Definition noun, plural: chemotrophs one organism the obtains energy mainly native carbon dioxide and also from other inorganic chemicals with a procedure called chemosynthesis Supplement Chemotrophs are organisms that attain energy through chemical procedure called chemosynthesis rather than through photosynthesis. Chemosynthesis is lugged out by chemotrophs through the oxidation of electron donors in the environment. Chemotrophs may be chemoautotrophs or chemoheterotroph. Chemoautotrophs are autotrophs. This means they are qualified of making their own food through chemosynthesis. Chemosynthesis is a procedure by which part organisms, together as details bacteria, use chemical power to develop carbohydrates. Lock are qualified of utilizing not natural compounds such together hydrogen sulfide, sulfur, ammonium, and ferrous iron as reducing agents, and also synthesize essential compounds native carbon dioxide. Chemoautotrophs are uncovered in enemy habitats such together deep sea vents and also where irradiate cannot quickly penetrate through. They incorporate the methanogens, halophiles, nitrifiers, thermoacidophiles, sulfur oxidizers, etc. Chemoheterotrophs space chemotrophs that are heterotrophic organisms. They room not capable of resolving carbon to kind their very own organic compounds. They might be more classified as chemolithoheterotrophs or chemoorganoheterotrophs. Chemolithoheterotrophs room those that utilize inorganic energy sources whereas chemoorganoheterotrophs are those using organic energy sources. Word origin: chemo- + troph (nourishment) See also:


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chemotrophic (adjective)

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