EV-N-SPRED ® Calibration Techniques

How to ensure her spreader is effectively calibrated

Make certain the drop feet in the bottom the the hopper are totally open once the Rate regulate handle is top top #30.
If not, please adjust control cable or manage rod to enable for a complete open hopper position at #30.

Rod type Adjustment

open up the shut-off so the the drop holes are completely open as illustrated. testimonial the regulate Lever position - if the is collection so the the front edge is at #30, you room calibrated. If not you need to change the regulate rod at the pivot bracket presented in Fig 1.

If her shut-off is no able to open totally as in action #1. Loosen the optimal nut a couple of turns, then loosen the lower nut so the it permits you to push the shut-off open up fully. Following tighten each nut so the they call the pivot parentheses without relocating it, and also then carefully tighten each nut completely so they execute not loosen during use. Recheck adjustment as outlined in #1 above.

If your shut-off is able to open completely as in action #1, yet the regulate Lever is not at #30. Ease the peak nut a few turns, then loosen the lower nut so that it allows you to push the regulate Lever to #30. Next tighten every nut so that they call the pivot bracket without moving it. Carefully tighten each nut fully so they carry out not loosen throughout use. Recheck readjust as outlined in #1 above.

Cable form Adjustment

open up the manage Lever so the the shut-off and drop holes are fully open as depicted above. Testimonial the control Lever position so that the indicator is pointed to #30, if that is your calibration is correct. If not you require to change the manage cable at the cable clamp top top the underside the the hopper as presented in Fig 2.

If her shut-off is no able to open totally as in step #1. Loosen the cable clamp screw slightly so the you can slide the external cable the end so that the shut-off is completely open. Following tighten the cable clamp screw securely. Recheck adjustment together outlined in #1 above.

If her shut-off is able to open fully as in action #1, but the manage Lever is not at #30. Ease the cable clamp screwslightly so that you have the right to slide the external cable in so the the regulate Lever opens to #30. Next tighten the cable clamp screw securely. Recheck adjustment as outlined in #1 above.


Establishing a setting Rate

use Chart 1 to estimate the number of LBS/1,000 square feet of coverage (Example: 20 LB bag with 10,000 square foot coverage = 2.0 LBS/1,000 square feet) discover the closestly LBS/1,000 square feet in graph 2 that you approximated using chart 1 (Example: 2.0 LBS/1,000 square feet = Spreader setting of 13)

Metric price Setting

Determining a setup Rate

Use chart listed below to recognize the setting Rate based upon Grams/Square Meter of coverage as directed on the bag

All spread out widths are identified by the fragment size and density.

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The chart listed below will offer approximate spread widths.