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Genre: Shooter, First-Person Shooter Developer: Bungie software program Publisher: Microsoft game Studios ESRB Rating: Mature relax Date: September 14, 2010

On the level once you fly about the city in a falcon. Once kat needs back up ~ above oni base and only right now go to the club and go to left that the club and also there will huge a little opening. There is a button on peak op this opening you require two people on requirements a jetpack one you fly up there. Once you click the you got to the ring and also fly in the middle of it and also it turns into and it is a plecan. You deserve to do this v a banshee and you execute the same thing that a phamton.

Get the following credits to reach the corresponding rank in Halo: Reach:Recruit - 0 cRPrivate - 7,500 cRCorporal - 10,000 cRCorporal great 1 - 15,000 cRSergeant - 20,000 cRSergeant great 1 - 26,250 cRSergeant great 2 - 32,500 cRWarrant Officer - 45,000 cRWarrant Officer grade 1 - 78,000 cRWarrant Officer class 2 - 111,000 cRWarrant Officer grade 3 - 144,000 cRCaptain - 210,000 cRCaptain great 1 - 233,000 cRCaptain grade 2 - 256,000 cRCaptain grade 3 - 279,000 cRMajor - 325,000 cRMajor grade 1 - 350,000 cRMajor great 2 - 375,000 cRMajor grade 3 - 400,000 cRLt. Colonel - 450,000 cRLt. Colonel grade 1 - 480,000 cRLt. Colonel great 2 - 510,000 cRLt. Colonel class 3 - 540,000 cRBrigadier - 1,400,000 cRBrigadier grade 1 - 1,520,000 cRBrigadier grade 2 - 1,640,000 cRBrigadier class 3 - 1,760,000 cRGeneral - 2,000,000 cRGeneral class 1 - 2,200,000 cRGeneral grade 2 - 2,350,000 cRGeneral class 3 - 2,500,000 cRGeneral great 4 - 2,650,000 cRField Marshall - 3,000,000 cRHero - 3,700,000 cRLegend - 4,600,000 cRMythic - 5,650,000 cRNoble - 7,000,000 cREclipse - 8,500,000 cRNova - 11,000,000 cRForerunner - 13,000,000 cRReclaimer - 16,500,000 cRInheritor - 20,000,000 cR

If you desire to rank up fast, shot this:Do firefight on legendary. Put the overshields top top x4 and also the power on invincible, the damages on 300% and also choose weapons you like. Placed the ammo top top bottomless cup.Now make your own waves. Placed (almost) every on either elites or brutes. Girlfriend can"t die so don"t worry about hammers or feul pole cannons. If girlfriend don"t have the killionaire achievement, placed in one bonus wave full of grunts and also choose an explosive weapon (plasma grenade launcher, feul pole cannon, rocketlauncher). Wait till the grunts jump out of the plane. As soon as a large crowd that grunts have actually gathered, shoot her rocket a couple of times and you will quickly get the achievement.

First, enter editor mode and make 2 armor locks. Go out of editor mode, climate you equip among them, then use it. While you are using it, climate go earlier into editor mode. Walk to the other one you made and press "delete every one of these" and also go ago to normal. That should provide you endless armor lock. Comment if the works.

A method to obtain credits is walk to fire fight and also go to choices put in invulnerable and also bottomless clip than go a map and go the end side and also let them struggle or shoot you. You will obtain 10 credits a minute for this reason you have the right to go and also do homework or something.

You walk to the column of autumn mission and go to the part where Emile dies. Friend go as much as the mac turret and also walk over the Emiles dead body and also melee it and it will showhis armor perform all the lights like as soon as you acquire hit its nice cool but you can only do it once.

First what you need to do is collection the map come Holdout. Collection the challenge to easy. Walk to game choices then spartan settings then basic traits then sheild and also health. Collection damage resistance to invulnerable. 4x sheilds. Set yourdamage come 300%. Put gravity to 50%. Jump height to 50%.then go earlier and go to loudouts. Put your first and second weapon come DMR and Plasma Cannon. Her epuipment:jet pack. And also 4x frags. Currently you must rank up faster.

This is actualy a way to kill other tanks faster and also safer.When ever you need to fight a tank, and also your in one, target at the key cannon the the foe tank and also it will certainly blow up, he wont have the ability to shoot at you so friend wil have a definite win. Unless your a noob.

If you want to suffer an awesome way to enjoy forge World, then review the following text. Step 1: before beginning the map, set the basic player traits to 50% gravity, 300%speed, and also 300% jump hight.step 2: begin the video game of forge and also spawn one EVADE armor capability (on a elevated platform like the hanger) and spawn an incline in ~ the edge of the platform.step 3: have someone pick up the EVADE and also start running for the incline. When you hit the base of the incline, use the armor ability.CONGRATULATIONS, if friend did it correctly, you have to be soaring through the air much faster than a half an hour in full boost.step 4: have actually fun and also tell her friends!

By playing score attack in firefight matchmaking, you can rank increase much much faster than doing consistent mulitplayer. Challenges are much more easily met and achievements are additionally easier come get. Gruntpocalypse is the easiest means to location up, however if you want a real difficulty to location up the fastest, just do consistent firefight.

First start up two controllers then first player sign in then in the main menu walk to custom video game then just uncover the 2nd player who wont shot to death you because he can"t move and just death him and you will certainly get promoted fast.

Go to matchmaking, then go on to playlist, go to competitive and go on "Living dead". Over there you have to be the human instead that zombie. You have actually a shotgun and a magnum but use the shotgun. Before the zombie kills you, shoot it and you must not only gain a Bulltrue metal yet Emile"s helmet. Ns did this but I eliminated the zombie and the zombie eliminated me in ~ the very same time.

Iron male - This just works on forge mode. An initial you haveto location a Armor Lock ANYWHERE! climate you gain the Armorlock and Hold down the LB On her Xbox 360 controller.After you done that press up on your D-pad (FORGE MODE)And spawn an additional Armor lock (STILL hold LB) and pressThe B switch on her Xbox 360 Controller and find DeleteAll of these. (STILL hold LB) and press up on yourD-Pad to go back into video game mode and you have to be steel manPROOF: walk all the means up come the sky on build mode and FallYou shouldn"t obtain hurt!

There space several brand-new vehicles in the video game for both the covenant and the UNSC. The brand-new vehicles because that the commitment are the Revanant and the seraph and the new vehicles for the UNSC are the rocket warthog, falcon drop-ship, and the saber fighter.

To execute this you must clear a project mission on legend without dying. Very first select winter contingency, collection it on legendary, allow Noble team do all the work and also you will acquire that helmet in no time.

You walk to campaign and go top top Exodus component 3 and also kill the ODST and also the marine and also get in the Falcon and also have to have two people and also you should get banshee paris fast, and also low.

Go come the structure next to the society at the finish of the misson you require 2 human being to carry out this you drive a falcon and the other human being goes on top then paris to the structure next come the society then go to the opening component make the falcon remain a little to the ceiling the the various other player access time the switch then walk in the ring then You have a Pelican.

The controls space quite comparable to lowering her weapon. Hold down the LB+RB+X+UP D-pad+CLICK right ANOLOG STICK, as whole for about 3 seconds. Ns would suggest clicking the appropriate anolog stick with your chin or bottom teeth against your bottom lip to click it. I perform it with my bottom teeth and lip. That is very comparable to lowering you weapon, other than you usage the up d-pad and not the down.

You deserve to use any kind of variant of warthogs for this trick. In forge, get in editor mode. Generate a landmine, and set it under anywhere. Climate spawn any type of warthog variant, but do not set it under yet, take it the warthog, and rub it against the landmine. And now you have warthog there is no a gun. The driver seat and the passenger seat can both be accessed.NOTE: if you have actually done that correctly, that is ideal that you carry out not placed your warthog in any other damage. Or else the warthog may be fully destroyed.

Go come forge and also then create world and also then when you spawn stay where you space (if you space in the cavern in the mountain and at the an extremely back) and spawn a dual wall or Coliseum window (the window works best) while in her ball earlier up in come the wall (not to fast) and also when you acquire in the wall surface press Y.

Carter"s Helmet: Commando (Commander Rank- 85, 000 cR)Kat"s Helmet: Air assault (Warrant Officer Rank- 15, 000 cR)Jun"s Helmet: enlightenment (Captain Rank- 45, 000 cR for base and HU/RS)Emile"s Helmet: EVA (Commander Rank- 145, 000 cR for base and also CNM)Jorge"s Helmet: Grenadier (Warrant Officer Rank- 30, 000 cR for base and UA)Noble Six"s Helmet: mark V (Recruit rank aka "starters"- 750 cR because that UA)Note: In bespeak to obtain Emile"s Helmet to it is in available, acquisition the EVA because that 30, 000 cR (Major Rank).

When you have a spartan laser and also your intended to kill people outside the vehicles with it. Host down the rt button to charge it up and let it walk right prior to it shoots, that way if someone come at you approximately a corner or something her spartan laser will currently have been charged increase so you have the right to shoot him right away.

Once you have actually a grenade launcher, organize the ideal trigger. When you organize the right trigger the grenade doesn"t explode, it just bounces around, when you let go of the right trigger it will certainly explode. Once it explodes the acts the same method as the plasma pistol once you overcharge it, yet the grenade launcher is better cause that explodes and also disables vehicles. This will certainly be useful for disabling banshees and falcons.

To do the package level much easier have one person hide in the rocks behind turret c since it"ll do things simpler for your teamates due to the fact that the turret"ll help kill few of the opponents massing in prior of halseys lab and if it goes offline just come come the end reactivate it and also hide again the only threat come the person in the rocks is the nearby phantom"s turret simply hide in the crevice to prevent it if making pot shots when needed to aid your allies.

First, equip Armor Lock ability. Then was standing on a Flacon and take off (with friend on top and also a friend driving). Finally, throw a difficult grenade on optimal of the Falcon and stand top top the grenade. Right before the grenade explodes, usage Armor Lock. Because grenades don"t impact your position in Armor Lock, the Falcon must shoot in the direction of the ground while you remain in the air, floating till you release Armor Lock.

This works with any brute. Get a needle weapon of any type of kind (rifle, or needler) and also shoot it through accuract in ~ a brute. The only method it wont work-related is if they walk in armor lock or dodge. On legendary a typical brute take away 6 needles come kill, a cheiftain takes about 10-15, and a mr taked about 2 exact clips. With the rifle the is alot much less if you get headshots.

To gain easy credits every you have to do is spend about half an hour come an hour in forge and also you will gain 2000 come 4000 credits every round.

To hijack a wraith without damaging it kill the gunner if over there is one and also get in the turret the driver"ll gain out you have the right to then death him with the turret minimizing the damage you take.

There are also some brand-new weapons for the Covenant and also the UNSC. The brand-new weopons for the agreement are the plasma repeater, needle rifle, concussion rifle, and the plasma launcher. The brand-new weopons because that the UNSC room the m392 Designated Mrksman Rifle (DMR), M319 GL grenade launcher, and the H-165 FOM target locator.

First, walk to the island in the facility of the map. Once you get there, walk to the height of the mountain. You must see part burn marks yet in the facility there is a white skull.

First YOU obtain infected.Next you hide where the spire wall surface is (make sure you are close to the ghost once it goes by).Then you go beside the ghost and use your power sword.

To get big credit in gloriole Reach, very first go to tradition game. Then have actually 4 football player (if you have actually 4 consoles) on co-op play. After, choose infection and also put the ring to the highest. Start the enhance then play by your self and also kill the three world over and also over. Uneven your a human, you could set the settings to 3 zombies. Climate you might come to be a human and kill 3 zombie fo limitless time.

In the level "Pillar that Autumn" near the end, once your fighting all the brutes. The brute v the heaviness hammer, kill him, and grab his hammer. After the switch come your various other weapon so you don"t waste its ammo. Then when you are at the part after Emile dies, take the end your gravity hammer and also enter the building. Melee the grunts since they"re straightforward to kill, yet use the full attack on the (some what hard elites come kill! ) elites. You will certainly be up at the gun in around five secs tops! This is a easy means to obtain to the AI gun. Inquiries or comment if required on comment box.

On any mission the the campagn, turn your look at sensitivity to around 8, 9, 10 (I would recommend 10) and also run up to an elite and right prior to he hits you, conveniently pull back on the left stick and move it clockwise as you turn the right stick slowly until your behind one elite and also then assassinate it. You have to be rapid though.

On any mode, while her in game, stand in any type of spot. Pull back on the left stick, then press forward and also tap (A) and also RB at the very same time and you will certainly twitch in mid air. It just works while making use of the acceleration armor ability.

Go come Forge human being or practice Game. Change game options to 50% gravity and also 300% jump through 300% speed. Choose Evade as starting equipment. Once the round starts usage evade and you"ll be prefer a ninja paris in the sky. WARNING: May end up in dead in open up areas. For mindful use, beat in one enclosed battle field.

1 . Where people start go down the stair turn ideal there is a hole, run crawl in and your in2. (human)when her a person at the zombie spawning suggest when her at the male cannon don"t go on it come the left is a skinny ramp run on it rotate right and also your ~ above the roof (zombies deserve to spawn under you)3. WARNING be an extremely careful at the finish of the man cannon yes a wall surface CAREFULLY go behind it4. Easy on every one does the now but where people spawn up walk accross the next of close to the steps go as much as friend can and jump top top the roof5. (easy zombie kills) to kill a human quickly if over there at your second base (NOT the beggining spawn) if there no at the actions go increase the an initial one there is a window jump in it to sneak assault them6. (another zombie kill) in ~ the very same base indigenous glitch 5 you walk to the left just if your at the measures go to the edge in ~ the various other side the the procedures jump on it then jump on come the steps.

You need to be top top Forge human being to execute this. When you generate in the hangar, go to the leaf of it and also stand and also look at where the horizon and also the gloriole meet. Look increase a little bit and also you have to see what looks prefer an angry grunt"s face.

By the hanger there is a thing that look prefer a window colliesam under the entrance, enter forge mode and also place a teleport inside it and teleporter somewhere else and also you be in that glass thingy mabob in no time.

1) you have 2 players start campaign or firefighter2) when in the campaign press A on controller 3 or 4And sign in players 3 and also 43) stop the existing campaign/ firefight4) begin the game again, then a second after screenGoes empty you press A top top controller 3 and also 4 withinA split-second that each other (approximately right before the gamesSays "setting up game") it takes a many practice however once you acquire itDown gain playing with offline buddies in actual life** ns AM not RESPONSIBLE for WHAT happens TO THEGAME after ~ THE GLITCH***.

You need 2 players to execute this. Whereby you begin after you death every enemy prior to destroying the guns, have one player stay where the covies were on the water, there have to be a house and also a crate blocking, relocate it through a Ghost, go all the method to the various other post, it"s the end of the map, there have to be a switch, activated it, tell the various other player to rotate the move on (Switch shows up after first switch is activated) go earlier where the Armor Lock and hologram is at, at the roof have to be around 4-5 Banshees. NOTE: This may prevent you from destroying the 2 guns. And also you can go out of bounds while driving the banshees.

In the canyon northeast to where you originally spawn in default forge human being there is a cavern that"s around 12 feet long and also not really wide however if you look approximately in the rocks pointing towards the big array that shoots in the sky you"ll discover it.

Note! This just works ~ above firefight*, forge, and also custom game* (it works ideal on forge).First, go to activities and collection player rate to 300% and *Jump height and gravity to 300%.Then set starting devices to sprint.Finally, set your map (if firefight pick any. If custom video game or forge, a great map would be build world)if friend did this right, you can now outrun any type of vehicle the you can spawn, but you can"t run on water (although, that would be cool)(*= optional)p. S similar to super jump on create world.

NOTE! This just works ~ above ForgeFirst, set editor life ~ above invulnerable or 2000%.Second, if in editor mode spawn a kill round (gadgets, toys) and a scorpion (obviously. Vehicles).Third, grab the scorpion and totally put the scorpion (just don"t die).CONGRATS. If you did this right you should have a turret-less scorpion.NOTE! This likewise works with wraiths, revenants and also warthogs (Gauss, rocket, default).

In matchmaking, chose any competitor only if you have the right to use a DMR. Get a DMR and if you are close to the player hit em and quickly aim at the head and also shoot. ( It might take about 2 shots. ).

Use plasma weapons (plasma rifle, plasma repeater. ) to take the end their shields then switch come a weapon that fires bullets to complete the job.

Start a create match, delete all of the respawn points, go outside of the hanger and go up to the exterior field above it, ar a respawn point, next to the respawn allude place a teleporter sender node, walk bacck to the create menu and select reciever node, traction the reiever node to the sheet of whereby the map will let girlfriend go, host down the left trigger and also right bumber and also push increase on the anolog stick and also the reciever will begin to twitch soonafter the teleporter will fly out of limit (dragging you with it). Friend wont be able to sttay out there forever, over there is still that pesky countdown timer, after ~ you dice you will respawn next to the teleporter, you action through and also ur earlier outside, you can move the teleporter alost anywere except for the actual edges of the map.

On any challenge on exidus rally point bata ~ you conserve the cavilions, but prior to the evac delivery arives death the three marines. Following when the falcons land castle will start to fight eachother, go approximately the closest one and it will certainly say "board foe ship" hop ~ above the gun and also there you go accomplishment granted.*note* you will be kicked out virtually as sone together you take turn off so you will die yet the accomplishment still stands.

You require two players for this cheat come happen. One player turns into a ball and also gets out a platform and also the other human jumps top top the platform and also the other human being deletes the platform and the other player is floating in mid wait one move and that person fall.

As much as i know, this only works top top grunts, jackals and also skirmishers: Make certain to have the acceleration armor capability equipped. Then simply sprint towards an enemy and tap the melee button. This is most effective versus the hand-shield jackals.Note: may work top top larger adversaries if girlfriend "soften "em up a bit" by unloading a couple of rounds first.

To gain the avatar award you must complete a campaign level on legend without dieing.The level to do it is winter contingency, go previous the an initial parts that it until you acquire to the an initial time friend fight, take it out all of them then walk to the right, stick come the appropriate the totality level, even in the car. As soon as you obtain to the component with the various other marines go roughly the building and also keep going till your on top of it. Sit there and also keep headshotting everybody.After you get off the falcon for a 2nd time run right into the room through Kat and stay there until shes done. After the the other elites are kinda basic to kill just stay behind cover.NOTE: for the critical elite v the power sword do NOT! go at him due to the fact that you will die! Stay earlier take out the grunts and try to stick him.

When you obtain to the part when the makers are increasing from the ground just kill all the grunts shoot the sword elite climate sprint as quick as you deserve to to where you begin the simply walk ago he have to be fighting jorge litter a grenade assasinate the or simply let jorge perform the dirty job-related hope this helps.

You understand the different color visor options for her helmet. Fine there is a yellow colored one. It it s okay unlocked when you reach the location of captain. It shores 250, 000 credits but you deserve to only equip it once you room at lt.

This is a Glitch which only works ~ above the U shaped Phantom. What you need is a plasma gernade. What you carry out is when the phantom comes you target up and also run under a component of the U and you throw the plasma gernade under the part that opens. It must go in and stick an enemy.

If you room falling to her death and also you forget what to execute in that situation just wait till you virtually hit the ground. The up key and your view your stuff fall on the ground however no body. When you get out of her orb you will certainly I have a complete thing of ammo (only if friend shot your gun). You simply survived death. This can even be provided to acquire ammo if you truly desire to execute that. This is all in the timing that you execute this. It claims you did no die.

You recognize the trucks you journey on the mission winter contingency? Well even though that doesn"t have a turret Noble 5 can get on the earlier of the van which transforms it right into an improvised warthog.

Here room all the various Armor capability in the game. Ns think the abilities room self-explanatory.Jet PackSprintHolographic DecoyActive CamoflogeDrop ShieldArmor LockEvade

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Lower your Weapon!

You have the right to only do this as soon as you"re play offline. Lower your weapon by hold down"Grenade Switch" + "Reload" + Click the right Stick + under on the D-Pad. That would certainly beB + X + CLICK best STICK + down (D-Pad) ~ above the default controls, but this alsoworks if you have different manage settings!

To easily get fast-forward to job-related without ruining your cause finger, carry out the following:Hold RT and also press START. Then let go of RT and also press start again. Now it will fastforward automatically.

When you"re in mission 03 (Oni: sword Base) there room two concealed switches the looklike "doors" that you can open only with both football player in a Co-op Match. Both have the right to befound ~ Rally suggest Alpha where you must destroy the wraiths. Move A is on thecoast that the water a tiny southeast native the structures with a pair switches you mustactivate. That is ~ above a heap of rocks near the large frozen waterfall. You"ll recognize you arestanding in the right location when you acquire a message saying "Hold X to open Door." Youmust reload your weapon prior to getting to this point. Move B is just past the AAcannon in the following area. A pile of rocks through some tree on it overlooks the big walledcomplex on the ice listed below that area. Through both players standing in these places, press Xsimultaneously (at the exact same time) and also a message will appear on screen saying "REACHRACER" You will then it is in warped come the Oni: knife Base v two Gauss Cannon WartHogs prepared for racing. The gyeongju course is marked with red waypoints. The loser"swarthog blows up and also you deserve to start again!

To take less damages when falling, girlfriend can shot to crouch just before you soil - it"s every inthe timing - and it have the right to make the so you don"t take together much damages when friend hit theground.

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You can use this cheat from aur 2 - to get faster melee attacks: Pres RB and also then quickpress X and RB together. This need to make you hit faster.