Despite what most of united state think, mustard is fairly a complex spice the comes in a number of different colors, styles, and also tastes. We generally think that mustard together the yellow mustard the we put on our hot dogs and also hamburgers, yet that contempt spicy and also pungent condiment is just the beginning.

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All mustards, also yellow mustard, need to start somewhere.

What Is dried Mustard?

Dry mustard is a powdered spice the is make from the seed of the mustard plant that are ground into a well powder. You"ll often see this in the summer sprouts aisle of your regional grocery keep under the name "mustard powder."

This fine powder (and it"s an ext coarse seeds counterpart) is offered to include pungency and tiny bit of warm to rubs, sauces, and also dressings all about the world. It"s additionally one of the main point ingredients in prepared mustards (more on the later), and can different in taste based on how it is prepared.

Different varieties Of dry Mustard

The level the flavor and also spice in dried mustard also depends top top the seed native which that came. Yellow mustard seeds (also well-known as white mustard seeds) space the mildest of the bunch and are the most typical you see.

Brown and also black mustard seed are more pungent than their yellow counterpart and also have a little much more of a punch.

All three have the right to be merged to produce more facility varieties.


The Difference between Dry and also Prepared Mustard

Dry mustard and also prepared mustard will essentially give her dishes the exact same flavor, however there are a few differences the you will have to keep in mental if you want to get the preferred effect out of her meal.

Let"s take it a look at the different ways of cooking with dry and also prepared mustard and also the different substitutes for each.

Cooking through Dry Mustard

On that own, dried mustard doesn"t have any kind of flavor or taste, for this reason it should be linked with a water and allowed to sit for 5 to 10 minutes in order to release the important oil that gives mustard the flavor.

The summer sprouts can additionally be provided as a barbeque obstacle for meats choose chicken, pork, and also even fish. The mustard will incorporate with the various other ingredients (both dry and also wet) to release the flavor.

Dry mustard is an important ingredient in numerous pork dried rubs like this recipe that deserve to be provided for whatever from cigarette smoking or roasting just around every cut of pork.

You can also create sauces and vinaigrettes v dry mustard, but just remember to mix the mustard powder through water and allow it to sit because that a few minutes prior to mixing the in through the various other ingredients.

Cooking With all set Mustard

Cooking with prepared mustard is walk to be a lot much easier than the dry counterpart simply for the fact that it is already prepared and also can be blended in through the remainder of the ingredients there is no any additional work.

The great thing around cooking with all set mustard is there are so numerous options available — both in terms of recipes and mustards — therefore there"s no factor not to shot it the end at some point.

Here"s an great recipe for mustard chicken that will put great use to all of that mustard you have in her kitchen.

Substituting because that Dry and also Prepared Mustard

There might come a time where you have actually dry mustard as soon as you need prepared mustard or vice versa, but fret not as the two styles of the spice have the right to be substituted for one another.

Use 1 teaspoon of dry mustard for every tablespoon of prepared mustard called for in the recipe. Make certain to add 2 teaspoons that water or vinegar to account because that the lost liquid. You will likewise need to stir and let the mixture sit for a couple of minutes before combining with other ingredients.

You will just need to flip the ratio when replacing dried mustard with prepared mustard. Dijon mustard will more than likely be the best means to go once switching the end for dry mustard together the two layouts are comparable in flavor.

Prepared mustard will work well in sauces and also dressings however it won"t mix well v rubs and also other dry applications.

Horseradish Powder

While spicier than mustard powder, horseradish flour will offer you the very same consistency. If utilizing horseradish powder as a substitute for dry mustard, start with fifty percent of the amount referred to as for in the recipe and change to taste.

Wasabi Powder

Similar to horseradish powder, wasabi flour is a an excellent substitute for dry mustard yet you will need to make some adjustments come the quantity added to the recipe. It"s spicier than mustard, therefore star with fifty percent and work your way up until you with the preferred effect.


Turmeric will give you few of the same flavor and color (remember, it"s what offers yellow mustard it"s yellow color) if you follow a one-to-one swap.

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Check out this nifty mustard guide we created if you have any more questions around dry mustard, ready mustard, or anything else mustard related.