Beer Records: from chugging a beer in 1.3 secs to delivering 20 glasses that it, satisfy ten that the craziest records involving world"s favourite alcoholic drink.


Probably influenced by the candy-house native Hansel and Gretel, 21-year-old Sven Goebel chose to develop a residence out the beer coasters. This 5 room level that Goebel built was furnished through a fireplace, arm chairs and a table using approximately 300,000 beer coasters. However to insurance claim the record title, he had to prove no adhesives had actually been used to hold his framework together. So the creator sealed his Guinness people Record, by pulling that down.

A Chinese man made a stunning Guinness world record of driving throughout two rows of bottled beers because that over 60 metres in Wenzhou. Li Guiwen, an military driver indigenous Beijing, steered follow me 1,798 bottles for 60.19 metres in a time of eight minutes and 28 seconds in eastern China"s Zhejiang province. He had previously check the same document in 2009, however due come rain, the right tyre the his vehicle slipped off the bottle track. Li, who thought of creating this record after a drinking bet through friends, added, "Since the failure last year, I have been cultivate constantly."

In June 2010, man Evans collection a brand-new world document for most beer pints well balanced on his head: 237. Evans, the world"s pre-eminent head-balancer has likewise balanced a Mini Cooper on his head.

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A bottle of Lowebrau lager, recovered from the wreckage that the German airship Hindenburg after the burst into flames as it moored at Lakehurst, new Jersey, on might 6, 1937, marketed for end $16,000 (£10,810)-setting the brand-new world document for the most expensive bottle of Beer. The most expensive party of Beer, heat-damaged however still sealed, was offered with an account that its restore signed by Mr. Smith. Fierce worldwide phone bidding driven up the price at Henry Aldridge auctioneers in Devizes, Wilts. The brown bottle of Lowenbrau lager was found in the wreckage through Leroy Smith, a fire chef on the scene. Smith uncovered a total of six bottles and also a pitcher in ~ the scene of the disaster. He dispersed four of the bottles together souvenirs to colleagues and also one come the Lowenbrau brewery in 1977, where it still remains.

The ahead Guinness people record because that the highest price because that a single bottle that beer is assumed to be approximately £2,500 and auctioneer Alan Aldridge started bidding at £3,000.

The Auld Dubliner irish Pub filled an 8-foot-tall glass with 430 gallons the Guinness stout and also got right into the Guinness book of people Records. The pub"s owners had the stout poured as around 400 human being crowded right into the restaurant and onto the patio to watch as the cup filled. The glass alone weighs 900 pounds and the stout weighs 2,772 pounds.

The previous Guinness human being record for the biggest Glass that Beer was set in February 2008, by harry Caray"s Italian Steakhouse in Chicago. Take care of Caray"s produced a 4-foot-tall, hexagonal, 100-gallon glass through a handle and spigot because that serving. That glass weighed about 1,000 pounds when filled.

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Angelo Cammarata is, follow to the Guinness book of human being Records, the world"s longest-serving bartender. At Cammarata"s Cafe, the West view watering hole, he"s been pouring for most of his 77 year of tending bar. However now, the ar which the still help his sons John and also Frank run has been sold, and the Cammaratas will be the end of there within weeks once the new owners space approved by the state. "Camm," as civilization call him, began serving beer at his father"s north Side grocery store the minute Prohibition finished at midnight ~ above April 7, 1933. The memory is together clear come him together the to win of the library clock that signaled it was time to start opening bottles of fort Pitt. His immigrant father built a bar top top that website in 1935 and also Angelo retained working there, acquisition a rest to serve in the navy in world War II. In 1971 he marketed the bar come his sons. In September 2009, the Café was sold and Camm, 95, decided it was time come retire.