In this post, you will learn exactly how to to speak ‘how space you?’ in Hebrew. You’ll also learn typical responses so you deserve to respond if you’re request this question. This can be really beneficial if you speaking v someone indigenous Israel or if you’re travelling there. 

Hebrew is a Northwest Semitic language native to the nation of Israel. Modern Hebrew is talked today in Israel by roughly 9 million people.

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How come Say ‘How room You?’ In Hebrew

There are a couple of different ways to questioning ‘how space you?’ that count on the gender of the person you’re speak to, the situation and additionally the number of people you’re speaking to. Here are the many common:In officially situations, such as with people you nothing know, you deserve to say:EnglishHebrewPronunciationHow are you? (speaking to a female)מה שלומךMa shlom-ekhHow space you? (speaking to a male)מה שלומךMa shlom-kha
In an ext informal situations, such just like friends, you deserve to say:

EnglishHebrewPronunciationWhat’s happening?מה קורהMa koreWhat’s up?מה נשמע Ma nishma

The above 2 phrases space not gender particular so you deserve to say them to both males and females.
If you’re speaking to a group of human being rather 보다 1 human being then usage these:EnglishHebrewPronunciationHow space you? (speaking to a mixed/all masculine group)מה שלומכםMa shlom-chemHow room you? (speaking come an every female group)מה שלומכןMa shlom-chen
Check the end the below video clip to hear the together of these phrases:

How to Respond come ‘How room You?’ In Hebrew

There are countless different means that you can reply to this question. Listed below are the most common responses come this question. I’ve additionally included exactly how to to speak ‘thank you’ together it’s polite to give thanks to someone if they ask exactly how you are.

EnglishHebrewPronunciationThank youתודהTo-daI’m fineאני בסדרA-ni be-se-derFineבסדרBe-se-derFine/goodטובTovOkay/so-soככה ככהKakha kakha

It’s likewise useful to know exactly how to to speak ‘and you?’ or ‘what around you?’ to uncover out exactly how someone else is if castle ask you.EnglishHebrewPronunciationAnd you? (speaking come a male)ואתהVe-ataAnd you? (speaking come a female)ואתVe-at
Check the end the below video to hear the together of few of these phrases. Please note this video only consists the masculine type and no the feminine form:

Example Conversation:

Person 1: Ma shlomkha? (How room you?)Person 2: Tov, to-da. Ve-ata? (Good, thanks. And also you?)

Person 1: A-ni be-se-der (I’m fine)Thanks for reading this post. You should now know how to say ‘how are you?’ in Hebrew and you should additionally be able come respond if she asked! You can’t go wrong with these an easy phrases. 

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