We space a hydrogen peroxide supplier v high quality, certified, food grade hydrogen peroxide in lot of strengths and sizes. Click listed below to buy 35% food class hydrogen peroxide, 12% food grade hydrogen peroxide, or 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

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We are a hydrogen peroxide supplier with high quality, certified, food great hydrogen peroxide in multiple strengths and also sizes. Click listed below to buy 35% food great hydrogen peroxide, 12% food class hydrogen peroxide, or 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide.




There is a lot of confusion neighboring 35 percent food great hydrogen peroxide these days. An initial and foremost hydrogen peroxide comes in plenty of different grades and serve countless different purposes. It’s an ext about selecting the best product because that the applications you room using that for.

The 35% Food grade Peroxide you’ve heard of was specifically designed to disinfect food. Many people confuse the language the the product and also think since it’s food grade that is for sure to consume. This is NOT true. The high concentrations many peroxides come in from the manufacture space extremely an effective and will cause damage to her body. Food class peroxide is no different. In ~ 35% strength, this is an ext then 10x as strong as save bought hydrogen peroxide. Simply like any kind of peroxide in ~ this potency, you need to not consume any type of amount. Peroxide is one oxidizer and also kills organic materials rapidly and also you space no exception. You space organic!

When you are looking whereby to purchase hydrogen peroxide, make sure you pick a supplier the is reputable and honest. This is a product that need to be handled with care.

Reasons to usage Food class Hydrogen Peroxide

These uses below are not always at in ~ 35% Solution. 35 Percent Hydrogen Peroxide is a very serious chemical and also should constantly be handled with great care.

Poultry FarmsCattle RanchesDairy FarmsCleaning vegetables (diluted)Cleaning fruits (diluted)Disinfection of surface including counter tops, refrigerators, lunchboxes and cutting plank (diluted)Mouthwash (diluted)Cleaning little cuts and also scrapes (diluted)and numerous more.

Does Food grade Peroxide have actually Magic Powers?

While you can find many cases online that states hydrogen peroxide does every little thing from boosting sleep to curing cancer, your is no proof to support many if not all of these claims. Their space some providers online that space making big profits indigenous the misinformation around hydrogen peroxide. We room not making this claims and we are an extremely much in the business of make money. However, we also have a conscious and also morals the compel united state to call you no to think what you’re reading. Hydrogen Peroxide is great at cleaning because it kills bacteria and also all points organic. That will rapidly oxidize organics creating cost-free radicals. Your body is 100% ORGANIC and also it will have actually the very same destructive behaviors on it. That being said, as soon as it is diluted method down there space applications that make sense, but drinking that is not one of them. PLEASE carry out NOT INGEST HYDROGEN PEROXIDE.

How to usage Hydrogen Peroxide in her Hot bath tub or swimming Pool

Chlorine has actually been gaining a negative reputation over the years. It has been the gold standard in water sanitation for pools and hot tubs because that decades. The usage of hydrogen peroxide in swimming pools and hot tubs has actually been farming in popularity and also many people now favor hydrogen peroxide end chlorine.

For both swim pools and also hot bath tub usage, you desire to store your hydrogen peroxide levels around 30 to 100 PPM (parts every million). Depending on the size of your hot tub or swimming swimming pool you’ll require to include the appropriate amount. Girlfriend need about 1 cup that 35% Hydrogen Peroxide every 500 gallons of water. You deserve to test the peroxide levels by using test strips.

How do I dilute my hydrogen peroxide?

Firstly you deserve to order numerous different concentrations of peroxide top top this site. We sell Food class Hydrogen Peroxide and also Technical class Hydrogen peroxide in 3%, 6%, 10%, 20% and 34% Strengths. But if you want a different solution or if you want to conserve money and buy high toughness hydrogen peroxide and dilute it down, below are the appropriate steps.

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Diluting 35 Percent Food great Hydrogen Peroxide come a 3% Solution

These instruction will be for making 1 gallon the a 3% systems from 1 gallon that 35%

Supplies Needed:

One Gallon of 35% Food great Hydrogen PeroxideGlass measure Cup (do not use continual plastic. If you room using plastic make sure it is HDPE.)HDPE Plastic FunnelEmpty One Gallon HDPE Plastic Container or One Gallon Glass Bottle.Pair that Nitrile GlovesOne Gallon the Distilled WaterSafety GlassesNearby Water Supply because that SafetyPaper TowelsWell Ventilated Room


Put on safety GlassesPut on Nitrile GlovesMake certain room is ventilatedUsing your measuring cup, to fill the north one gallon container through 117.03 fluid ounces of distilled water. (117 fl oz is near enough)After adding the distilled water add 10.97 (11) FL OZ the 35% hydrogen peroxide come the 117.03 FL OZ that Distilled water.

That’s it, you’re done. Currently seal increase the container and store it in a cool dark place.