Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location and also assignment of fuses and relays Ford E150, E250, E350, E450, E550 (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008).

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Checking and Replacing Fuses

Fuses and also circuit breakers safeguard your vehicle’s electrical system native overloading. If electric parts in your automobile are no working, the device may have actually been overloaded and also blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. Prior to you change or repair any kind of electrical parts, inspect the appropriate fuses or circuit breakers.

If electrical contents in the vehicle are no working, a fuse may have blown. Blown fuses are identified by a broken wire within the fuse. Inspect the appropriate fuses before replacing any electrical components.


Before replacing a fuse examine that the crucial has been gotten rid of from the ignition and also that every the solutions are switched turn off and/or disengaged.Always disconnect the battery prior to servicing high existing fuses.Always change a fuse with one that has the stated amperage rating. Making use of a fuse with a higher amperage rating can cause severe cable damage and could begin a fire.Never replace a damaged fuse through anything other than a new fuse. Use constantly an intact fuse the the very same color.If a fuse blows again call a qualified business center.

Passenger Compartment Fuse box Diagram

The fuse panel is situated below and also to the left of the steering wheel by the brake pedal. Eliminate the panel cover to accessibility the fuses. To eliminate a fuse usage the fuse puller tool noted on the fuse dashboard cover.

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1201997-2003: 4–Wheel Anti–lock Brake device (4WABS) module or RABS (1997-1999) module
52004-2007: 4WABS module
2008: Not used
2151997-2003: Brake Warning Diode/Resistor, instrument cluster, Warning chime, 4WABS relay, Warning indicators, short vacuum warning switch (Diesel only (2001-2003))
102004-2008: Remote Keyless entrance (RKE), O/D cancel, short vacuum warning switch (Diesel only (2004)), IVD module (2006-2008), 4WABS module (2008)
3151997-2003: Main irradiate Switch, far Keyless entry (RKE), Radio, instrument illumination (2001-2003), video clip Cassette Player (VCP) and video clip screens (2001-2003), Overhead console (2002-2003)
2004-2007: Trip computer, Radio, tool illumination (2004), video Cassette Player (VCP) and video screens (2004), Overhead console
2008: Delayed accessory overhead console, Audio
4151997-2003: Power locks through Remote Keyless entrance (RKE), Illuminated entry, Warning chime, amendment vehicle, strength mirrors (1997-2000), key light switch, Courtesy lamps, Radio (KAP (1997)), swarm (KAP (1997)) 
2004-2008: Modified vehicle (2004), Courtesy lamps
5201997-2003: Remote Keyless entry module, power lock switches, memory lock, strength Locks v Remote Keyless Entry
302004-2007: Power lock switches, power locks without remote Keyless Entry
302008: Power door locks without BSM
610Brake change interlock (1997-2007), Speed regulate (1997-2004), Daytime to run light module, turning back Park help (RPA (2007-2008))
710Multi-function switch, turn signals
8301997-2006: Radio capacitor(s), Ignition coil, PCM relay diode/PCM strength relay, Fuel heater (Diesel (1997-2003)), light plug relay (Diesel (1997-2003)), assistant PCM (APCM) (Diesel (2004))
152007-2008: Radio capacitor(s), Ignition coil, PCM relay diode (2007)/PCM strength relay
9301997-2004: Wiper manage module, Windshield wiper motor
52005-2008: Wiper regulate module
1020 1997-2000: Main irradiate switch, (external lamps), Multi-function switch (flash-to-pass)
2001-2008: Main irradiate switch, Park lamps, patent lamp (external lamps), Multi-function move (flash-to-pass), BSM (2007-2008)
1115Brake push switch (1998-2003), Multi-function switch (Hazards), RABS (1998-2000), Brake desk lamp switch, Brake lamps, IVD relay (2007-2008)
1215Transmission range (TR) sensor (1997-2003), back-up lamps, assistant battery relay, Trailer tow relay (2004-2005)
1315Blend door actuator, A/C mode, role selector switch (1998-2007)
145Instrument cluster
155Trailer battery charge relay, swarm (2004-2008), BSM (2007-2008), Daytime running Lamps (DRL) module (2004)
1630Power seats
171997-2003: Not used
52004-2008: Power mirrors
18Not used
19101997-2003: Air bag diagnostic monitor
2004-2008: Not used
2051997-2003: Overdrive publication switch
102004-2008: Restraints
21301997-2003: Power windows
2004-2008: Not used
221997: Not used
151998-2008: Memory strength radio (1998-2007), behind seat regulate unit (2003-2004), video clip screen (2003), E-Traveler radio (2001-2002), E-Traveler console (2001-2002), Accessory delay relay (2004-2008), Battery saver relay (2004-2007), Instrument cluster (2004-2008), Courtesy lamp relay (2004-2008), Audio (2008)
23201997-2003: Cigar lighter, Data connect Connector (DLC)
202004-2008: Power locks through Remote Keyless entry (RKE) or slide door
2451997-1999: Illuminated entry module
2000-2008: Not used
2510Left headlamp (low beam)
261997-2000: Not used
202001: Rear strength Point
2002-2003: Not used
202004-2008: Cigar lighter, Diagnostics (2004-2007)
271997: Not used
51998-2008: Radio/Audio
28251997-1999: Power plug
202000-2003: Power plug
2004-2008: Not used
291997-2003: Not used
202004: Power point #4 (console)
2005-2007: Not used
102008: Diagnostics
3015Daytime to run lamps (DRL (1997-2003)), High beam indicator
3110Right headlamp (low beam), Daytime running lamps (DRL (1997-2003))
321997-1999: Not used
52000-2003: Power Mirrors
202004-2008: Power point #1 (instrument panel)
331997-2000: Not used
202001-2003: Power point #2
102004-2008: Start relay
34101997-2003: Transmission range (TR) sensor
202004: Power suggest #3 (console)
2005: Not used
302006: IP body builder connector #3
2007-2008: Not used
351997-1999: Not used
302000-2003: Remote Keyless entrance (RKE) module
302004: Modified vehicle
2005-2008: Not used
365Instrument illumination (Cluster, A/C, Illumination, Radio), Steering tower Assembly (1998-2003)
371997-1999: Not used
202000-2003: Power Plug (2001) / rear power suggest (2002-2003)
2004-2005: Not used
52006: Airbag deactivation switch
2007: Not used
152008: Ignition switch
38101997-2003: Air bag module
2004-2007: Not used
102008: Brake transition interlock
391997-1999: Not used
202000-2003: Power allude #1
102004-2008: Trailer tow electric brake, facility High-Mounted avoid Lamp (CHMSL), Brake lamps
40301997-2003: Modified vehicle
202004-2008: Power allude #2 (2nd heat seating position - driver side / human body B-pillar)
4130Modified vehicle
421997-2004: Not used
202005-2008: Circuit breaker: Power windows
431997: Not used
201998-2004: Circuit breaker: Power Windows
2005-2008: Not used
441997-2004: Not used
302005-2008: Circuit breaker: Wiper/washer
Instrument panel Relay Module (2004-2008)

The instrument panel relay module is situated behind the radio in the facility of the tool panel.