By Steve BeauregardThey space the two largest connecting urban in the United says without one Interstate: Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.As a result, the distance between the two, 297 miles (or 478 kilometers), bring away over four hours to drive. This is factoring in the new section of interstate that opened in respectable of 2018, and which has lessened this drive by twenty to thirty minutes. (More on the below).As it stands now, the majority of the route is spent on U.S. Course 93, a two lane roadway that deserve to seem excruciating lengthy on a great day – even longer if you acquire stuck behind who going very slow.

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The drive from Phoenix to ras Vegas has you cross by the Hoover DamThe drive from Phoenix to ras Vegas has you cross by the Hoover Dam
The road winds north and west with the desert, through vast expanses that nothingness, including even an exit town named “Nothing.”It passes through other tiny towns, favor Kingman, and almost touches the Hoover Dam before leading to ras Vegas.(Related: casinos in the Phoenix area).

Driving Time and Directions from Phoenix to las Vegas

You begin out leaving Phoenix top top US course 60, walk northwest the end of town. That officially dubbed the Phoenix-Wickenburg Highway.(The map below shows you the driving route from Phoenix “A” to las Vegas “B”. Please keep in mind that Google Maps does not yet acknowledge the new section of I-11 that has opened southern of Boulder City.)

Just about an hour away, or 65 miles, you’ll reach the tiny town of Wickenburg. You’ll want to stay in your best lane. Shortly after the McDonalds, you’ll continue to be in the appropriate lane as it meanders come the right, under signage the points you to “North 93.”The next forty miles is composed of a desolate 2 lane road. (It does have actually three lanes in some sections). Some people have defined it as what it must have been prefer driving in the 1940’s.Road come Nothing?At about eight miles before you obtain to a dusty rest stop called “Nothing,” the road because a separated, four lane highway, through lanes going in every direction, accelerating things a bit and also making drivers (at least me anyway), feel a little safer.But even in those stretches of just two lanes, the road, fortunately, is regularly desolate at times, giving you ample methods to pass. In addition, the rate limit for almost every one of the way (except for when entering small towns), is 65 miles per hour.(Related: Distance and driving time from Salt Lake City to ras Vegas)Roughly 40 miles north of “Nothing,” route 93 merges right into Interstate 40, going west, in the direction of Kingman, Arizona. As a side note, federal government 40 is what changed Route 66 in many places.Once in Kingman, you’ll follow the signs that lead you right, to route 93 again north bound towards Las Vegas. At this point, she just about an hour and also 1/2 away from ras Vegas, or 104 miles.Fortunately, this section of US route 93 is all a divided four lane highway.Right as soon as you cross end to the Nevada state lane, there will certainly be a small water diversion task on your right dubbed the Hoover Dam.Once there, it’s simply 39 miles, or about 45 minute from the Hoover Dam come the ras Vegas Strip.The new Boulder City Bypass, which opened in respectable of 2018, is component of interstate 11. You’ll take this southern of Boulder City. Previously, girlfriend would need to drive through town, making the drive take around 1/2 hour longer.Depending on her exact destination in las Vegas, the driving time from downtown Phoenix to las Vegas is in between 4 to 5 hours typically, (not including stops).

Interstate in between Phoenix and also Las Vegas

The drive from Phoenix to las Vegas would certainly be diminished greatly v an interstate between the 2 cities. And also in fact, this is in the works.As mentioned above, the first 15 mile stretch that this new corridor, referred to as “Interstate 11” has actually opened.This is great news because that anyone that doesn’t very own a save or retail place in Boulder City, as right now you need to drive through the city (and fight stoplights) to obtain to ras Vegas.An official with ADOT has said that state transportation officials space “putting the piece together” for what will at some point be a full Interstate 11 in between Phoenix and Las Vegas.

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(Photo courtesy that Prayitno via Flickr).

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