Let’s to speak it out loud: VLC is the ideal media player. Its flexibility is unmatched. It can play nearly every video format and has much better sound amplifiers than any type of other media player in the world. However, regardless of these kickass features, it’s not always collection to default. Once you download it, you obtain the choice to carry out this, but these choices can easily revert. Window’s media player deserve to do this by prompting you to collection it come default instead of VLC every time it is opened. Every little thing the case, in this tutorial, we will present you exactly how to make the latest variation of VLC her default media player in Windows, Android, Mac, every platform.

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Setting VLC together the Default Player (Windows)

1. Open up VLC.


2. Go to Tools, positioned on the optimal panel.


3. Pick Preferences from the drop-down menu.


4. By default, the Interface tab will open up up. Scroll down, and also choose Set up Associations.


5. Select Select All, or you deserve to tick the crate of the particular files you wish to run through VLC.


Tap Save when you’re done.

Setting VLC as the Default Player (MAC)

In MAC, girlfriend don’t necessarily have to open VLC to collection it to default. You have the right to just do this by accessing any kind of random media file.

Here’s how:

1. Right-click any form of video file. Because that this tutorial, I’m walking to use an Mkv file.

2. Insanity Get Info.

3. Relocate your computer mouse down to Open With and select VLC. App from the drop-down menu.

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4. Madness Change All to ensure this setup applies to all documents of this type.

Setting VLC together the Default Player (Android and also iOS)

If you own an Android or iPhone, an initial you will need to download VLC native their respective stores. Then, you must follow these steps: