If you love science or Greek culture, you are probably really familiar v Greek symbols. As part of our signs dictionary, in a an extensive article committed to them, we have actually examined the Greek symbols/letters in Greek alphabet a few weeks ago. Now, it is time come shine a light on the theta symbol, its meaning and uses in science.

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The origin and background Of The Theta Symbol

Theta is the eighth letter in the Greek alphabet written as Θ or ϴ in uppercase and also θ in lowercase. Theta symbol is a derivation of the letter teth in the Phoenician alphabet. In the Phoenician language, teth was offered to explain a wheel.

The beforehand forms of the theta symbol were a cross inside a circle, a horizontal line across a circle and also a dot right in the center of a circle. It is likewise known that beforehand Cyrillic fita (Ѳ )letter is acquired from the theta letter.

These beforehand forms are likewise very similar to part symbols supplied by other ancient cultures. Follow to the Roman theorist Porphyry, Egyptians provided a circle through an X within it to represent the soul. It was also the price of the good Ennead, the nine deities in old Egyptian culture. Nine is recognized as the value of theta in the Greek numeral system.


According to john the Lydian, also known as man Lydus, a sixth century byzantine writer, a symbol very similar to theta was used to define ‘kosmos’ by the ancient Egyptians. This prize was made up of a snake representing Agathodaemon (Agathos Daimon) across a fiery one representing the world.

The sun disc in ancient Egyptian society is basically the very same with among the earlier forms of theta symbol; a dot in the center of a circle.

Ancient Greeks additionally used the theta letter as a price of death as that looked a small bit choose a person skull. That was likewise used by the Greeks as the abbreviation of the Greek word for death, thanatos (θάνατος).

On an exciting side note, theta was likewise called “the unlucky letter” in ancient Greece as judges provided it on their ballots if passing sentences on criminals.

The equivalent of the theta letter in English would be the “th” sound.

Theta prize In scientific research – What does Theta stand for In Science?

Just like plenty of other Greek symbols, the theta symbol was also used generally in scientific research to denote various things.

Lowercase Theta Symbol and also Its Uses

In trigonometry, the theta letter denotes unknown variables while it represents a airplane angle in geometry.

Potential temperature is stood for by the theta symbol in meteorology. It denotes a certain bacterial DNA replication distinctive to circular chromosomes in biology if in economics it to represent the reserve proportion of banks.

Solomon Feferman’s ordinal collapsing role is likewise denoted through the small letter theta.

Uppercase Theta Symbol and Its Uses

In collection theory, the uppercase theta letter to represent a details ordinal number if in particle physics it represents pentaquarks (a type of subatomic corpuscle ) and also exotic baryons.

Theta symbol likewise denotes the temperature difference that occurs during a warmth transfer as well as the measurement of temperature.

Along v alpha, beta and delta, theta letter is additionally used to represent a specific brain signal frequency.

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This is all around the theta symbol, that is origins, uses and also symbolism behind it. If friend would like to read our substantial post around the Greek symbols, inspect out our short article below:

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