Audra McDonald dram Aretha Franklin's mommy in Respect. Picture: Getty/Universal
Audra McDonald dram Aretha Franklin's mother in Respect. Picture: global

Barbara began a career by functioning in a music store, and by providing private music lessons. She was additionally training to it is in a nurse's aide.

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Although the was extensively reported for years, it has actually been stated that Barbara Franklin did not abandon her children.

Aretha Franklin herself disputed this rumour, and also Professor Nick Salvatore of Cornell university discredited that in his story of CL Franklin.

According come Salvatore, Barbara Franklin routinely visited Detroit to watch her children, and also they took trip to Buffalo for summer holidays to continue to be with her.

Illness and also death at a young age

Tragically, Barbara Franklin died of a heart assault on march 7, 1952.

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She was just 34 years-old.

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