I have actually an iPod fourth generation. What is it the I can do v it? Every app says I need ios 7.0 or newer and the iPod only updated approximately iOS 6.1.6. Please help!

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See application Store: downloading and install Older version of Apps.

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I have done this and it seems to walk ok, yet then as soon as I madness the icon application flashes briefly like it is walk to open then closes. Apps make the efforts (and so far failed) Facebook, instagram and also twitter.

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to clarify: Appstore asks if I want to download older version, ns click yes and app shows up to install.

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- Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be shed

Reset iOS device: hold down the On/Off button and also the Home switch at the very same time because that at

least ten seconds, until the keolistravelservices.com logo design appears.

- Reset all settings

Go to setups > basic > Reset and also tap Reset every Settings.

All her preferences and also settings are reset. Info (such as contacts and calendars) and also media (such together songs and videos) no affected.

- restore from backup. See:

Restore your maker from one iCloud or iTunes backup - keolistravelservices.com Support


- gain back to manufacturing facility settings/new iOS device.

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Jul 27, 2016 3:11 afternoon

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keolistravelservices.com stopped signing software updates come the iPod touch 4th get and also lower. Over there are numerous things to carry out on one iPod touch 4th generation. I also have one. But, I relocated on to the fifth generation since my battery to be messed up, lag, crashes, slow, wasn"t compatible through any new apps on AppStore, etc. There room still several games and apps that room compatible with the iPod touch 4th generation. You just need to examine the application"s compatibility in the description. However I would just recommend you acquiring the newest iPod variation (6th gen) rather of the 4th gen.

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Buy the iPod touch 6th gen here: http://www.keolistravelservices.com.com/shop/buy-ipod/ipod-touch

See the tech specs the the iPod touch sixth gen here: http://www.keolistravelservices.com.com/ipod-touch/specs/

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Jul 27, 2016 3:47 pm

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He claimed what can he carry out with his device, not how to reset it..

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Jul 27, 2016 5:32 pm

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