The live pet trade industry in the U.S. Is precious $3.5 billion and more than 100 million animals were ‘traded’ in 2016. In plenty of cases, the U.S. Exported the same animals they imported, resulting in unnecessary trade.

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For the previous several years The Humane Party, and their “Economic transition Team,” have been functioning to gather together statistics that give a comprehensive snapshot of different pet industries in the U.S., with the hope that such details can aid end those exact same industries. Top top, we’ve covered numerous of those studies and even had a member of the team give an overview of their job-related in this blog.

In their many recent report, the Humane Party’s Economic change Team looked at the live animal trade in the U.S., which, for the first time, brings with each other a vast variety of disparate data ~ above an sector that can be hard to pen down. The report looks at a broad range of facets of this $3.5 exchange rate industry, highlighting the different species that are traded, how countless are traded, the countries of origin and destination, and also transportation times and related animal welfare effects. Just like previous Humane Party reports, that is an extensive and thorough.

What the team discovered as that the U.S. Is a significant player in live pet trade, with practically 120 million animals traded in 2016. This is a staggering number, and also even more so when you think about that the U.S. Exports numerous of the same animals it imports, totally unnecessarily. Once we dig into the yes, really values, the U.S. Is the number 7 exporter the animals and also the number one importer.

Of the more than 22 million animals imported the team discovered that about 18,750,242 (71.3%) the them to be chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese; 5,668,734 (21.6%) to be pigs, and 1,708,482 (6.5%) were cows and also calves. In much smaller numbers, the U.S. Additionally imports primates, buffaloes, horses, sheep, goats, rabbits and also bees.

Of the virtually 93 million pets exported, the team uncovered that 82,402,903 (88.8%) were chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese), plenty of of whom were infant chicks, and, in a strange anomaly, about 10 million (10.8%) to be turtles, largely red-eared sliders, but additionally soft-shell and also snapping turtles. This speaks to the role that exotic animals play in the all at once picture.

A big player in the U.S. Context is Canada, indigenous which 95.6% of animals are imported into the country. Why go this matter? To take it one example, the U.S. Has details time limits for which animals can be transported without food, water, or rest. Because that the U.S., the boundaries are 28hrs by land or 36hrs by sea. Meanwhile Canada allows 36 hours for pigs, horses and also chickens, 48 hrs for goats, sheep, cows ,and buffaloes, and 72 hrs for baby chicks of every species.

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“Without a doubt, this is one egregious example of animal exploitation in the joined States,” states the Humane Party. Considering the scale defined above, this may even be an understatement. For pet advocates, never before has this been as relevant as it is now. V campaigns versus live pet trade choose up steam worldwide, and with the U.S. Gift the focal suggest that that is, it’s crucial for proponents in the U.S. To perform what they have the right to to continue to be informed about what’s happening at home, and understand how they can add to this larger shift.