The video game boy travels v his family and one day he shed himself and goes to a farm of an old man. After ~ contacting his family members they will continue to be at the farm for a few days and the young boy falls in love through farming and also become a farmer.

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File Name:1432 - Harvest Moon - girlfriend of Mineral city (E)(GBA).zip
Year the release:2003

Important!! In order to be able to play this video game you require an emulator installed. Watch the full list of obtainable GameBoy development emulators for this game.
Harvest Moon: friends of Mineral city ROM Download because that GBAOne of ours guilty pleasures is play those restaurant gamings where you make or bake something and also sell it. In that process, we sometimes burn the item or delay them, causing customers come leave. Those gamings are funny to play together you not just enjoy it but can also alter the after acquiring coins from the food friend sell. Every the human being who play gamings are based on themes like making food, growing vegetables, or elevating livestock. I have actually one reference for you. It"s called Harvest Moon: friends of Mineral Town.

Game Plot

The video game is part of the Story that Seasons series and a remade the Harvest Moon: earlier to Nature. The player"s key objective is to produce crops, raise livestock, and also profit native the farm.The game starts with a character the doesn"t have actually a default name. The gets lost on a farm while travelling with his parents. One older male finds him and also helps him reunite v his family. ~ the family finds the boy, the older male asks lock to remain with him because that a pair of days.

After leaving Mineral Town, the player remains in touch by writing letters. As the character grow up, the article stops coming. To view what happened, that goes back to the city to uncover out the enlarge man has actually died, leaving behind his farm in the character"s care. The name takes the duty to reclaim the farm.


The gameplay is simple. The player has actually several tools, to start with, and must earn money. He deserve to do the by planting crops, mining, or foraging. This money deserve to be used to buy various other things that will benefit the character, such as livestock, and to broaden the farm. The player can also befriend other villagers, which will let him know about brand-new recipes.

Best Emulator because that Harvest Moon: friends of Mineral Town

To run Harvest Moon: friend of Mineral city on your computer, you need Gameboy development on your computer and corresponding emulator.

Here room our best picks that emulators:

Emu Box : This one emulates games of Gameboy Color and also GameBoy Advance. The has attributes like cheat support, saves and also load states, and fast front approval.GBA.emu : It is precisely for GameBoy Advance. The has attributes like quick saves, BIOS emulation, cheat code support, hardware controller support.No$GBA Emulator : This one is considered one the the finest for running GBA ROMs top top PC. It to be released in 2002 and also is still coming up with new features. The existing features permit the user to usage the controller. It likewise lets girlfriend configure the game any method you desire to.

Similar Games

Three games you would love if you choose Harvest Moon. Castle are:

Harvest Moon: A exorbitant LifeThis one is a bit similar but has various gameplay. The player has actually one cow and can later have higher-quality cattle and also sheep, chickens, and also horses. This game, because that the first time, attributes ducks and also a goat.Harvest Moon: back to NatureThis game challenges the player to construct a farm on a land extended in weeds. The video game starts with having actually a tiny amount the money and a farm covered in weeds. The player must interact with other villages and additionally take care of the farm.

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Graveyard KeeperThis video game gives gamings a tiny twist through land care. Rather than growing vegetables and also taking treatment of a farm, the player is tasked with maintaining a dilapidated medieval burial ground. So payers won"t be maintaining up a farm but digging increase graves and participating in witch burnings.