I"m make the efforts to write in Spanish (using the vocabulary supplied in México) that "I believed I placed my keys on the kitchen counter, however now i can"t discover them." I come up through this: "Pensé que coloqué mis llaves en __________, pero ya no puedo encontrarlas."

I don"t think "mostrador" or "encimera" are correct. Help, please! ?

This has really puzzled me, together well. Reportedly this varies significantly by region, even within Mexico. As most others have pointed out, that seems prefer "la cubierta" is maybe the most typical in Mexico. My friend and Spanish teacher indigenous Guadalajara has told me that there are multiple terms depending on what component of the counter you happen to be talking about. She claimed "la cubierta" would certainly be correct for the component of the counter used as workspace, but the part along the wall surface where you may generally store points would be called "el pretil". (When ns looked up "pretil" in the Spanish-English dictionary, however, it just said "parapet"). "La barra (de cocina)" appears to be an additional one generally accepted in mexican Spanish.

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"La encimera", by contrast, seems to be generally Spanish-Spanish. There are also some less usual variations favor "el mostrador", i m sorry in mexico Spanish appears (according to the mexicans I"ve talked to) to be more reserved because that the countertop in a shop (it"s use as variant for kitchen countertop seems an ext common in various other parts of Latin America). There"s additionally "la mesada", which shows up to be much more of a south American thing.

To do this a little more confusing, an acquaintance who is from mountain Luis Potosí has never heard "la cubierta" offered in this context. She supporters "la barra" if you occur to have actually stools choose I do, and also seconds "el pretil" as correct if you"re talking about counter space along a wall, particularly where you may have actually storage or counter appliances. Seems prefer she thinks the if your situation doesn"t fit any kind of of those, "la cubierta" is possibly the next best alternative for mexican Spanish.

On a connected note, as ideal as I can tell, if the respond to is fully detached from a wall surface the straight literal translate in "la isla" (the island) is typically understood.

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To summarize, here"s what i think I"m going come go through (until who else have the right to straighten me out):

most generally, usage "la cubierta" (and make reservation "encimera" for once I"m in Spain)use "la barra (de cocina)" as the next finest option, and also favor this one if I"m referring to a respond to where there is seatinguse "el pretil" if it"s a counter along a wall with minimal workspace used an ext for keeping junkuse "la isla" if I"m talking around what we in English would also call one "island"

I may be totally wrong here, for this reason pardon me if any kind of of this isn"t correct. However this question has driven me nuts as this is a indigenous I need to use frequently and also it"s constantly been unclear, so I wanted to share what ns think I"ve discovered out from all the research of done. Any type of comments/clarifications space welcome.