(Last update On: April 5, 2021)

The Monster Jam is a family event that we have been going to for over 10 years! us love city hall the Monster Trucks and the talented Monster van drivers. If you have actually have ever wondered just how to come to be a Monster Jam truck driver, read on! and watch the interview v Morgan Kane, the driver of tomb Digger! while I was able to attend the Monster Jam show in Tampa in ~ no cost, all opinions room my own.


How To become A Monster truck Driver from Grave Digger Driver Morgan Kane

We love it when the Monster Jam pertains to Tampa! We went to the Monster Jam show last year and it was our 10th continuous year, my boy asks for this occasion to it is in his birthday “party” every year. I will certainly be honest, ns wasn’t certain at the period of 15 this was still what the would desire to do, however when we asked that answered v a really enthusiastic YES. The Monster Jam is actually appreciated by our entirety family, my daughter and also I included! What isn’t come love about really big trucks, specifically when friend consider every one of the tricks the they deserve to do in a vehicle that size! If you haven’t seen an event in person, you really should go at least once, you will have a blast even if monster trucks and also racing aren’t your “thing”.

Monster trucks are around 10.5 feet tall, 12.5 feet wide, 17 feet long, and weigh around 17,000 pounds. The is a major truck! now take a minute and think about the stunner stunts they pull turn off in these trucks.

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Wheelies wherein they get at the very least two wheels off of the ground, full 360-degree flips, donuts, and also freestyle tricks to wow and also entertain the audience. That’s some real talent, specifically in a vehicle that size!

Have you ever wondered what the takes to become a Monster Jam van driver though? I know my son has been questioning me that question for about 10 years now