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When you in love v someone and feel a deep connection, sex deserve to be much much more than “just sex.” You feel a profound power flow in between you and also a desire the transcends the purely physical.

Is he just using you for sex and chasing time between the sheets or is there a deeper part of your experience together that way more come him?

The truth is that exactly how a man behaves in bed mirrors his all at once respect and intentions toward you in your relationship, so it’s extremely vital to understand what’s yes, really going on.

Keep reading for the 30 biggest signs that he’s really right into making love come you and that it’s much more than “just sex” for him, too. And also keep in mental this quote:

“There’s a substantial difference in sex and making love. We have actually sex with someone who can accomplish us physically, yet we do love to someone who can meet us soulfully and also eternally. As soon as you establish the fine-line in between making love and also having sex, girlfriend will recognize the an interpretation of life! Life no only around survival, it’s around living and so is making love.”

— Mehek Bassi

1) Eye contact

If that holds eye contact and also meets your gaze through gusto then there’s a good chance that the sex is on one more level for him, too.

When he looks into your eyes together he renders love to you, he’s showing his deep appreciation and connection through you and likewise responding to her expression through his lovemaking.

When he avoids eye call it deserve to be a authorize that he’s shy in part cases, however it can likewise mean she mostly simply an intimate encounter for him and don’t average much more to him than a course to his next orgasm.

2) focus on giving

The partner who important is into you will certainly genuinely care around your pleasure. He will certainly react intuitively and intentionally to your desires and give generously to make you climax and also relish her time together.

He will certainly go under on you, massage you, kiss you gently and also ask what you like most in sex. He’ll change his speed and care around what you like: he will moan and give sound of pleasure to show he likes it, too.

The other who yes, really feels because that you will certainly care about your physical pleasure and also act accordingly.

He won’t simply be a racehorse galloping for the finish line.

Now, If you want your guy to give more in bed, then you have to know about the hero instinct.

It’s a brand-new concept in connection psychology that describes why part men give as lot as they deserve to to women sexually, while rather are just in it because that themselves.

Simply put, men want to action up for the mrs they care about and earn her respect in return.

This is deep rooted in male biology.

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When a man’s hero instinct is triggered, he will certainly be far more giving in bed and much more likely to commit come a permanent relationship.

To learn much more about this game-changing concept, and how you have the right to use it come your benefit with a male you treatment about, watch this excellent totally free video.

3) Kisses because that miles

Kissing who you don’t care around can feel sort of blah. It’s just … nothing, really.

Kissing someone you care around and love can feel prefer you just won the mega jackpot lottery. You get lost in it, you feel tremors v your entirety body.

4) You want to do it again — and again

When your man is do love to you and also wants friend on a level past temporary sex he will kiss you frequently on your lips and also all over your body.

He will certainly worship you with his lips, showing his desire and also his intensity of emotions because that you.

It’s difficult to miss the difference between a fast peck and also a deep kiss: you’ll know.

5) Next-level pillow talk


While it’s fun to walk fast, a guy who loves make love will make the a allude to take points slow.

Slow sex, after ~ all, permits him come spend more time through you. Much better yet, it offers you – and him – a bigger chance to savor every moment of pleasure.

In an interview, Dr. Kate Balestrieri defined the services of sluggish sex: “Sure, you deserve to feel things throughout fast sex, however during slower sex, there is an ext time for your brain to procedure the endure of every sensation.”

She adds, “So, it’s together if you feel more. Sex is a multi-sensory experience, and when you slow it down, you deserve to savor an ext of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and also touches.”

All in all, this slow and passionate pace allows him to:

Connect v you an ext through sustained eye contact. Together I’ve mentioned, this longing stare is a method for the to show his appreciation because that the intimacy you both share.Touch you lightly. According to Dr. Balestrieri, sluggish touching have the right to ignite a enthusiasm unlike any other!Make whatever last longer. Who doesn’t desire to extend a blissful experience? as Dr. Balestrieri puts it, slow-moving sex is an adventure rather of a performance. As such, that creates much more space for him to explore your body, likes, and expressions.Improve the orgasm. By slowing the pace, his body – and also yours – get to relax fully. This, in turn, opens up pleasure spots – for this reason leading the means for a much more intense climax.

27) He’ll carry you come the sheet (no pun intended)

Has he excellent something therefore intimate and also arousing the you’re about to shed it – literally? This edging – a kind of orgasm control – is just one the the countless telltale indicators that he adores your lovemaking sessions.

With edging, he bring you near the point of no return – before pulling whatever back. The repeats this till you’re ready to succumb to pleasure.

While many view this as a power play, it can not be denied the it does have actually a profound impact on the in its entirety experience.

According to Dr. Balestrieri, “Doing this over and also over can extend sexual intimacy and send never ever imagined waves of pleasure throughout the body.”

28) He’s into tantric sex

Although the term tantra is often connected with sex, it means something more. The all around creating a deeper link with you, his partner.

Tantra, to start with, is acquired from the Sanskrit native ‘to weave.’

That said, don’t be surprised if he leans in the direction of tantric sex. After all, it’s around transcending the spirituality realm with intimate and also meditative lovemaking.

And why not? Tantra help him become much more in-tune with his body. He gets to understand exactly how it feels satisfied better.

This, in turn, helps him pay much better attention to your needs and also wants. A male who loves make love come you will desire to meet your desires every time – all the time.

Tantric sex is not just for his benefit, though. Because it channels both of her energies, you gain to endure a an ext intense climax.

If you desire to attain this tantric pleasure, you need to:

Prepare your mind by focusing on breathwork, stretching, and also some journalingPrepare your space by setup the mood – candles, comfy temperature, a romantic vibe – the works!Let the soot build!Breath deeply and synchronize this v your partner.Focus on your sensations – all of them. Nothing let her mind wander off to a far-flung place!Allow yourself to reap a totality bevy of emotions.

29) he finishes ‘differently’

A male who desires to feel goodwill just pant, gasp, and writhe in pleasure.

But if that enjoys making love come you, he’ll pull you nearby – and also wrap himself about you – together he reaches his climax. It’s a authorize of deeper intimacy when contrasted to men whose just aim is come finish.

As mentioned, you can thank the hormone oxytocin because that this warm and also fuzzy sensation. True to its moniker ‘love hormone,’ it help bring about feelings that well-being and also contentment.

The plot of intimate lovemaking brings more than just mental relaxation despite It can also lead come a selection of health and wellness benefits, together as:

Decreased stressImproved sleepLesser pain and also bouts that incontinenceA longer lifespan!

30) He’s not afraid come laugh

Lovemaking is fun, however sometimes that can acquire funny. No one’s perfect – anybody have the right to mess increase in the middle of the process.

That’s whereby you’ll watch if he enjoys being v you – or if he’s just there for the physicality of the all.

You recognize a man enjoys make love through you when he easily laughs at booboos – even if it is it’s his or yours.

It’s no just during the laughable components of the deed, though. The maintains this same positive perspective right after.

While you may take this in offense, friend shouldn’t. It’s an obvious sign the he’s simply too suturing comfortable with you. He’s secure enough that what most deem together embarrassing – is simply plain funny to him.

His constant laughs may additionally be his method to break some tension. No one likes gift in an uptight situation, after ~ all.

He really enjoys making love to you

If you notification that you and your companion are experiencing these 24 indicators of connection, protect against looking for added hints the he enjoys make love come you.

He doesn’t need to say or perform anything else to to convince you. His mind and his body are saying the loud and also clear.

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This is certain not simply a simple attraction for him and definitely no “just sex”. He extensively enjoys make love come you and also his on purpose is to continue doing so.