This is mine Sweet house Alabama chord graph by Lynard Skynyrd. Currently this is walk to it is in the SUPER straightforward version. No the version with all the cool riffs and licks in it. However you can grab a so late beginner versions v some licks on my Patreon page.

With this version, you have the right to at least play along and have fun until you construct your skills enough come graduate more advanced lead etc playing.

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Sweet residence Alabama only supplies three chords because that the whole song: C, G and also D. This provides this track super easy to memorize and play follow me with.

There is when verse whereby an F chord is played once. If you know exactly how to play and also F chord go for it. If friend don’t, no worries. Stick with the continual chord progression.

Let"s take it a look at a pair strumming patterns be deserve to use. An alert that the D chord and also C chord break-up a measure definition each chord is two beats, while the G chord is play for a full measure.


Learn just how to have much more emotion to your etc strumming. Click picture for details.

Verse basic Strum:D C G1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4D D D D D D D DVerse Eighth note Strum:D C G1 2 + 3 4 + 1 2 + 3 4 +D DU D DU D DU D DU

Chorus:D C G1 + 2 3 + 4 1 2 + 3 4 +DD DD D DU D DUWANT part LICKS? grab the PDF ~ above Patreon

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Sweet home Alabama much easier Version

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Sweet house Alabama more tough Version

Sweet residence Alabama Chord chart

by Lynard Skynyrd

Intro:|D -C -|G x4

Verse:|D -C -| GBig wheels save on turning|D -C -| GCarry me home to check out my kin|D -C -| GSinging songs about the southern land|D- C -| G I miss out on Alabamy when Again and I think the a sin.Interlude:|D -C -|G x2|D - C -|GWell ns heard Mr. Young sing around her|D -C -|GWell ns heard old Neil put her down|D -C -| GWell i hope Neil Young will remember|D -C -|GA southern man don’t require him around, anyhow.

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|D - C - | G |D - C -| GSweet home Alabama, whereby the skies are so blue|D - C - | G |D - C -|G Sweet house Alabama, mr I’m coming home to youSolo 1|D -C -|G x2Verse:|D - C -| |G - F C|In Birmingham they love the governor, (ooh ooh ooh)|D -C -| G Now we all go what we can do|D -C -| GNow watergate doesn"t bother me|D -C -| GDoes your conscience bother you, (now phone call the truth!)

Chorus:|D - C - | G |D - C -| G Sweet home Alabama, wherein the skies room so blue|D - C - | G |D - C -|G Sweet residence Alabama, lord I’m coming home to youSolo 2: |D -C -|G x8Interlude|D -C -|G x2

Verse:|D - C -| GNow Muscle Shoals has obtained the Swampers|D -C -| GAnd they"ve been well-known to pick a song or two|D -C -| G Lord they get me off so much|D -C -| GThey pick me up when I"m emotion blue currently how about you?Chorus:|D - C - | G |D - C -| G Sweet house Alabama, where the skies room so blue|D - C - | G |D - C -|G Sweet house Alabama, mr I’m coming home to you

Repeat chorus out.

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