’s family.

In the city, the situation is generally different, and families nothing live together. Everybody has their own level or house, and also don’t check out each other in day-to-day life.

Traditionally, the guy is the head of the family. Yet let’s face it: this no really just how it works anymore. Women enjoy the same rights as men, and all decisions are made as a couple, or even amongst the whole family consisting of children.

In the old days, the was typical for human being to obtain married after living with each other for a while. Now, girlfriend can uncover couples that remain together their totality lives and also never acquire married. However trends are now coming earlier to the timeless way.

For some more information around German culture, we’ve prepared another lesson because that you.

6. How keolistravelservices.com Can help You Learn about Family in German

We hope that you got some valuable insight from our article about families in Germany, together as how to talk around family members. You now recognize a little bit about the typical family instance in Germany today, and how people are arranging their day-to-day lives.


You should have the ability to talk around your immediate and extended family, present them come others, and talk come someone around them.

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If you want to really an increase your German skills, then us recommend our personal teacher regime which focuses on your personal goals based upon your present level.

But us won’t leaving you there is no making a fast gift come you. We have actually free-of-charge courses on keolistravelservices.com because that learners the every level: