Drew Brees is an American football player for the NFL’s new Orleans Saints football team. Taken into consideration one that the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Brees to be drafted by the mountain Diego Chargers in 2001 and also played because that the team till signing onto the brand-new Orleans Saints, his current team, together a complimentary agent in 2006 adhering to a shoulder injury. But enough of every that, this short article is all about Drew Brees house!


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Brees has had actually one heck of a career v the NFL, with few of his many notable achievements including his standing as MVP at Super key XLIV as well as being a record holder in countless passing categories, consisting of yards (11,792), attempts (1,678), and completions (1,026). In enhancement to his dedication top top the field, Brees and also his wife, Britany, also give lot of their time come charity, even developing The Brees Dream Foundation, a non-profit charity i m sorry seeks assist children suffering from cancer. Many thanks to Brees and also his family, the charity has actually raised over $33 million.

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So, whereby does a superstar athlete like drew Brees live? We’ve got all the details because that you below!

Where Does attracted Brees Live?

From his previous San Diego digs to his current new Orleans spread, we have all the deets on Saints quarterback attracted Brees past and also present real estate.

Drew Brees House new Orleans (Current)

Purchased because that $1.6 million earlier in 2006, Brees’ stunning 10,800 square foot home has actually 4-bedrooms, 3-bathrooms, and also 2-half bathrooms. Natural lighting can be uncovered throughout the house from the numerous windows top top both the prior and ago of the house. Through an open floor plan, the interior feels spacious, however cozy.

Walking with the steel lace doors, tourists are automatically be greeted v the foyer, which features hardwood floors and a classy crystal chandelier. Off the foyer sits numerous sliding doors that bring about the solarium, the life room, the dining room, and also the den. The living room provides lots of room and comfort in addition to a see of the grounds past through the front only windows, yet the life room isn’t the only place in the residence that offers a fantastic view because the den attributes panoramic see from the floor-to-ceiling home windows that overlook the swimming pool out back.

If you’re no impressed yet, keep reading, we have actually more! like the enormous gourmet kitchen because that example, which functions a granite peak island and also counters, custom cabinets make from gorgeous cherry wood, and slate floors, or the 2,432 square foot basement through a alcohol cellar.

Moving upstairs, the 2nd level has actually a large study with built-in shelving, timber flooring in all 4 bedrooms, a breathtaking master suite that has not just a fireplace, but additionally an en-suite bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, and vast his and hers walk-in closets, so Mr. And Mrs. Brees never need to fight over wardrobe space. As for the exterior, the large backyard functions a luxurious swimming swimming pool (because what would certainly a famous person’s house be there is no one?), many privacy many thanks to the brick wall surface that protects the backyard native paparazzi or nosey neighbors, a beautiful courtyard with numerous shade, and plenty the lush landscape that includes azaleas, palm trees, and also gardens.

Even despite they have gained much much more success because purchasing in 2006, Brees and also family tho reside in this perfect part of Nola Paradise. Due to the fact that Brees is currently playing for the Saints, we have the right to assume the will most likely be phone call this house home for a while. Must he ever decide to offer it, however, Velvet Ropes will be the an initial to let you know.


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Drew Brees residence Kauai (Current)

Another incredible piece of actual estate owned by Brees, this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit features a stunning check out of Kauai’s Hanalei Bay. The football star to buy the dry getaway, located within Pu’u Poa Condos top top the northern shore the Kauai, because that $1.761 in 2006.

The unit features 1,752 square feet of living space, not including the 400 added square feet that originates from the open-facing lanai i m sorry overlooks the ocean. Additional features include glass walls and also an atrium. Brees and also his wife provided the house in 2015 for $1.7 million, but the couple has yet to discover a buyer as of 2019.


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Drew Brees house San Diego (Former)

Brees and also his wife purchased this beauty back in 2003 because that $2.2 million. In spite of selling it at some point in 2012 for $2.4 million, us still believed it deserved an honorable mention for just how awesome that is.

Located in the gated ar of Fairbanks Highlands in Carmel Valley, this 6,000 square foot home is the meaning of utopia. The exterior alone is sufficient to drool over, v its slightly Mediterranean-inspired architectural style, its huge resort-style salt-water swimming swimming pool (complete with a miniature waterfall), a 6-hole putting green, an the end fireplace, one outdoor covered dining area, and gorgeous lush landscaping with many palm trees and also flowers.

If friend think all that sounds amazing, wait to you see the inside! The internal of the home, i beg your pardon boasts 5-bedrooms and also 5.5-bathrooms, has actually just as much to offer as the outside. Starting with at home amenities, the house features a wet bar through an adjoining sitting area complete with a fireplace and a billiards room. The official dining room has great natural lighting and a great view that the pool external from the huge floor-to-ceiling window. Straight next come the dining room sit the spacious pro chef’s kitchen, which functions custom lumber floors and cabinets and also beige granite countertops and island. The master suite has actually its own fireplace and also an en-suite bathroom v a at sight luxurious jacuzzi tub.


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Drew Brees home Austin TX

So, during my study for this article, i came across a ton of you looking for attracted Brees residence in Austin, Texas. Try as i might, there is no proof he has actually a home in Austin. There room are couple of sources hinting at houses that room his, but there is absolutely nothing to earlier up those claims. The Velvet Ropes team prides ourselves with just reporting verified information for girlfriend guys, and as much as we have the right to tell, drew Brees walk NOT have actually a house in Austin.

Drew Brees Cars

In enhancement to his love of luxury real estate, attracted Brees is also a well-known petrol-head and has to be the proud owner of some pretty warm rides. Several of the most noteworthy vehicles in the athlete’s collection, both past, and also present, include a 1967 Ford Mustang purchase in 2009, a 2012 BMW purchased in 2013, a Tesla model S to buy in 2014, a first generation 1967 butternut-yellow Chevy Camaro, i beg your pardon Brees auctioned off several years back, and also most recently a Bugatti Veyron that he paid a lining $2.2 million because that in 2019.

The Bugatti is conveniently his many expensive auto purchase to date, and maintenance isn’t cheap either. It costs $25,000 simply for an oil adjust on one of these babies! (yeah, you no misread that number, it’s in reality 25k!). All in all, Brees’ car collection is estimated to be precious at least $4.2 million.

Drew Brees Wife

Drew Brees met his future wife, Brittany Dudchenko, when the two were attending Purdue University. A romantic partnership ensued in your sophomore year, and also the pair continued to date for several years until ultimately deciding to tie the knot on February 8, 2003.

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In 2009, Brittany offered birth to the couple’s first child, Baylen Robert Brees. Together of 2019, the happy married duo now have actually 3 additional children – Bowen Christopher Brees (born 2010), Callen Christian Brees (born 2012), and also Rylen Judith Brees (born 2014).