Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a fantasy film produced and distributed through Warner Bros. Pictures. The movie is the 6th edition in the bother Potter movie franchise and is based on a novel the the same name written by J. K Rowling.

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How to Download harry Potter and also the Half-Blood Prince

To begin the download the the complete movie, i beg your pardon is a follow-up to the stimulate of the Phoenix, click on the Download switch at the end of the review. The movie is accessible as one iTunes download and can it is in purchased or rented in SD or HD quality.

The film Review

The movie is a sequel come Harry Potter and the stimulate of the Phoenix and also was exit on 7th July 2007. That is command by David Yates and also continues the actors consisting of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Jim Broadbent, Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter, Maggie Smith, and Robbie Coltrane. The film starts off together we gain to check out Voldemort selecting Draco Malfoy to carry out a secret task for him in ~ Hogwarts.

Narcissa Malfoy, Draco’s mother, asks Severus Snape to aid take care of Draco and complete the task if he stops working to carry out so. At a later on time, Harry, Hermione, and Ron point out Draco beginning Knockturn Alley with a group of death Eaters which provides Harry assume that Voldemort has actually made Draco into one that the death Eaters. Later on on, at Hogwarts, harry borrows a textbook because that Professor Slughorn’s potions class which proves to be quite helpful to him together it contains an extremely well written notes. The textbook is revealed come be written by someone called the Half-Blood Prince.

Meanwhile, harry meets Dumbledore who educates him that Slughorn own a memory of Voldemort the he refuses come share v him. Harry, with using his liquid Luck potion, manages to make Slughorn call the truth around Voldemort’s storage which reveals how Voldemort wanted to produce magical objects referred to as Horcruxes the contain the power to conserve wizards indigenous death. Dumbledore concludes that there are 7 Horcruxes, 2 of which have been currently destroyed.

Harry and also Dumbledore go to the Astronomy Tower where Draco shows up and reveals how he was given the task to kill Dumbledore by Voldemort. Snape comes forward and also manages to kill Dumbledore after which he battles Harry and reveals just how he is the Half-Blood Prince. The film ends together Harry, Ron, and also Hermione decision to find for the staying Horcruxes.

Despite many other directors reflecting their interest in directing this film, David Yates was as soon as again dubbed by the franchise to continue his magnificent work from the left turn off in the previous film. Supporting him in developing this film were the visual effect supervisors Tim Burke and also Tim Alexander. Yates was an extremely careful and also wanted the film to keep its original color rather than make that look like a dark zombie movie. Consequently, Yates also ended increase making the Inferi watch a lot skinnier than zombies.

Moving on come the other effects such as the death Eaters’ attack on Diagon Alley and also London, it was revealed the VFX company dual Negative had spent 6 months observing the environment roughly River Thames and also Trafalgar Square to develop perfect imageries of the city. Other companies affiliated in developing effects because that the film consisted of Cinesite, commercial Light & Magic, Moving picture Company, Framestore, and also Luma Pictures.

As for the music, the key score that the film was composed by Nicholas Hooper. The audio was released top top 14th July 2009 and went on to become nominated for ideal Score at the Grammy Awards.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as soon as again stood out from the various other releases of the time. Much like that predecessors, the film came to be an immediate hit by grossing over $934 million at package office. The film clues at the series inevitable finishing which made the pan even much more anxious for the series’ following release.

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Harry Potter and also the Half-Blood Prince is the sixth movie in the series of the young wizard’s adventures. Download that now and also watch the magic.