Many answers have actually been available to this classic trivia question, yet the exactly one is rather obscure.

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Published25 April 1999

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The at an early stage TV sitcom mary Kay and Johnny was the very first television series to portray a married couple who slept in the very same bed.

It’s among the ultimate TV trivia questions: who was the first pair to be illustrated on a television series as sleeping in the very same bed? It might sound favor a silly concern to younger readers, however those of united state who were roughly for television’s first few decades recall just how squeamish the sector remained for numerous years, much an ext so than its cinematic counterpart, which to be a little bit looser because, unlike television, it did no broadcast the product straight into viewers’ living rooms. Lucille Ball and also Desi Arnaz, who were married in actual life and portrayed a married pair on the many popular show of television’s early years, ns Love Lucy (1951-57), were portrayed as sleeping in different beds. Even an ext astonishingly, return Lucille Ball’s character, Lucy Ricardo, was portrayed as offering birth ~ above an episode of the series the an extremely same day that Lucille round herself bore a son, and also the personality of the real-life kid was incorporated into the show itself, CBS to be still unwilling to permit the indigenous “pregnant” to be used on the air and also did their finest to avoid displaying Lucille Ball’s obvious “condition” to the the town hall audience. Yes, this every took place in the “early days,” yet even together late as 1969-74 series The Brady Bunch, six youngsters shared a single bathroom that lacked a toilet.

So, as soon as did tv bow come the obvious and finally show a married couple sharing a single bed? The Brady Bunch, the collection without a toilet, is regularly named, yet then others point out the Herman and also Lily common a bed ~ above The Munsters native 1964-66. (The eligibility that this one together a precious answer is occasionally questioned due to the fact that the Munsters weren’t specifically a “human” couple.) Others claim that Fred and also Wilma bunked with each other on The Flintstones from 1960-66 (but their eligibility is also questioned due to the fact that despite being human in character, they were cartoons and also not genuine actors). Sometimes the Nelsons, the married stars that ABC’s long-running The Adventures the Ozzie and Harriet (1952-66) space proffered together the correct answer.

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Would it surprise you to find out that the prize is a present that antedates even I Love Lucy? A regimen that was, in fact, television’s very first sitcom?

On Tuesday, 18 November 1947, a 15-minute regime entitled mar Kay and also Johnny make its debut ~ above the Dumont network. Prefer the an ext famous i Love Lucy collection that adhered to it, mar Kay and Johnny starred a real-life couple, gibbs Johnny and also Mary Kay Stearns. Mary Kay had been modeling small wear ~ above a weekly TV present when her husband pitched the idea of a television-based residential comedy to a sponsor. (Many such residential shows, frequently featuring real-life couples, were playing on radio, but none had yet do the change to television). Johnny gained the go-ahead to create a single episode, so he wrote a light comedic script about a newly-married couple who lived in a Greenwich village apartment, simply as he and also Mary Kay, likewise a newly-married couple, did. The show recorded on, and Mary Kay and Johnny, perform live, ended up being television’s first sitcom, at some point running for three years on three various networks (Dumont, NBC, and also CBS).

Another foreshadowing the the later I Love Lucy series occurred in December 1948 when the bear of the Stearns’ first child was functioned into an episode on the exact same day that mary Kay herself offered birth, and the infant character was later included to the cast. (Since the show was carry out live, obviously mary Kay’s character might not be shown giving birth on tv while she provided birth for genuine in a hospital. The evening’s episode instead featured a worried Johnny anxiously pacing in a hospital waiting room if awaiting news the his off-screen wife.)

Because the the innate limitations the live television, many of the episodes of mar Kay and also Johnny were set in the couple’s apartment. Mar Kay and also Johnny’s apartment included a bedroom (but no a bathroom), and their bedroom had however a solitary bed, which castle shared. How do we define this lack of the squeamishness about bedroom (if no bathroom) attributes that to be soon manifested in the television industry? that knows? perhaps it had actually something to execute with the truth that the present was on Dumont, that it was live, or that in those job the production of mirrors was financed by sponsors rather than through the networks. Perhaps the medium was simply too new for everyone to have grown uptight about such pertains to yet. All that matters is that mar Kay and also Johnny to be there first.

Unfortunately, not even kinescopes of mar Kay and Johnny have survived, so that exists just in the storage of those that saw the program throughout its original run half a century ago.