May 9, 2012

We’re moving into a 450 square foot apartment! I understand its a little crazy due to the fact that there are four of us however it will only be for around a year so we space feeling as much as the challenge. The good news is the it is perfect in every method except the size. It’s a a 1 bedroom apartment with a kitchen, bathroom, living room and a bonus sunroom that can fit a bed, therefore the layout will certainly actually job-related well (none of united state will sleep in a closet). That is a substantial relief to uncover a place. The tech providers in the only Area room booming right now so the rental industry is really competitive. Landlords are gaining 30+ applications for empty apartments. The new apartment is in the perfect location, across the street from Tartine, near our big art studio top top Valencia Street (where we hang out all day), and is near the brand-new playground at Dolores Park. It has actually laundry, parking, a backyard, gets great light and is 1/3 cheaper than anything else we could find. Through the money we conserve on rent we’re hope to have the ability to save up because that a house. It will certainly be a tight fit but because we are just going to it is in there mostly in the evenings i think it will certainly work.

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The landlord lives far away and the apartment still needed to be painted and also floors redone therefore we available to control the repairs so we might move in faster. It’s been fun to make decisions about the floors and paint colors due to the fact that you commonly don’t gain to perform that stuff together renters. It is small so that shouldn’t take it too lengthy to decorate. I’m hoping to re-superstructure some great before and after photos in the next month or so.

Have you ever before lived in a tiny apartment? any kind of tips?


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May 9, 201210:39 am


I resided in a 190 sf apartment because that a year. (I also threw a surprise birthday party because that a friend and also had 7 other guests!) It to be the best. You discover to be organized, have multifunctional furniture…You are such an remarkable artist that I’m sure your an are will it is in exquisite! CAn’t wait to check out the finished pictures.


May 9, 201210:40 am


I live in a 400sqt studio in Brooklyn with my boyfriend — it’s a 20′ x 20′ box v a pillar in the middle. It’s not large (and there room no closets to speak of) but we LOVE it. We transaction by having all furniture pressed against the walls to do maximum open room in the middle, and all our bookshelves walk to the really top the the ceiling for far better storage.


May 9, 201210:44 am


Congrats top top the appt. And the great location. We live on Oakwood because that 10+ years and also I would move back in a heart beat. Together an amazing neighborhood. And also the new playground in ~ Dolores Park is amazing! Enjoy!

I agree through Anni about small spaces needing to be much more intentional. I love the it pressures one come edit and also only bring in items that are loved. And vertical an are becomes your ideal friend!

AMAZING location! I’d live in a cardboard box if it meant heading down for a bi-rite cone everyday.

Never doubt the power of a fan for white noise with youngsters in a small space. We put one external our son’s room in ~ night blowing far from it and also it provides such a difference, no whispering needed. : )

My reminder is to usage ALL easily accessible WALL an are for storage!! as Ris said – walk vertical and hang as lot as friend can.We regularly go through the apartment and also look for new spaces to put things. End the door hooks for the ironing board, coats, bags, etc. I have actually all my purses and totes hanging on the wall beside mine bed. We installed shelves over every the doors and use the restroom shelf because that towels and also the bedroom shelf because that bedding. We additionally screwed a slim bar top top the within of our cupboard doors because that me to hang all our cooking utensils, and another bar top top the wall surface for our pots and also pans. Container store has a lot of great inspiration principles and also plastic zipper bags therefore you have the right to store points under the bed or other out the the method spots without worrying about them acquiring dusty/dirty/etc.Also, remove anything the you don’t use regularly that takes up space. Be ruthless and you’ll feel an excellent about having the added space.Good Luck!.

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Congratulations on the great apartment find! We provided to live at 17th and also Church, so I know the community well. We watched the playground in ~ Dolores Park the day after the opened, and I never ever heard such squeals of happiness from my boy as when we went under that 40-foot on slide together. Us live end in Oakland now, however we room thinking that moving earlier to SF since our job case has changed, and we now work in SF (husband) and Palo Alto (me)! I would certainly be curious around how you check out the school case for your kids. Our daughter just turned 2, and component of the factor we left is since we heard that the SF institution lottery mechanism is daunting to transaction with.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to see how you style your space. Happy apartment living!

I simply moved the end of one apartment that was less than 450 sq. Feet! her looks like its laid the end nicely (like mine was), which makes the space feel much bigger 보다 it in reality is. The best tips I deserve to share are to keep every little thing really, really tidy (even once you don’t feel choose putting her shoes in the closet since its been a lengthy day at work), and also to make sure many pieces that furniture have the right to do double duty. Good luck v the decorating. I can’t wait to watch it once its done!

Lucky you for acquiring to live top top my favorite street in SF! mine husband and I lived in a 450 square foot apt in NYC because that a year ~ above the upper West Side. Us loved it! the end of the 3 apts we’ve lived in together (1 in NYC, 2 in SF), that still stop a one-of-a-kind spot in my heart.

Best tips: 1) organize and buy wisely; 2) de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter; 3) shot to load away seasonal garments (though in SF, there aren’t yes, really seasons); 4) usage proportional/trick furniture. We had actually a CB2 lucite style coffee table the really made the room feel open and also airy. At least you’ll have the ability to shop every day at Bi-Rite to store your kitchen tidy too. Reap your new space!

Are friend kidding! it looks amazing! I’m dying to try it and also my 2 girls room 10 and 16. We continued to be in a small one bedroom apt. In pretty (we were living in London- or otherwise never ever would have gained there) and also I entirely dreamed of life there complete time and also where I’d placed everything. Ns love minimalism and trying to live with less, but our current house allows us keep a bit an ext than necessary. Have fun! The ar sounds amazing!

Finding an apt. In SF is extremely hard and sometimes depressing. I remember wait on roads with 10 various other couples to view a place, or seeing other couples carry resumes that had pictures of castle together! Luckily you found the perfect place