Are You searching for A Godly Wife?Tips because that Finding A WifeHe that Finds a wife Does So together He Is about His Fathers Business.

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If you have actually been a solitary Christian man for any kind of length the time at all, you have actually read the city in

Proverbs 18:22 NKJV He that finds a mam finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord.

When I an initial read this verse, I thought it to be saying that I must start a find for a wife. Ns think most males do.

Since many of us space geared to be problem solvers, we begin working out methods to become “He that finds a wife.” therefore I placed out my ads on every the virtual Christian date sites, flirted v every woman who claimed anything to me ~ above Facebook, and figuratively had actually a blazing neon sign saying “If you want to it is in a wife, ns am your man.”

Unfortunately, this go not work-related so well, and also thusa couple of years back I stopped and also decided to perform some study to uncover out why.

This post is an attempt to share v you guys the meaning of Proverbs 18:22 and what is the biblical an interpretation of the term “He that finds a wife” add to some practical application of that definition.

What does “He that Finds a Wife” yes, really Mean?

Find Hebrew – Matsa to take place upon, meet, autumn in with

The Hebrew word because that finds is words “Matsa” Which means to take place upon, to come upon, to encounter, to autumn in with.

So in light of that, friend can far better understand this city if you review it this way.

“He that happens up, or stumbles upon, or happens to come upon, or stumble ~ above a mam has discovered a great thing.”

It go not average that you gain the Mission impossible team together for one last invasion of the feminine stronghold of easily accessible women to conquer the job of acquiring a wife.

In fact, if you perform this, you run the hazard of not just making a vast mistake yet ending up with someone that was entirely out that God’s arrangement for your life.

Trust me ns know, and I did!

Tips for Finding A Wife


He that Finds A wife Must very first Find Himself.

If you space going to uncover a mam along life’s journey, then you require to know who you room yourself. Exactly how will you have the ability to tell if a woman is supposed to be your mam if you perform not know if she will be that helpmate talked about in

Genesis 2:18 18 climate the lord God said, “It is not an excellent for the male to it is in alone. I will certainly make a helper that is simply right because that him.”

You will end up selecting a wife based on criteria the come much more from the world’s requirements or the criter you prospered up through than what room God’s standards unless you understand who you room personally.

In my own life, for instance, ns am a shepherd that God’s people. Details things go in addition to that calling the is just component of the job. Come invite a woman right into my life as a wife that would not be a an excellent fit would be come askfor disaster and many ache people, consisting of myself.

The same is true because that you. You need to understand who friend are and what kind of woman will certainly be that helpmate for you.


Attraction Is A bad Indicator the A an excellent Wife

You require to understand the role of attraction.

When ns was young, and hormones raged in mine body, every it took to be a quite face and all the curve in the right places, and I to be attracted.

In fact, we are bombarded with worldly photos of what they to speak a male should look for. A Christian male needs to destruction a little deeper. You require to know what is personal attractive to you beyond the initial physics response. I have uncovered that this comes much more from what kind of women we thrived up about than that does native what the human being tells united state is beautiful and attractive.

You require to discover to discern the difference in between what is so-called “hot” and also what makes your love adore.

When you uncover someone that once you look at them, they reason your heart to adore them, then you room experiencing biblical attraction and not lust. I truly believe God wants us to have a wife we room attracted to in the ideal way.

When we go because that “hot” fairly than adore, that will ultimately fade, and also all you will be left v is the fading external shell that you are no much longer attracted to.


Look because that A Woman who Has complimentary Gifting to Yours

You need to understand the duty of gender.

Feminine qualities are different than mrs ones. The mam that God has for friend is supposed to be her helpmate, no your clone.

Again this is why you require to recognize yourself so you can see those areas that you need a helper in. You are called by God to it is in the leader of the family. She is referred to as to help and enable you to it is in the ideal leader you have the right to be.

A smart leader go not always have people about them that still have actually the same gifts and also abilities. The sees the need for people that space not gifted the same.

Be wise and choose a woman that is gifted in different ways than you the compliments whom God has made girlfriend be. Identify that God’s finest for you is to bring you a woman with feminine characteristics that enhance your mrs ones.


Pay attention To Character

You require to recognize the role of the character.

My grandmother had actually a saying that is so true. She offered to say the “Beauty is skin deep yet ugly goes clean come the bone.”

Pay attention to the character of the ladies around you. Watch just how they act their fellow sisters in the Lord. Perform they talk around people? carry out they get jealous? execute they plan and shot to control?

God has a lady for you that is a mrs of character. If girlfriend don’t salary attention and also only walk for the outside beauty, you will be sorely disappointed later in life when the outer beauty has actually faded, and the inward personality is all that shows.

Take a look in ~ the older women in your church that glow through the love of Jesus, who have had actually happy marital relationships all their life. Uncover a mrs who has actually that exact same inner glow although possibly in the rough, and be the man that renders that woman shine.


He who Finds a wife Does So as He Is about His Fathers Business.

Finally, gentlemen, get busy serving Jesus. Proverbs states that finding a wife reflects that you have actually received favor from the Lord. The is a gift the grace.

So instead of concentrating on finding the wife, emphasis on pleasing your Lord. He will find you that wife in early season.

obtain busy offer Jesus, blessing His people, and being faithful in the points He has offered you to execute today.

Remember the parable the the faithful steward. What small things He to be faithful over verified the understand that He would certainly be faithful over higher things.

Nothing can be greater than being given a daughter that the King. So ar your to trust in God. Let Him be the one that causes your wife to come throughout your path and also trust the He is large enough to cause you to recognize the event when the happens.

Now the is something come think about!

Blessings pastor Duke

Author’s note: It has been 5 years because I created this post. Due to the fact that that time ns stumbled upon mine wife. I wasn’t looking. I was simply faithfully offer my mr by pastoring his church.

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We were collection up top top a blind date to a ministry duty in ours community. The rest is history. I found my great thing.