If you’re acquainted with the Spanish language, you’re no stranger to beauty.

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After all, Spanish is a exponentially beautiful language—it’s no wonder that it’s often associated with romance.

Some would even say that it’s one that the most beautiful languages in the world.

While your ultimate score is no doubt to speak Spanish beautifully, till you obtain there you deserve to at least learn just how to say “beautiful” in Spanish.

It’s a action in the ideal direction.

Spanish has a variety of different indigenous that have the right to be supplied to average “beautiful.” v so many options, it can be difficult to decision which word to use in i beg your pardon context.

But v these 17 lover Spanish words for “beautiful,” you’ll always have the perfect native for any situation.

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Why discover Spanish Words because that “Beautiful”?

Learning Spanish words because that “beautiful” will allow you to lavish praise on who or something. “Beautiful” is a positive word even if it is you’re talking around a human being or the weather, so having plenty of words for “beautiful” will allow you to pile on the compliments. And also everyone loves compliments.

Additionally, learning Spanish words for “beautiful” will help you to woo someone. Spanish words for “beautiful” can certainly round out your Spanish pick-up lines and romantic words and phrases. Even civilization who don’t speak Spanish are often impressed by Spanish, so discovering some an essential words can help you success over anyone you might be interested in.

Finally, finding out Spanish words because that “beautiful” will permit you to have vivid descriptors for any situation. “For Dummies” emphasizes the prominence of adjective in creating in the great “Adding adjective to Make her Writing much more Descriptive.” Adjectives space important. It’s great to start with typical Spanish adjectives, but as your language an abilities get more advanced, you’ll desire to have an ext precise vocabulary.

How come Make any kind of Descriptor more Effusive

Regardless the how many vocabulary words girlfriend know, occasionally you simply can’t discover a indigenous that’s effusive enough. Luckily, there’s a method to make adjectives an ext effusive.

Adding -ísimo or -ísima to the finish of the word renders it a superlative, i m sorry is a more effusive word. Because that instance, bueno (good) becomes buenísimo (very good). This can make any beautiful word that much much more beautiful.

Of course, this is much better suited to part words, as it sounds awkward on the end of specific descriptors. Learn more about Spanish superlatives with SpanishDict’s valuable lesson.

The Authentic means to Remember all These Beautiful Words!

Below, we have a list of 17 words that mean “beautiful” in Spanish. But how deserve to you remember lock all? and also how perform you find out the sometimes-subtle differences in the means they’re used?

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No Filter: 17 Pure, Perfect means to to speak “Beautiful” in Spanish

1. Bello/a

Bello/bella quite literally method “beautiful.” However, the can likewise be used similarly to “lovely.”

Bello/bella can be supplied to describe people, areas or things, so you deserve to whip it the end whenever friend think everyone or something is beautiful.

2. Hermoso/a

While hermoso/hermosa also way “beautiful,” it’s a bit an ext flexible 보다 bello/bella.

Hermoso/hermosa can likewise mean “handsome,” “gorgeous,” “noble” or “nice.” Colloquially, the can even mean “plump.”

Like bello/bella, hermoso/hermosa can be provided to define people, areas or things.

3. Bonito/a

Bonito/bonita can average “beautiful,” however it’s most often used prefer the English word “pretty.” However, that can additionally mean “lovely” or “nice.”

In Latin America, bonito can be an adverb to explain an action. In this case, it method “well” or “nicely.”

If girlfriend see bonito on a menu, though, proceed with caution, because it can additionally be a noun for a fish similar to tuna.

In short, the adjective bonito/bonita can explain a person, ar or thing. In Latin America, the adverb bonito can commonly be offered to explain an action.

4. Lindo/a

Lindo/linda is another term that deserve to be offered to median “beautiful,” yet it’s usually provided like “pretty,” “lovely,” “nice,” “cute,” “excellent” or “first-rate.” It can be supplied to explain people, areas or things.

Like bonito, in Latin America lindo can act together an adverb to define actions as “well” or “nicely” (for instance, someone could paint fine or draw nicely).

5. Radiante

Radiante can average “beautiful” choose the English word “radiant.” it can likewise mean “splendid” or “joyful.”

Radiante can be used to define people, locations or things.

6. Guapo/a

Guapo/guapa is offered like “handsome” or “good-looking.” It’s usually used to explain people.

Outside that this meaning, though, guapo/guapa can be provided in several other contexts. It have the right to be provided as a noun that way “brave person,” and it additionally has a wide selection of regional meanings.

For instance, in Spain, it have the right to be used to describe anything (including things and also places) that looks nice or it have the right to be offered to median “cool” or also “pal.”

In Latin America, it have the right to mean “gutsy,” yet it can likewise mean “bully” or “braggart.”

In main America, guapo can refer to a male movie lead.

7. Atractivo/a

Atractivo/atractiva literally method “attractive.” together an adjective, it can be supplied to explain people, locations or points that room good-looking or appealing.

As a noun, atractivo can median “attractiveness,” “attraction,” “charm” or “appeal.”

8. Precioso/a

Precioso/preciosa is used like “gorgeous” or “lovely,” but it can likewise mean “valuable” or “precious.”

Precioso/preciosa can be used to explain people, places and also things.

9. Mono/a

If you’ve studied Spanish in school, your an initial thought once you hear mono/mona is most likely “monkey.” If you’ve to be to Spain before, climate the an interpretation of “cute” may come to mind. It does have both this meanings, and also it deserve to mean “lovely” or “pretty” together well.

Use mono/mona wisely. No only can it typical “lovely,” “pretty,” “cute” and also “monkey,” however it also has a plethora the other possible meanings.

As a noun, it have the right to mean “jumpsuit,” “joker” (in a deck of cards) and also “withdrawal” (from drugs).

In Latin America, it deserve to mean “yellow,” and in Colombia, it deserve to be offered to mean “blonde.”

10. Agradable

Agradable translates come “agreeable” or “pleasant.”

Agradable can be used like “beautiful” to define places and things. While it can also be offered to explain people, its meaning is more purely “agreeable” or “pleasant” in this context.

11. Bueno/a

As any type of Spanish speaker will tell you, the most common meaning of bueno/buena is “good.”

However, bueno/buena can also be provided colloquially to define an attractive person with the verb estar. When used in this way, bueno/buena has a slightly raunchier connotation—sort of like “sexy” or “hot.”

If you use it with ser to describe a person, then it means that they’re “good” in regards to character.

12. Sexy/sexi

This one must be simple to remember. Sexy/sexi means “sexy.” This native is obtained directly from English. The spelling may vary since sexy is the exact English spelling and sexi is an effort to do it an ext Spanish.

While sexy/sexi is most regularly used to describe a person, the can additionally be offered to define things choose movies or clothing. Additionally, it deserve to be provided as a noun meaning “sex appeal.”

13. Estupendo/a

Estupendo/estupenda means “stupendous,” “great” or “marvelous.” It can be much less literally provided to describe things choose the weather and also places together being “beautiful.”

Estupendo/estupenda can be provided to explain people, yet in this case, you’d be using the literal an interpretation and no “beautiful.”

14. Magnífico/a

Magnífico/magnífica literally method “magnificent” or “wonderful.”

Like estupendo/estupenda, magnífico/magnífica can be supplied like “beautiful” to describe things, the weather and places. However, when magnífico/magnífica is used come describe world it means “magnificent” or “wonderful,” not “beautiful.”

15. Espléndido/a

Espléndido/espléndida is the identical of “splendid.” that can additionally mean “generous.”

Like estupendo/estupenda and magnífico/magnífica, espléndido/espléndida can be used much more like “beautiful” when describing things (like weather or food) or places. As soon as describing a person, it method “splendid” or “generous,” no “beautiful.”

16. Delicioso/a

Delicioso/deliciosa usually means “delicious,” however it can likewise mean “lovely,” “charming” or “delightful.”

When used to describe food, that usually method “delicious,” yet the other meanings use when describing people, areas or things.

17. Rico/a

While rico/rica usually way “rich” (in riches or flavor) or “delicious.”

However, rico/rica can additionally mean “cute,” and also in Latin America, that can additionally mean “lovely.” as soon as it means “cute” or “lovely,” it’s commonly being used to explain people, however it can additionally describe locations or things.

In certain contexts, rico/rica means “rich” or “wealthy,” and also when combine with estar to define a human being it it s okay closer in definition to “sexy.”

With this attractive, appealing and splendid vocabulary words, you’ll constantly have the word you need to define something beautiful.

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