Dragon Ball: 5 reasons Gohan & Videl space The Best couple (& 5 Why It's Trunks & Mai) Gohan & Videl and Trunks & Mai room the two of the most well-known couples in Dragon Ball, however which one is really the best couple?

We"ve done short articles in the past around our favourite couples in Dragon Ball. For one anime that revolves approximately fighting, it certain does feature a good amount that romances. With Goku and also Vegeta already doing their component to propagate what"s left that the Saiyan bloodline, every eyes rotate to their eldest sons, who happen to it is in in relationships of your own. And while we"ve been aware of the bond between Gohan and Videl developing for years, that between Future Trunks and Mai is one of the newest romances in the franchise.

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It"s clear that both couples won"t be splitting anytime soon, so which one have to you look come for impetus in your own love life? happily for you, we"ve developed a list to assist you concerned your very own conclusion ~ above this.

Divorce is something that runs rampant in today"s society, and while there have been numerous studies carried out on high college sweethearts, some feel together though couples whereby both partners met during their angst-filled teenage year have better luck 보다 partners who met ~ this pivotal period in one"s life.

While we"re not in the position to check or deny this, it"s true the Gohan and also Videl go form a romantic bond throughout their time as classmates, and by the looks of it, they don"t arrangement on gaining a divorce anytime soon.

we admire Trunks for no trying come hide the reality that he"d time-traveled prior to from Mai, and also the reality that his father is component of an extraterrestrial race. She was barely stunned by anything about him due to the fact that she knew it all, and also why shouldn"t she? In a world where any day might be your last, why not placed it all on the table? this two are may be to to trust each various other so lot because of the open publications they are.

The same can"t be claimed for Gohan, who stayed hesitant come not only reveal his true identification to Videl during their high institution days, and was probably never going come tell her the Cocao had kissed him if Barry Kahn hadn"t pertained to their home with photo evidence.

back when Gohan very first adopted his good Saiyaman persona, he and Videl worked together to stop petty criminals. The movie Dragon round Z: Wrath of the Dragon took this a step more by presenting us to great Saiyaman 2, Videl"s crime-fighting change ego the she adopted to assist Gohan in a comparable style.

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Not countless superheroes are solid enough to fight together the ones castle love, so we thought it to be beautiful the Videl not only determined to gain in on she husband"s odd brand-new hobby, however that she could also swallow she pride and wear that ridiculous good Saiyaman getup alongside him.

7 Trunks & Mai: Fought Goku Black and also Zamasu Together

if Videl and also Gohan have been presented fighting petty criminals and lesser Dragon Ball villains together, the doesn"t compare at all to Trunks and also Mai"s long struggle versus Goku Black and later on, Zamasu. Not just were their adversaries constantly growing in stamin with every brand-new encounter, however Mai was also less fitted to fight such foes than Videl. If Videl can throw part punches and kicks and fly approximately a bit, mai wasn"t adept in physical combat in ~ all, and also was required to assistance Trunks with guns and tear gas while that risked his life engaging through Goku Black and also Zamasu in close-combat.

As if fighting crime wasn"t an amazing alternate to couples therapy, fighting the creators of your world"s second apocalypse quite much method that there"s nothing lock can"t gain through after ~ overcoming this.

while Gohan obviously has an ext natural prowess together a martial artist, he and Videl were such fast learners due to the reality that lock both come from martial art families. Videl is the daughter that Hercule, the most renowned martial artist in the Dragon Ball world. Her passion enabled her to surpass him by the moment she was a teenager.

Likewise, Gohan was born to Chi-Chi, a skilled martial artist in her own right, and also Goku, whose record speaks because that itself. Just like Videl, he finished up ending up being stronger 보다 his father throughout his younger years because that a brief point in time. Many couples who come from similar backgrounds execute well because of their shared actions inherited from their similar upbringings. The fact that Gohan and Videl come from martial arts households method that they understand what a little encouragement can do for their daughter"s future potential in noþeles she choose to do.

5 Trunks & Mai: Both have An Affinity because that Weapons

Dragon Ball is a series that features characters who"ve trained their bodies to come to be their biggest weapons. The series has made multiple do the efforts to show how also the mightiest armada won"t stand a chance versus someone who have the right to shoot power waves from their fingertips, therefore whenever we watch weapons being provided in this series, we often think the those that default to making use of them won"t be anything to write house about.

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Mai is always seen with a gun on hand, while Trunks is hardly ever without his sword, and while we"ve been led to believe that weapons are useless against powerful opponents, both characters room able to usage their tools to provide them an leaf in battle. We"re no sure whether or not Mai will ever learn how to use a knife or if Trunks will ever before hold a gun, yet the reality that castle both pick to fight utilizing weapons just speaks to exactly how much they"re ~ above the exact same wavelength.

We"ll provide Trunks and also Mai some leeway here, due to the fact that it"s pretty difficult to plan a wedding once an evil version of son ogong is blowing everything up.

While it"s clear the their love for one another is strong, that hasn"t gone v as countless stages together Gohan and also Videl"s, that actually cemented their love through the legally binding ceremony recognized as marriage. We"ve watched a picture of your wedding, and not just do castle look yes, really happy, but Gohan looks fresh in the all-white tux.

3 Trunks & Mai: much more Romantic Senzu p Feeding Scene

Senzu bean will always be one of the most vital objects in Dragon Ball, and in both of these blossoming relationships, there came a time where the woman necessary a Senzu, and her guy was the just one who can give it come her. Gohan did therefore in a hasty fashion, offering Videl a Senzu prior to sprinting turn off so quick that he didn"t also witness that is effects.

When roof was nearly killed by son ogong Black, Trunks chewed up a Senzu bean for she and, through a passionate kiss, deposit the bean into Mai"s mouth. Not just did he save his girl, yet he snuck in a smooch to carry out it.

together we said before, Gohan and Videl"s connection is several measures ahead the Trunks and Mai"s, but one point that makes them the much better couple is the reality that they"ve started a household together.

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In having a kid, they"ve done among the most beautiful things two human being can do, and also from what we"ve seen in any Dragon Ball illustration featuring Pan, they"re doing their part to administer her v a safe, stable, and also loving home.

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1 Trunks & Mai: knowledgeable Literal Hell Together

Sure, an altering a few dirty diapers together is tied to combine a couple"s bond, but Trunks and Mai have actually literally been through hell together. We"re certain that an apocalypse deserve to test her morals simply as lot as her life on much more than one occasion. In a human being where Trunks" abilities grant him an benefit over normal people who can"t escape from goku Black therefore easily, it have the right to be said that Mai also slows him down. Still, in spite of the dark world they live in, Trunks and Mai regulated to find a glimmer of light in one another.

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