Five NFL Network analysts pick 49ers to success Super bowl LVI originally showed up on NBC sporting activities Bayarea

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The 49ers are lastly healthy and preparing for what have to be an additional exciting season in 2021.

So exciting, in fact, that they"re garnering hype as among the favorites come winSuper key 56.



Second, only to the Kansas City Chiefs, the 49ers were pickedby five NFL Media experts to success it every this year.

The most well-known pick, the Chiefs, had 11 votes adhered to by the 49ers (five), Buffalo receipt (three), Los Angeles Rams (three), Tampa just Buccaneers (three), eco-friendly Bay Packers (two), Cleveland Browns (one) andLas vegas Raiders (one).

Ironically enough, with 16 complete votes in between the Chiefs and 49ers combined, a head-to-head re-match that Super bowl 54 was only predicted through one analyst.

Lance Zierlein writes:"49ers over Chiefs.Kyle Shanahan exacts revenge against the Chiefs in a at sight Bowl and also finally brings home the Lombardi with touchdowns indigenous bothJimmy GaroppoloandTrey Lance."

Other experts explained why they determined the 49ers.

"49ers over Bills," claims Kevin Patra. "No rookie QB has ever made it to a super Bowl. That all changes, and also then some. WithTrey Lanceunleashed in Kyle Shanahan"s offense, the Niners blast past the bills in a shootout that pipeline Buffalo once again a video game shy in the Lombardi quest."

"49ers over Browns," says Adam Rank."People seem come forget how great the 49ers were in 2019 once they were last totally operational. Now they are back to avenge their previous Lombardi loss. Challenging for the Browns, whose first Super key Sunday ends in defeat."

"49ers over Ravens," says Gregg Rosenthal."Trey Lancebecomes the very first rookie quarterback to command his team to a Super key title afterFred WarnertipsLamar Jackson"s potential game-winning litter at the buzzer."

"49ers over Bills," write Marc Sessler."Kyle Shanahan"s season-long, on-field sea city -- captained by electrical rookieTrey Lance-- crescendos v a dominant offensive showing (250-plus soil yards) versus a heartbroken bills squad at uber-fancy SoFi."

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Almost all of these predictions encompass one factor, and also that"s rookie QB, Trey Lance.

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Expected to start the season together Jimmy Garoppolo"s backup, Lance"s inevitable impact on the offense this season could absolutely play a duty in the 49ers finally winning their 6th Super bowl in franchise history.