Here’s what happens when you don’t wear her earrings because that a lengthy time – girlfriend come residence to a totally blocked/ sealed off piercing hole, a partly sealed earring piercing hole, or an intact piercing hole. In the last case, you might or may not have problems reintroducing earrings back in if friend haven’t had actually them on for some time; and if you are lucky, the earring will slide earlier in perfectly.

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In instance of partial closure, the reintroduction that the earring might reason some bleeding, and if you are not completely sure around the level that closure the the hole, you can end up with badly damaged or a lacerated earlobe.

As you deserve to imagine, nobody of this sound fun, i beg your pardon is why you should be extra mindful when trying to wear earrings ~ being turn off them for part time.

This write-up shares advice on exactly how to stay earrings again after not wearing them for a long time.

Why ear hurt after not wearing earrings for a while?



Your ears could hurt after ~ wearing earrings, and the main reason why this happens is due to the fact that of the re-traumatization that happens when you take the earrings out only to placed them earlier in after a an extremely long time.

Essentially, as soon as you stay earrings after a long time without having them on, you will be inserting a foreign piece that metal right into your ear, and it will be stuck there most likely for hrs and, in other cases, days.

During this time, the skin approximately your ear’s piecing grows much more and much more sensitive compared to every other areas of your skin.

Basically, you have actually an internal wound, and also though the piercing might have cure in the past, friend only end up re-traumatizing the piercing, thus the pain/ discomfort.

2.Metal allergies

But the soreness is no the just reason why the piercing hole now hurts also though you could have to be wearing earrings continually in the past. The various other reason because that the soreness has every little thing to perform with the metals.

When you experience sore ears when you stay the earrings again after ~ a lengthy time, only for that pain to disappear or subside once you take off the earrings, the only method that your body has actually just gone through something called call allergy to certain metals in the earrings. Call allergies or earring allergies are common when friend reintroduce earrings after no having any type of earrings on for a lengthy time.

The factor for the contact allergies is that the metals, especially the steel alloys, are not designed for the human body, which also means that the metal enables pretty lot incompatible through the human being body, and when her body come in contact with the steel alloy, the body builds increase resistance to the alloy, and this resistance manifests as the allergic reaction the is defined by swelling, soreness, and also in various other cases, bleeding.

The great news is that just since you are having an allergic reaction come the earrings doesn’t mean that you cannot wear earrings ever again.

However, having actually this reaction means that you have to be extra mindful with the earrings you select next time, and it wouldn’t be a great idea for you to wear the same earrings you had actually on once your ears started to hurt.

7 Tips because that wearing earrings again after a lengthy time


1.Wear earrings make of safe metals

You have many options for for sure metals, yet one the the safest metals is titanium, and Titanium earrings space your the safest bet.

These earrings are safe on your skin, which is why castle are used in most of the clinical implants ~ above the market.

While you’d need to spend more on titanium earrings, it would be a good idea to do this investment because the titanium earrings deserve to be worn 24/7 safely, v no bad reactions.

Alternatively, shot out the surgical stainless stole or the rhodium-plated white gold earrings.

2.Start off with studs

If you have actually sensitive ears and you haven’t been wearing earrings for a long time, you might want to start (or restart) points off v a nice pair that studs.

Skin-safe studs, regularly made of operation stainless steel, space safe on the skin, and also you can wear then 24/7 without worrying about allergic reactions.

The studs are likewise preferable due to the fact that the tiny size will enable the piercing girlfriend haven’t had earrings in for a while come heal, particularly in instances of active allergic reactions.

The stud also method that friend won’t have to worry around causing additional trauma to the piercing feet – friend won’t should take the earrings top top or off.

3.Surgical Stainless steel and healing time


If you haven’t worn your earrings for years, you can experience some bleeding the first time friend wear the earrings, but you have the right to reduce potential damages to her earlobes by wearing surgical-grade stainless steel stud earrings.

With the stud earrings, girlfriend won’t have to get them top top or off every the time, and this way that you will certainly have much more than sufficient time for the re-traumatized piercing to heal. Keep in mind that placing the earrings on and removing them at the finish of every day or after a couple of hours will that the piercing wound keeps opening and also closing, and you do not desire that.

Think of the reintroduction that the earrings as the re-piercing that the earlobe, which way that you have to let the piercing heal v the earring stud in the piercing hole. By dealing with the newly introduced earring together the stud the you first got in the ear when you had your very first piercing, it method that you have to leave the stud earring in for about 4 come 6 mainly or also 8 weeks, relying on how rapid you heal. You’ll must rinse out the piercing/ area with a saltwater rinse come clean the end the goop.

Note that you have to opt because that the operation stainless steel quite than simple stainless steel earrings due to the fact that most of the level stainless stole earrings actually contain nickel. So, unless the earrings space surgical-grade, it would be a good idea come stick through titanium earrings. Also, it would be a an excellent idea to urge on the surgical-grade stainless steel – these expense more, yet they room worth it. Remember that maintaining the earring in when you room allergic come the metal is only going to aggravate the situation.

An different to surgical-grade stainless steel is titanium.

4.Antibiotic treatment

To minimize the inflammation and reduce the danger of infection, you’d desire to opt because that an antibiotic ointment treatment.

While most world opt because that Neosporin, you might react v Neosporin, and antibiotic treatment is preferable.


5.Avoid allergens

Basically, this means avoiding gold and also silver earrings, and basically every other metal earrings the are complimentary of nickel and other potential allergens.

6.Apply Vaseline

Besides medication, among the most effective ways of controlling the soreness is the application of Vaseline.

7.How to placed earrings in ~ a long time

Follow these steps to reinsert the earrings:

Take a warm shower/ bath to soften her earlobe’s skin.Wash her hands the sterilize your earring postsStretch the end your earlobe come widen the piercing hole then examine the hole’s size from the front to the back.Once you have actually located the holes, probably with the assist of a mirror, apply ice on your earlobe come numb it totally before friend reinsert the earring.Now press the earring write-up from front to back, gently, but if this no work, you’ll need to reinsert it from the ago to the front. It is in gentle.If the still no going through, try different angles. Keep in mind that reinserting earrings to her cartilage piercing could be a tiny hard, and also you must be very gently. This could hurt.If all these do the efforts fail, you might want to visit a expert to have actually the earlobe re-pierced.



You room not always guaranteed a safe ride to the world of accessories as soon as you put your earrings earlier on ~ years, however you shouldn’t offer up on your love because that jewelry due to the fact that of the soreness girlfriend may have to experience.

The good news is the your piercing will heal up very well eventually, and all you have to do is to monitor the steps/ tips shared above.

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Thanks for reading. I really hope this post helped girlfriend guys. If you men want to read more tips, read right here or here.