A road pilgrimage is about the destination. And the best thing about a road pilgrimage from Atlanta to Charleston is the you have three key routes you deserve to choose, each supplying a trip that can be unique and fun.

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The road pilgrimage from Atlanta come Charleston is about 305 miles, and it will take you about 4 hours and 40 minutes, via the I-20 E and I-26 E. This route offers you an endless variety of places to prevent along the method to check out nature.

There space three key routes to pick from depending upon how rapid or slow you desire your journey to Charleston be and also what kind of places you desire to prevent at follow me the way.

Read on to learn more about the best places to stop, sights come see and also the course to take.

How much is Atlanta native Charleston and also how long will the road pilgrimage take?

The road trip from Atlanta come Charleston is around 305 mile if you take it the course on the I-20 and also I-26 interstate. Depending upon how rapid you drive, it will take in between 4 hours and 40 minute to 5 hours max.

RouteDistanceDriving Time
Fastest path (I-20 and I-26)305 miles5 hours
Scenic course (via I-16)350 miles5 hrs 20 minutes
Longest path (via I-85 and also I-26)350 miles5 hours 30 minutes

If you"re continuing to be in a nice hotel, you deserve to leave your house at lunch and also make it prior to the dinner service is finished. This path is also great for taking a break from the drive.

Madison is a gorgeous small town, and it"s easily one that the prettiest communities in the USA. It"s just 59 mile away and it is the perfect place to protect against for a burger and also stretch her legs.

Enjoy the vision of this old buildings at the historic downtown of Charleston.

Best time to walk on a road pilgrimage from Atlanta come Charleston

Spring is the finest time come visit Charleston. Between March and also June, you can experience the colorful azaleas, dogwoods, and also other kinds of flora that bloom throughout spring.

The temperatures space mild, the heat and also humidity haven"t collection in, and hurricane season hasn"t begun, making feather the perfect time come visit the Magnolia plantation.

This is just one of the oldest and also most beautiful windy gardens in America, whereby you have the right to view hundreds of beautiful flowers and also plants. This beautiful location has a range of experiences easily accessible to everyone.

Alternatively, because that a less crowded and much more peaceful experience, you deserve to make the 45-minute journey from Charleston come Kiawah Island whereby you deserve to enjoy the plenty of golf courses and private beaches.

For lot of of sun and also water activities, summers are great for a road trip from Atlanta come Charleston. The city watch 230 work of sunshine each year. With youngsters being turn off of school for summers, the clear days of Charleston do it perfect because that a beach vacation.

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If you are looking to walk off-season, whereby there room fewer crowds and lower rates, the winter months are an outstanding time come visit Charleston. The vacation Festival the Lights, the Lowcountry Oyster Festival, and Valentine"s job getaways do Charleston a perfect road pilgrimage destination.