Ward Room Blogger Edward McClelland often uses satire in this space. This is one of those times. Israel is no really considering an altering their flag.

City clerk Susana Mendoza’s decision to ditch one auto sticker due to the fact that the upraised hands drawn by a 15-year-old are flashing insane Latin hands-on worker signs has raised worldwide awareness around gang symbols infiltrating windy life.This morning, ~ reading around the debate in Chicago, Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his country will give up the top six-pointed star, and find a brand-new emblem for its flag.“The six-pointed star has actually been a prize of the Jewish people practically since the time of Abraham,” Netanyahu said reporters. “But it is also a price of the black Gangster Disciples, spray painted ~ above trees, walls and alleys to mark their turf. Provided that, the nation of Israel needs to be concerned about the post we room sending when we put such a symbol on our flag, ours schools, and our synagogues.”In addition, Playboy newspaper founder Hugh Hefner said his magazine will drop its well known bunny, to avoid confusion v the evil Lords, and also the Sacramento emperors will change their crown logo design with a scepter, because, according to team president Geoff Petrie, “we’ve been made aware that the crown is linked with the Latin Kings, and we think that we have a responsibility, as function models, no to glamorize gang life among young people.”Reached at this office in the ninth Circle that Hades, Satan stated he has decided to protect against carrying a pitchfork, since that multi-pronged farm yard implement has also been appropriated through the Gangster Disciples.“I yes, really don’t desire to be linked with an organization that sells drugs, carries out drive by shootings and also generally provides inner-city life a Hell on Earth,” the evil one said. “That’s not the type of image I want to be linked with. Like everyone rather today, I desire commend the Chicago City Clerk for making united state all aware of just how easy that is to uncover gang iconography in seemingly innocent symbols…if that’s what she looking for.”

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