If you"re looking for a pretty easy means to gain some food at an early stage then you"re walking to desire to get yourself a fishing rod! These are quite helpful for gaining a sustainable food source, and sometimes gaining lucky and catching some interesting items native water. We"ll be taking a watch at how to do a fishing stick in Minecraft survival 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16 in this step-by-step guide.

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Fishing rods deserve to be make in every versions that the game, even if it is it"s PE, PS4, PC, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or anything else.

How carry out you make a fishing rod?

Time needed:15 minutes.

To get a fishing stick in Minecraft, we will simply need to monitor the recipe, i beg your pardon is three sticks and two piece of string! rod aren"t difficult to come by, yet string can sometimes it is in a little bit elusive.

Make wood Planks

Open up your inventory and place the lumber logs right into the crafting area. Each log in will develop four planks, and we"ll need seven in full if you don"t have actually a make Table already.


Make Sticks

Now we"re going to two sticks. Place two hardwood planks right into your do Table or crafting area in your inventory. Ridge the planks on peak of each various other to get four sticks!


Obtain String

String can be reasonably easy come find, however you will certainly usually have to engage in a little of combat to acquire it! I"ve comprehensive some of the methods to attain it below.

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Find Cobwebs in Mines

If girlfriend are near a deserted Mine, climate it"s possible to discover a whole bunch in there. Mines will certainly usually have quite a little bit of cobwebs in them, and these can be harvest by hitting them through a sword! If you have a badlands/savanna biology nearby, then you deserve to pretty much always find at the very least one mine in the area! you will desire to be cautious though, cavern spiders have spawners in caves, so be on the lookout because that those!


Slay Spiders because that String

The many traditional way you"re walking to find string is by smacking some spiders around and having them drop it as loot. Wait for night time and also look roughly for them. Your bright red eyes room usually pretty noticeable. Make sure you have actually a sword v you, and also wack castle a couple of times v it and also hope for part string!


Create the Fishing Rod

We need to now have all the important ingredient, therefore let"s placed them with each other in ours Crafting Table. Ar the three sticks at a diagonal in the 3x3 grid. Then place two piece of wire on the really right in the two empty crate to make the fishing rod!


To capture some fish, just equip her brand brand-new fishing rod and cast out the heat into any kind of body that water. Wait for the bobber to go underwater and also then reel it in v the same switch you actors out with!

Can you fish in lava in Minecraft?

Nope, unlike Terraria, girlfriend can"t fish in lava in Minecraft. If you actors your right into lava, your tempt will simply sink come the bottom. It won"t burn the lure, and also your fishing pole won"t combust!

Is fishing better in the rain in Minecraft?

Yes, believe it or not, that is far better to fish in the rain in minecraft! The wait time on catching a fish is decreased by 20% on average. So, that"s a pretty nice time saver if you"re yes, really looking to record a lot of fish.

How carry out you bait a fishing pole?

Unfortunately, over there is no bait in Minecraft at the moment. The only way to really enhance your fishing capacity is by including the luck of the Sea charm to your rod. This will provide you a far better chance of catching items in the sweetheart table. These are things choose bows, fascinating books, fishing rods, name tags, nautilus shells, and also saddles!