When the Saints go Marching In This tune ended up being the quintessential brand-new Orleans-style jazz piece, specifically as played by luigi Armstrong and his warm 5 and also 7 groups.

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have actually fun through it! The rhythmic feel need to be very loose - you don"t need to play it precisely as notated, it have to be felt rather than read. It might be repeated a variety of times. You can experiment v the tempo too, maybe by starting slowly and gradually speeding up.
Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake Op. 20 step Finale
This is probably the most emotionally-charged melody indigenous Tchaikovsky"s famed ballet. It has actually been widely provided in famous culture, perhaps most famously in the last moments that the film Billy Elliot:

Expressivity is every little thing in this beautiful melody. Make sure you observe every slur and also articulation mark and also leave enough an are (i.e. Don"t begin too loud!) because that the huge crescendo before the orgasm at B.
residence of the climbing Sun
House the the rising Sun is a traditional folk tune originating from new Orleans, USA. It to be made renowned by the animals cover the 1964:

listen to the original song prior to playing - the will assist you to occupational out where the phrases are and also thus wherein to breathe. Watch the end for those duplets at bars 24, 26, 30, 32 and 34 - they must be play evenly against the triplet rhythms in the piano.
Beethoven fur Elise
originally for piano, the piece adapts beautifully for the clarinet:

once playing, ensure that the arpeggios split in between the piano and clarinet (for example at bars 2 and also 3) sign up with together if they were one flowing movement. The ar at bar 18 might be played with much more movement. The change back come the opening material at bars 23 come 24 should be play gradually an ext slowly prior to returning to the opening tempo in ~ bar 25. Keolistravelservices.com also has a full version the the item for an ext advanced players:

David Bruce - Cool Blues
This twelve-bar blues is likewise a great for practising your improvising. Hear to this imaginative performance on violin, for example:

Beethoven Moonlight Sonata
The opened of Beethoven"s three activity Sonata No. 14 in C# young is one more work initially written because that piano that provides a good clarinet solo:

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Pachelbel - Canon in D
Originally composed for 3 violins and basso continuo, it has actually nevertheless end up being hugely popular piece because that the clarinet. The crucial here is to collection a steady tempo at the beginning and also stick come it - it it s okay tricky later on, so if you"ve started too quickly you will soon regret it!