Some human being struggle through the idea of aging an ext than others. When Neil Diamond, 78, and Sean Connery, 88, have actually both embraced the idea of aging naturally and also letting nature run its course, Barry Manilow, 76, has a… various approach.

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It’s clear from this photos the Manilow isn’t just using the best wrinkle cream money have the right to buy, but maybe he took component in some kind of an enig botox clinical trials? whatever is happening, that clear that Manilow wants no part in looking almost everywhere near his age.

Manilow in NYC: A Flop

Barry Manilow is coming off of a very successful las Vegas residency where he witnessed sold-out shows almost every night. He made decision to take it his tour to new York to carry out a ‘limited Broadway run’ that the event, showing from July 26th to respectable 17th in ~ the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.

The problem? Sales space not wherein Manilow wanted them to be.

The crowds in new York space “different” from las Vegas crowds, one industry expert explained when pointing out ticket sales. Las vegas crowds are complete of tourist who desire to check out who has actually residency, no issue if the artist has had a hit track in the past ten years or not.

Broadway crowds space pickier. There is more to pick from, an ext to do, and also theater-goers have actually a higher expectation.

Fights through Hubby

Rumors have been circulating approximately Manilow and his husband of 5 years, however partner that 40, Garry Kief. Kief is Manilow’s long-time manager, and also the two have been together because 1978.

Reportedly, Manilow wanted a an extremely short new York run – a week in ~ most, to do several shows. Kief pushed for an extensive Vegas-style residency of numerous months, and also the working couple settled on 3 weeks together a compromise.

The very first several reflects were offered out, however now Manilow is facing the potential that over fifty percent of his seats for his later dates to it is in empty. It’s no clear whether this insecurity and also lack of sales room what journey him over the sheet to walk under the knife again with this recent round of plastic surgery.

Manilow make the efforts to smile at the cameras together he was recorded leaving his NYC show, however his confront looked stiff and also unnatural. His skin is strange smooth every around, and his cheeks look especially ‘plump’. There is just speculation to just how much job-related he got.

One resource close come the pair said that Manilow would have fired Kief end this misstep if the 2 hadn’t to be married to each other.

Manilow precious a Staggering $100 Million

If girlfriend think Manilow is simply doing this for the money, you will do be wrong. Regardless of the reality that Barry there is no seen pertinent radio beat in a lengthy time, he is still considered one the the best-selling recording artists of all time, v over 75 million records sold.

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His net worth is roughly $100 million. This additionally includes royalties not simply from the music that himself has recorded, but songs the he walk for other artists, as well as songs for musicals, films, and even commercials for companies like Pepsi and also McDonald’s.