Are you beginning your college student on recorder?Have you never taught recorders before and also you need somewhere to begin?I’m beginning my third-graders on recorders soon, and when ns do, I always go over how to play warm Cross Buns ~ above the recorder because that beginners.Helping beginners learn exactly how to play hot Cross Buns on recorder is simple. Start with to teach them proper posture and air control, then teach castle B A G, and finally aid them learn the melody. Read on because that answers to generally asked questions and also directions ~ above teaching hot Cross Buns.  

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Why Play warm Cross Buns?How execute You organize A Recorder?What room The notes For hot Cross Buns top top A Recorder?How come Play warm Cross Buns top top A Recorder step By Step#1 Teach just how To hold The Recorder#2 Practice proper Air and Tonguing#3 Teach The keep in mind B and also Practice#4 Teach The notes A and G and also Practice#5 Echo B A G (Play it Twice) #6 4 Gs and also Four As#7 end With B A G #8 Say and also Finger It every Together#9 try To beat It#10 exercise Until Mastered! Commonly request QuestionsConclusion

Why Play hot Cross Buns?

I think all music teacher wonder why we teach hot Cross Buns as the very first song for nearly all tools at one allude or another. The reasons might seem obvious, but here is why ns teach warm Cross Buns to mine kids:Uses just three easily obtainable notesRhythms are simple and catchyMelody is mainly descending make it simpler to playIt’s practically a rite of passage at this pointHarmonies deserve to be included easilyFits v the rhythms and pitches in solfege students at this period often currently know 

How carry out You host A Recorder?

Holding a recorder may not it seems ~ tricky, but students execute it wrong all the time. There space some usual mistakes kids make, but these rapid steps might be advantageous holding that correctly. Rest the mouthpiece the the recorder on your chin v the home window (small rectangle hole dealing with out). Take her LEFT hand and place your thumb on the lonely thumb hole ~ above the back. Your pointer, middle, and ring finger on the LEFT hand float over the first, second, and 3rd holes ~ above the top. Take her RIGHT-hand thumb and also place the on the underside the the recorder the contrary of whereby the fourth and also fifth feet are. Your pointer, middle, ring, and pinky finger top top the ideal hand should float over the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh feet respectively. The recorder should kind a gentle slope as it points down towards the ground (around 45° v the ground). Players need to be sitting up tall through their arms hanging comfortably. When fingers come under to play, they should be perpendicular through the recorder. Angled fingers have a more tough time covering the holes. The special finger pads (not the tips) must be the component that consists the holes. You may also find it advantageous to inspect out this video. 

What space The notes For warm Cross Buns top top A Recorder?

The notes for warm Cross Buns room recorder are B, A, and also G. Look in the following section because that the notation of hot Cross Buns. Here is a quick description for just how to finger the note B A G. This description contains the exact wording ns use as soon as teaching children how to finger the notes. How to Finger B – Take her left-hand thumb and cover the feet on the ago of the recorder. Now, take it your tip on the same hand and also cover the optimal hole on the contrary side. It’s virtually like she pinching the recorder in between your fingers. This note is called B.How to Finger A – Show me a B. That thumb and also pointer or thumb and also 1 because that those of you that forgot. Now, you’re going to include the next hole by extending the 2nd hole ~ above the optimal with your middle finger. You should now have left-hand thumb, 1, and also 2 covered. Be careful not to simply cover the 2nd hole. A must have actually both holes covered. How to Finger G – Show me exactly how to finger A. That thumb, 1, and 2 if girlfriend forgot. Next, you’re going to use your ring finger come cover the 3rd hole for G. Hint hint! The much more fingers friend add, the softer you should play. Also, clock out together you add fingers that you cover the feet entirely. If you need to an extremely gently to express the feet to make sure they’re covered, that may be a good idea. Notice, I provided the indigenous “add” when describing how to location fingers. Some students will try to switch your fingers, for this reason you’ll must watch for that.Make your own easy-to-understand recorder fingering charts by making use of these Recorder Dude products.

How to Play warm Cross Buns on A Recorder step By Step

In this section, I’ll go over the step-by-step directions i use as soon as teaching hot Cross Buns ~ above recorder to beginners. 

#1 Teach just how To host The Recorder

The an initial thing you need to do is teach or review exactly how to host a recorder correctly. Check out the section above for an ext details, but here is a brief checklist: Left hand ~ above topRecorder in ~ 45° angleRight-hand thumb in between the fourth and 5th holes on the underside that the recorderFingers hovering over the holesSitting or standing straight

#2 Practice suitable Air and Tonguing

To create an excellent tone on recorder, students should use the exactly air and tonguing. Entire posts could be composed on this (and they may be later), however here are some sample points i make once teaching. Make a circle through your lips and whisper “too” or “doo.” Copy teacher trends as castle whisper some rhythms top top this syllable. Hold your hand flat about one recorder length away from your mouth. Whisper right into your palm. You need to barely feel the wait tickle your hand. Imagine (or actually do this) she blowing a bubble across the room without popping it. Imagine (or actually do this) you’re trying to make the fire from a candle flicker there is no blowing that out. 

#3 Teach The note B and also Practice

With proper holding, air, and also tonguing, we’re ready to beat a note. (Look over for details on just how to finger the notes). Left hand thumb on the earlier and tip finger on top of the an initial hole. This is B. Students echo the teacher together they play fads on B. Offer feedback on wait quality, feet covering, and listening. 

#4 Teach The note A and also G and also Practice

In a similar manner above, practice the notes A and G and also practice those notes. You may need to give much more feedback top top hand position and also covering holes through these notes. 

#5 Echo B A G (Play it Twice) 

Practice moving between B A G while to sing the letters. Execute B A G twice as the very first two measures of the notation listed below shows. Do it very first by saying and fingering, and also then shot playing. 

#6 four Gs and also Four As

Once the over section sounds recognizable, have actually students pat 4 Gs and also 4 as the notation listed below shows. Like before, begin with saying and fingering, and then include playing. 

#7 end With B A G 

Tell college student to end with one much more set that B A G together the notation listed below shows. This step have to be easy as they currently did it twice in the previously step. 

#8 Say and also Finger It all Together

Now, comes the moment to try it. I constantly have college student say and also finger at least twice before they try to pat the whole song. You may want to write the note on a plank or show the notation to aid them mental it. Pro-tip: Ask students come say and also finger while you play it. This will offer them a chance to listen what a an excellent recorder sound is like when playing a song. 

#9 shot To pat It

Have students pat the entirety song!Don’t be surprised if there room mistakes. This is a lot of brand-new information. 

#10 practice Until Mastered! 

Practice the track slow. Rest it down and focus ~ above the trouble parts. Make fifty percent the course play if the other half sings the notes and also finger along. Get an innovative in the ways you have them practice until lock play the song well and also with confidence. Now lock know how to play hot Cross Buns on recorder! 
image hot cross buns notation

Commonly asked Questions

What is recorder karate? – Recorder karate is a reward-based system using sequentially harder song for to teach recorder. Students space tested on this songs and awarded different belts. Since the recorder karate system released, many other program have begun to include their very own reward levels.Those interested in Recorder Karate techniques should examine out the book. What recorder curriculum should I use? – You have to use the one you’re most comfortable with and fits her teaching style and time available. I personally follow the be A Recorder Star method. But you have the right to follow your very own too.

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My girlfriend Melissa Stouffer no like any kind of systems out there, for this reason she consisted of her own based upon Kodaly-inspired teaching. What room the 5 varieties of recorders? – The five types of recorders are: SopraninoSopranoAltoTenorBass


I hope you uncovered this overview for how to play warm Cross Buns on the recorder because that beginners helpful. I’ve taught it this means for over 10 years now with the goal of do students feel as effective as possible. However this is just my way. How do you teach this song? permit us understand in the comments.