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Reader Mike L. Wanted to understand when the an initial time Robin stated "Holy ____" in the comics, plus that was the very first themed henchmen of Batman"s villains

Here"s the an initial time penis Grayson claimed "Holy ____" on the Batman TV series, speak "Holy Barracuda" in the very very first episode (start at 3:30)...

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Robin was rapid to puns in the early days of Batman. Right here he is in just his 2nd appearance in Batman #1...

Robin had been approximately for almost two years when he an initial said "Holy ____," the blank in this an are from 1941"s Batman #7 (by bill Finger, Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson and George Roussos) gift "cats."

Robin stated it a pair other times that issue and also following the up through "Holy Smoke" an concern or two later.

In Batman #18, he likewise hits a negative guy through a fish, and the bad GUY exclaims "Holy Mackarel" as he"s gift hit.

Mike also wanted to understand when was the an initial themed Batman rogue hench men.

There"s a case for the monsters of Hugo strange in Batman #1, however I think the genuine answer is when Joker got a gang comprised of people likewise named after cards in Batman #5 (by invoice Finger, Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson and George Roussos)... senior Writer Brian Cronin has actually been composing professionally around comic publications for over a dozen years now at (primarily with his “Comics have to Be Good” series of columns, consisting of Comic book Legends Revealed). He has written 2 books about comics because that Penguin-Random residence – to be Superman a Spy? and Other Comic publication Legends Revealed and also Why does Batman bring Shark Repellent? and Other remarkable Comic publication Trivia! and one book, 100 things X-Men fans Should understand & Do before They Die, native Triumph Books. His writing has actually been featured at, the Los Angeles Times,, the Huffington Post and also Gizmodo. He attributes legends about entertainment and sports in ~ his website, Legends Revealed and other pop culture features in ~ Pop culture References.Follow that on Twitter in ~

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