“For the Love that God,” is the seventh song on Vai’s 1990 album, “Passion & Warfare”. The was an initial performed live ~ above 19th October 1991 in Seville, Spain, at music festival… review More 

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There is no religionThere is no fact or lack of realityThere is no start or finishThere is no me or youThere is just everythingAnd the just thing the is the everythingIs divinity itselfAnd it is all for the love the GodWalking the good line between Pagan and Christian
“For the Love that God,” is the seventh tune on Vai’s 1990 album, “Passion & Warfare”. That was very first performed live ~ above 19th October 1991 in Seville, Spain, at music festival ExpoSevilla.

You deserve to see the power here

Steve Vai:

To date, this is the ultimate music statement of mine subliminal love for all the is, and also my desire to accomplish purity of love in one of these lifetimes soon. It was influenced by divinity, choose all an excellent things the the human race takes credit for.

Source: Steve Vai – enthusiasm & warfare (Guitar taped Versions)

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Passion and also Warfare (1990)
Steve Vai
For the Love of God
Written By
Steve Vai
Tris Imboden
David Coverdale
Stuart Hamm
Recorded At
The Mothership
Release Date
June 1990
Cover By
For the Love the God (Live) by Whitesnake & for the Love of God by Quadratum
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