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Yourdream car is representative of her drive and also ambition. What happens with yourdream automobile reflects your ability to navigate native one stage of your life toanother. Whereby you walk in her dream auto symbolizes her goals.And dreamingabout certain parts that your car provides clues about your status, and also abilitiesto accomplish those goals.

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Tosee one accelerator in her dream shows that friend will achieve your goalsthrough your very own efforts. The dream may additionally be informing you to sluggish down.

Todream the the accelerator is jammed or damaged indicates a lose of manage insome facet of your life.You probably trying come rush through things.TOP


Todream the you space in one accident signifies pent-up guilt in which girlfriend aresubconsciously punishing yourself over.Perhapsyou room not proud of other you have done. Alternatively, the accidentmay indicate an error or failure you have actually made. Accident dreams also representyour fears of gift in one actual, physics accident. You might simply be nervousabout acquiring behind the wheel. Or the dream is trying come warn friend of someaccident.

Todream of a car accident symbolizes her emotional state. You might be harboringdeep anxieties and also fears. Space you "driving" yourself as well hard? Perhapsyou need to slow down prior to you hit disaster. You must rethink orre-plan her course of plot and collection yourself on a much better path.

Todream that a loved one dies in one accident shows that something in ~ yourown self is no longer functional and also is "dead". It is also symbolic ofyour very own relationship through that person. Maybe you have to let walk of thisrelationship.If friend dream the you diefrom a car accident and also actually view the reactions of your loved ones, then itsuggests that your reckless task is affect those roughly you. This dreamis a wake-up call. TOP


Todream the the wait conditioner is not working suggests that you are not able torelax and breathe freely. You may be overly worried about a situation.

Tosee or feel the air conditioner in her dream represents purification andrelief. You have actually cooled turn off from some heated argument.TOP


Tosee the airbag in a vehicle deploy in her dream forewarns the you will certainly runinto a significant setback if you keep the pace of your existing life path. You need toslow down and take her time. Alternatively, the wait bag is symbolic that yoursupport system in your time that need. TOP


Tosee or use antifreeze in her dream argues that you room being emotionally coldand perhaps need to warm up to others more.TOP


Tosee one axle in her dream says that you should concentrate top top the moreimportant things in life. Do not shed focus.

Todream the you have a damaged axle suggests a absence of confidence, independenceand control in your life. You room having difficulty navigating with life. Thedream may also mean that you room feeling vulnerable.TOP


Todream that you room sitting in the backseat the a car argues that you space nolonger in manage of her life. You may be emotion overpowered, dominatedand being told what to do. You should start taking earlier control of your life.

Todream that someone is sitting in your backseat highlights your own position ofpower and also control. Who else"s destiny or fate is in your hands.TOP


Tosee or usage the blinkers in your dream average that friend are in search of validationor approval. If the blinkers carry out not work, then it indicates that friend areexperiencing some hesitation about the decision you have actually made or the directionthat you have actually taken.TOP


Tosee or usage booster cables in her dream suggests that you need to acquire ajumpstart on your goals. Protect against wasting her life away and start gaining a moveon.TOP


Todream the you are using your brakes signifies the you must slow under inyour business and/or an individual affairs.You have been living on the fastlane and also you need to take that easy. Alternatively, the dream might be a pun on"break". Probably you need to take a break or possibly you have to breakoff part relationship.

Todream that your brakes fail or the you can"t with the brakes forewarns that you absence stability in your life. Nowis not the moment to take risks. Her life is out of control and also you should makesome far-ranging changes. That may additionally not a bad idea to examine out the brakes inyour car, as you mind could have picked up ethereal cues and also is manifesting theproblem in your dream.TOP


Todream the your bumper has actually been damagedsymbolizes the small"bumps" that you will certainly encounter in life. Points will not always go assmooth as you expect.TOP


Tosee a bumper sticker in her dream represents a article that you room trying toconvey come the world. You desire your opinion to it is in heard. Consider the exactmessage on the bumper sticker.TOP


Tosee a Cadillac in your dream says that you are driven to succeed. Yourambition will certainly take you much in life. TOP


Todream that you are driving a automobile denotes your ambition, her drive and also yourability to navigate native one stage of her life come another.Consider just how smooth or unstable the car ride is. If you space driving the car, thenyou room taking an active duty in the means your life is going. However,if you room the passenger, then you are taking a passive role. If you space in thebackseat that the car, then it suggests that you are placing yourself under andare enabling others to take over.This may be a an outcome of short self-esteemor short self-confidence. Overall, this dream price is one indication ofyour dependence and degree of manage you have actually on your life.

To dream the you journey yourcar into a body of water or that it rolls right into water implies that you space in for an emotional journey.Tosee a automobile underwater in her dream points come feelings of remorse or sadness overan abandoned goal.

Todream that your automobile flipped over suggests that some far-reaching event ispreventing friend from achieving her goals. You feel the you need to put your ownlife on hold.

Tosee or dream the a automobile is being crushed represents disappointments developing inyour waking life. Girlfriend are lacking ambition and also goals.

Todream that your automobile won"t start indicates that you space feeling powerless in somesituation.

Todream the you forget or can"t discover where friend parked your auto indicates that youare dissatisfied or unhappy with an aspect of her waking life. You perform not knowwhat friend really want to execute with your life or where you desire to go. Todream that your automobile has been stolen indicates that you space being stripped ofyour identity. This may relate to losing your job, a failed relationship,or some instance which has actually played a far-reaching role in your identity and whoyou space as a person.

Todream the your car is overheating says that you space expending too muchenergy. You must slow under or operation the risk of being charred out. You space takingon much more than you deserve to handle. It is time to take it a breather.

Tosee a parked car in her dream says that you must turn your efforts andenergies elsewhere. You might be needlessly security your energy in a fruitlessendeavor. Alternatively, a parked vehicle may signify your should stop and enjoylife.

Todream that you are practically hit or to be ran end by a car argues that your lifestyle, ideas orgoals may be in dispute with another"s. That may also be symbolic of a joltingexperience or injured pride. If friend dream the you hit or ran over someone witha car, climate it indicates that you have hurt someone in bespeak to relocate ahead inlife.

Todream that you room unable to role up the windows of her car suggests thatyou are mirroring some hesitation and reservation about the direction the you aretaking in life or the route that you have chosen.

Tosee a haunted auto in her dream represents unfinished goals. You had actually started offon a course or journey, however never got to the end. Perhaps life had actually taken girlfriend on adifferent direction that you had actually planned or intended.

Todream that no one is control a relocating car says that you have to reassessyour level of regulate over your life. You are unwilling to take responsibilitiesfor your actions.

Tobuy a auto in her dream describes your commitment come some necessary lifedecision you have made. TOP


To hearor set off a vehicle alarm in her dream implies that you are headed top top the wrongpath. The dream is alerting friend to readjust your direction and also alter yourcourse. TOP


Tosee your vehicle battery in your dream symbolizes her stamina.

Todream the your auto battery is dead suggests that you room overwhelmed andoverworked. You need to slow down and collection some time for you yourself or else operation therisk the collapsing indigenous exhaustion. TOP


Tosee or dream that you are in a automobile dealership refers to some decision that youneed to make around where you want to walk in life. You are trying to figure outyour life path. TOP


Tosee an infant vehicle seat in her dream implies that you room in regulate of someoneelse"s direction or destiny in life.Alternatively, the dream refers to thebeginning step of her life journey. You room just gaining started ~ above animportant path. TOP


Todream that you space at a auto show says that you are attracted to a flashylifestyle which may not necessarily be who you yes, really are.

Todream that you are showing off your vehicle at a auto show indicates that you are proudof your accomplishments and achievements. You room seeking acknowledgment for yourwork. TOP


Tosee the carburetor in your dream represents emotional, spiritual and physicalbalance. TOP


Todream the you have actually been carjacked says that you have lost her direction inlife. You feel that scenarios in her life has actually lead you on a differentcourse. TOP


Todream the you room at a carwash suggests that you need to clean up yourself-image. Girlfriend are ready for a new start. TOP


Todream that you room in a auto crash shows that your beliefs, lifestyle, orgoals space clashing v another"s. It may additionally represent a shocking situation orpainful experience. Alternatively, vehicle crashes may forewarn of her dangerous orcareless control habits.In particular, if a auto crashes into you, climate it suggests that your lifestyle, beliefs orgoals may be in problem with another"s. That may likewise be symbolic that a joltingexperience or injured pride.

Todream that a plane crashes signifies that you have collection overly high andunrealistic objectives for yourself. You space indanger of having those goals come crashing down. Alternatively, the crashingairplane represents your lack of confidence, self-defeating perspective andself-doubt. You execute not think in your own capability to achieve those goals. Lossof power and also uncertainty in afford your purposes are also signified.

Towake up before you crash in her dream may simply be the anticipation of thecrash that jolts you awake. The is comparable to the id of waking up before youhit the ground from a fall. TOP

Crash test Dummy

To watch a crash test dummy in your dream describes the impacts others room making on her life. TOP


Todream that have actually reached a dead finish indicates that you have involved an abrupt endin the quest of your goals. You must find another means to achieve your goalsbecause the present path is not functioning out. Alternatively, the dream might betelling you that you are going nowhere. Perhaps, the dream is symbolic of a deadend job or a dead end relationship. You need to reevaluate her options.TOP


Tosee her driver"s patent in her dream says that you are facing an identitycrisis.

Tolose your driver"s patent in her dream indicates that you have lost your wayor direction in life. Perhaps you have lost the autonomy to move forward towardyour goals.Alternatively, the dream may mean that you have actually lost your trueSelf. You space trying to be who you space not.TOP


Todream the you room driving a car signifies your life"s journey and also your pathin life. The dream is informing of exactly how you space moving and also navigating through life.If you space driving and also cannot check out the road ahead of you, then it indicates thatyou execute not recognize where you room headed in life and what you really want to carry out withyourself. You are doing not have direction and also goals.Similarly, come dream that youare driving in ~ night says that you room unsure of where you are headed inlife. You are experiencing obstacles toward your goals. Probably you do not wantto see what is ahead for you or you room afraid to confront certain issues. Youmay be feeling apprehensive about the future. If your see is clogged orobstructed if you room driving, then it symbolizes your lacking awareness ofsomething in your life. You space overlooking specific aspects in your life.Alternatively, the dream indicates dangers or problems that space not however madeknown to you. If you space driving on a curvy road, climate it suggests that girlfriend arehaving obstacles in achieving her goals and accepting the changes associatedwith it.If you room driving in the snow, climate it method that you need to beextra cautious about how your strategy your goals. Metaphorically, drivinga vehicle in your dream is analogous to her sex life and sexual performance.Consider just how you are driving and also what sort of automobile you room driving and also how itrelates to her waking sex life. Or the dream might be a pun on your"drive" or ambition.

Todream the someone rather is driving girlfriend represents your dependence on the driver.You are not in manage of your life and also following the purposes of others instead ofyour own. If you space driving indigenous the passenger side of a car, climate itsuggests the you space trying come gain regulate of the course that your life istaking. Friend are start to do your own decisions.If someone rather isdriving friend from the passenger side, climate it way that you space being misledinto thinking that you room in strength or the you room in complete control.

Todream that you are driving a cab or bus argues that menial jobs are providinglittle avenues for advancement. I

Todream that you space driving a automobile in reverse says that you are experiencingmajor setbacks in your goals. In particular, if you journey in reverse right into a poolof water, climate it way that girlfriend emotions space literally holding girlfriend back.

Todream the you space driving drunk suggests that her life is out of control.Some relationship or somebody is overcoming you.

Todream that you journey off a hill road argues that the greater you climb inlife, the harder it is to stay at the top. Friend feel that your advanced positionis a precarious one. That takes hard work to continue to be at the top. You may likewise feelthat you are not able come measure up to the expectations of others.

Todream that you space a backseat driver means that you have difficulties relinquishingcontrol. You have actually power issues.TOP


Todream that you space taking a steering test suggests that your goals andaspirations space being put to the test. You might be questioning what friend reallywant to do with her life. If you fail the control test, climate it indicates thatyou perform not have actually the important tools to relocate toward your goals. You may belacking confidence. If you happen the steering test, climate it represents yourmotivation and also confidence in your ability.TOP


Tosee one engine in her dream represents her heart and also its power. Think about thecondition of the engine and how it is running. If the engine does not start,then the symbolizes part obstacle that is hindering your progress and also goals.

Todream that you engine is blown or disabled indicates that you have beenbetrayed. Alternatively, your old habits and old means of doing things ishindering your progress.TOP


Todream that your fender is dented suggests that someone is make the efforts to strike yourcharacter and break your pride.

Todream the you dent who else"s fender suggests that you must be moreaccepting and less crucial of others. TOP


Todream the you room on a freeway suggests that you space feeling liberated andfree.You room well top top your way to achieving your goals. If the freeway isslow relocating or blocked, climate it suggests frustrations or obstacles that arehindering your course toward your goals.

Todream that the freeway is under building or is being rebuilded impliesthat you space experiencing a setback towards accomplishing your goals. Probably youneed to rethink your approach in some task.TOP


Todream that you are placing your automobile in gear says that you are all set to moveforward v a new project in your life. You are headed right into a brand-new direction.TOP


To check out a hubcap inyour dream represents continuity and also repetition. Her life has actually becomemonotonous.

To dream that ahubcap dropped off her tire indicates that you require a rest from the monotony. Youare all set to shot something different.TOP


To watch or journey aHummer in her dreamsuggests that you have tiny or no regard for others.You have actually a bigger than life attitude and also exhibit a sense of entitlement.Alternatively, the dream may highlight the need to conserve. Execute not max out yourresources if friend don"t need to. The hummer may likewise be a sexual innuendo torepresent her desire for dental sex. TOP


Toturn the ignition in your dream suggests that friend are set to relocate forward towardyour goals. You are prepared to grow. If you room having difficulties with theignition, then it shows that you space experiencing difficulties with just how to getstarted through some task or goal. Alternatively, the dream might be a metaphorfor something that you should ignite in your life.TOP


Tosee or drive a Lamborghini in your dream says that girlfriend are relocating tooquickly and aggressively in some area of your life. You room living life in thefast lane. TOP


To seeMercedes Benz in her dream symbolizes status, wealth, luxury and also prestige. Thedream could also be a an allegory for someone that is named Mercedes.TOP


To view mud flapsin her dream means that you need to shield others from her drive and ambition.Your ambition tends to draw human being away from you.TOP


Tosee one odometer in your dream describes how far or how small you have advancedin your life. Possibly the dream is telling you to set milestones and work onachieving smaller sized goals. Also consider the numbers on the odometer foradditional significance.TOP


Todream that you are a parking attendant indicates that girlfriend arelacking yourown direction in life. You are constantly helping others v their goals.TOP


Todream that you are in parking lot suggests that you have to slow down and taketime native your daily activities.

Todream that you cannot uncover a parking space indicates your inability to uncover yourplace in life. You may still be in search of your niche. Alternatively, thedream might reflect your busy life and the lack of time girlfriend have.TOP


Tosee a parking meter in her dream indicates that your leisurely and carefreedays are quickly coming come an end. You must decide ~ above a goal and also what girlfriend wantto perform with your life before your time operation out. Alternatively, a parking metersuggests the you require to readjust your mindset or operation the risk of offendingothers.TOP


Tosee or dream the you space in a parking structure suggests that you space goingaround in circles in some area of your life. You are feeling lost in what youwant to do. If friend cannot discover your car, then it method that you have actually lost alittle little of yourself follow me the method toward your goals. Girlfriend are turning intosomeone girlfriend dread or someone you don"t understand anymore.TOP


Todream the you are getting a parking ticket says that you are feeling lostand not learning what you desire to do with her life. Girlfriend feel the you are beingjudged and also criticized because that the course you desire to take. The dream may additionally beanalogous to your lack of success or come the setbacks in her life.TOP


To check out a potholein your dream represents difficulties and setbacks in achieving your goals. Youneed to do some transforms in just how you method your goals. The dream alsoindicates the things are not walking smoothly because that you in some aspect or situationin your waking life.TOP


Tosee a race automobile in her dream symbolizes your difficult driving and also headstrongattitudes. That may also reflect her competitive nature and also the should win.Alternatively, the race might be a pun because that your problems with "race" andethnicity.

Todream the you are driving a race vehicle represents your fast paced lifestyle. Youmay be dangerous your wellness with your reckless behavior.TOP


Tosee a racetrack in your dream to represent life in the fast lane for you. Thetracks may be a metaphor for your quest to gain ahead in life. Alternatively, thedream way that you are going in circles. Or that you have a set path ofthinking and also doing things and also are unwilling to deviate indigenous it.TOP


Tosee a vehicle radiator in her dream argues that you have to cool off. Friend aregetting overworked.TOP


Todream that you have actually been rear finished indicates the something from your past isstill impacting your current situation. You need to find out from the past in orderto relocate forward.TOP


Todream the you space looking through the rearview mirror suggests that friend aredwelling on the past too much. It may indicate regrets, past harms or "whatifs". ~ above the other hand, the dream might be informing you no to forget aboutthe past and also what you have left behind. You require to preserve a happy medianbetween what is ahead for you in the future and also what you left behind in thepast.TOP


To dream that youhave roadway rage indicates that your emotions are out that control. You feel thatsomeone is the end to obtain you. You require to uncover a better way to express yourfeelings or girlfriend or who will acquire hurt.TOP


To see road signsin your dream stand for some advice and also message that your subconscious is tryingto convey. The roadway sign may be trying to guide you toward certain decisions.Consider what the road sign is saying and how you need to use its message toan element of your everyday life.TOP

*Please check out StopSign or U-Turn.


To dream that youare taking a road pilgrimage signifies your life journey and the decision you make inlife. If the road expedition is a smooth one, climate it indicates that friend aretransitioning smoothly through life"s events. If the road trip is chaotic, thenit denotes the numerous obstacles and issues in her waking life. Consider thedestination and also the stops the you do on your road trip.TOP


To watch a roadblockin your dream signifies obstacles in your company or personal life. Friend areexperiencing part setbacks toward your goals. You simply need to be morepersistent and also diligent in do the efforts to get over the obstacles that come your way.TOP


To view roadkill inyour dream represents unavoidable death. The fatality may be a symbolic deathrepresenting an end to a habit, behavior or idea. The is time come let go of oldhabits and also put those ideas to rest, as you room only expanding the inevitable.Alternatively, roadkill suggests that over there is some worry in your past that ishindering your pursuit of her goals.

To dream that ananimal is around to become roadkill shows loss of regulate in some element ofyour life. Consider the kind of animal that is hit for clues regarding whataspect of her life is the end of control.TOP


Towear a seatbelt in your dream suggeststhat you need to work on controllingyouremotions.Try to continue to be compose and do not fall apart in any type of situation.Todream the you are having trouble putting on her seatbelt shows that youare worried about what is ahead in her future. TOP


To check out orgo end a speed bump in her dream indicates that you have to slow down. Girlfriend maybe moving too quick in some partnership or some facet of your waking life.Alternatively, rate bumps represent minor obstacles friend are dealing with in yourlife.TOP


To dream that youare speeding indicates that you are compelled and driven to complete something.As a result, you might be pushing world away. Alternatively, the dream suggeststhat friend are relocating too fast in some partnership or situation. Probably you needto sluggish down.TOP


To acquire a speedingticket in her dream shows that you space rushing with some decision orrushing into a relationship. You should slow down. Alternatively, the dream possibly telling you the life ~ above the quick line is no all that is cracked as much as be.TOP


To check out aspeedometer in her dream is analogous to the speed of her life. Space you livinglife ~ above the rapid lane or room you relocating at a snail"s pace? consider the numbersfor extr significance.TOP

SportUtility Vehicle

If you don"t drivea sports utility auto in actual life and also dream of see or steering one, then itrelates to part burden or duty that you are carrying around.Alternatively, the dream suggests your inner desire to deviate from part setpath. Your goals in life have changed.TOP

Sports Car

To see a sports car in your dream refers to your desire come live life in the fast lane. You prefer to display off what girlfriend have. The dream may likewise be informing you that you are relocating too fast. Alternatively, a sports automobile symbolizes wealth, power, and also luxury.TOP


To view or drive astation wagon in her dream refers to your family and also issues surrounding yourinner circle.

To dream the youare can not to role up the windows of your terminal wagon represents youranxieties around being may be to safeguard and carry out for her family. You areshowing part hesitation and also reservation around the direction that you are takingin life or the path that you have chosen.TOP


To watch a steeringwheel in her dream represents regulate over the direction you space taking inlife.TOP


To view a stop signin your dream says that you need to stop what you space doing and also rethinkabout the situation before moving forward. You need to proceed through careand caution. Alternatively, a stop sign signifies barriers and also difficulties inyour path.

To dream the yourun a prevent sign suggests that you are not considering the consequences of youraction. That may also refer to her reckless habits.TOP


To view a stoplightin your dream says that you feel you space being held earlier from follow yourgoals. Your forward progression is being regulated by who or by part outsideforces. In various other words, you room not in control of your very own life. Alternatively,the dream to represent the pressure to success or else be left behind. If thetraffic is green, climate it indicates that you have been given the go-ahead tofollow every little thing path you have actually chosen or everything decision you have actually made.TOP


To see a street inyour dream symbolizes your life"s path. The condition of the street shows howmuch manage you have actually over the direction of your life. Consider additionally the surname onthe street together it might offer some definition or advice to the definition of thedream.

To see or travelon side roads in her dream describe a require to discover an alternative means oflife.TOP

*Please seealso Road.


To dream the yousee or happen a toll fee booth describes a sense of entitlement the you have actually oversome area of her life. If you pay the toll, climate it signifies your appreciationfor the points you have and also the things you have access to. If friend drive happen thetoll booth without paying, climate it suggests defiance.TOP


To dream the youare ~ above a toll roadway signifies the price you need to pay in bespeak to get ahead inlife. There is no such point as a totally free ride.TOP


To see a tow truckin your dream represents her burdens and responsibilities. Alternatively, itsignifies an element of her life where you need a little assistance. Friend needsomeone to aid "pick" you up and get girlfriend on the right track again.

To dream that youare driving a tow truck means that you feel others room overly dependency on you.You room feeling burdened or overwhelmed. TOP


To dream that youare in traffic signifies the frustrations that you are experiencing in yourlife. Things room not going as smoothly together you would like it to. You feel stuckat wherein you are in life.

To see website traffic inyour dream suggests the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Periodically you feellike girlfriend are just going through the flow. Things have come to be too routine.

To dream that youare directing traffic suggests that you have power and control over the course ordestinations of others. The dream might be highlighting your anxieties aboutexercising the control.TOP


To see trafficcones in her dream indicate that you have to slow down. You may be experiencingsome delays or setbacks toward your goals. Perhaps the dream is informing you thatyou should take a different approach.TOP


To see a trafficlight in her dream argues that you feeling you are being held back from pursuingyour goals. Her forward progress is being managed by someone or through someoutside forces. In various other words, you are not in control of your very own life.Alternatively, the dream to represent the push to succeed or else be leftbehind. If the website traffic light is green, climate it shows that you have beengiven a seal of approval come follow whatever path you have actually chosen or whateverdecision you have actually made.TOP


To dream that youare repairing a transmission suggests that you need to better pace yourself andlearn to readjust to your surroundings and also situations. Possibly you are going toofast or not keeping up.TOP

TurnSignal Light

To view or use theturn signal irradiate in her dream method that you are in search of validation orapproval. If the revolve signal irradiate does not work, climate it indicates that girlfriend areexperiencing some hesitation about the decision you have made or the directionthat you have taken.TOP


Tomake a u-turn in her dream suggests that friend are changing the food of yourlife. You are an altering directions and starting on a fully different path.Alternatively, the dream way that you have made a dorn decision or choice. Tosee a no u-turn authorize in her dream argues that you cannot take back what hasalready to be done. There is no turning back top top the selections you have actually made.TOP


Todream that you room a valet suggests that you arelacking your owndirection in life. You are always helping others with their goals.

Todream that a valet parks your car suggests that you room letting other peopledictate your direction in life. Or you are placing the purposes of others ahead ofyour own. TOP


To lookthrough the windshield in her dream to represent what is ahead of you and also thechoices you make. It may also indicate that your approaching your goals inall the not correct way.To dream that your windshield is damaged or cracked suggests that you have actually askewed perspective or outlook on things. You room experiencing numerous setbacks inthe quest of her goals.

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To dreamthat her windshield is fogged up says that you room not really expressinghow you yes, really feel.

To dreamthat her windshield is dirty indicates that you are perplexed or uncertain aboutwhere you room headed in life.TOP


To check out orturn on the windshield wipers in your dream says that friend are in search of abetter view on something. Over there is a case that you room seekingclarification. The dream may likewise indicate the you space doing your best to clearthrough part emotional turmoil.TOP