Creating safer areas by providing ex-offenders the chance to transform their resides through confident support, resources and community partnerships


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Four customer Eligibility MUSTS:

1. Carry out you have a felony conviction in the state of Minnesota? 

2. Is your county of conviction Stearns, Benton or Sherburne? 

3. Has it to be 365 days or much less from the felony sentencing date, or relax from incarceration because that the felony conviction?

4. Are you top top supervision?

When the release day comes and also the vital is turned and also you walk the end those gates, a brand-new life begins. However, closed and locked doors likewise await you on the external when you have a criminal record: doors to jobs, housing and more. You need a “key” to open those doors to a new life.

You are watching: Felony friendly housing st cloud, mn is below to help you successfully integrate into the community and live a crime free life.

As a client you room eligible for referrals in locations such as:

Transitional HousingEmploymentEducationClothingSupport NetworksAnd more….

Know your most an easy needs

Proper identification (State ID, birth Certificate, social Security)TransportationHousing/ShelterFood/ClothingEmployment

Take Action!

There space several procedures you can take while quiet incarcerated come prepare yourself for a smoother transition:

Take advantage of educational, treatment, and also transitional programs you qualified forAttend any transition fairs that space offeredCreate a resume for employmentApply for a social protection card, (you require one come work!)Get your birth certificateResolve DWI issues and plan for transportation


My surname is Travis and also I was made aware of in 2009 when I remained in the Stearns county Jail in Huber. This program has been a good support system for needing come talk and understand where I’m comes from. Ns made call with while I remained in jail and when ns was done serving mine time they to be able to get me started immediately. They do me aware of community resources because that rental places and employment opportunities. Even though it’s been difficult to obtain employment they proceed to encourage me come tap right into all the resources. This is a great program because that myself and also others who have end up being hopeless and also unaware about being may be to find residence and also employment to become an asset in the community. I hope the this regimen will continue helping others like myself to be contributing members in society. -Travis B.My name is Trevor and also I have gone to in St. Cloud because that support and resources that ns was in need of. Ns was homeless even though I had a permanent job and also needed support and resources so i could come to be stable and an energetic contributing member that society. I was in a terrible situation and also refused to relocate my family into a ar where over there is alcohol and also drug activity. I’m writing this to let others know that will aid as long as you room willing to aid yourself. assisted me to uncover housing in a safe environment for me to move my family and myself into. So as lengthy as friend are serious about transforming your life around and helping yourself and family the end then the is the right company for you. -Trevor L.

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The main MN Re-Entry job is a huge help to me. The staff space very good people and easy to work with and they space knowledgeable about resources pertaining to housing and also employment. assisted me with various connections and also resources which are really helpful. -Bryant G.