A PICC is a peripherally inserted central catheter. This distinct IV is placed into a big vein in the upper arm and also sometimes in the foot of one infant. The finish of the PICC ends in a vein close come the heart yet not in the heart.

The PICC have the right to stay in ar for number of months. The PICC have the right to be a single or dual lumen line. A single lumen PICC has actually one tubing and one cap on the end. A twin lumen PICC has actually two different tubings and also two caps.A PICC is provided to offer medications, fluids and IV nutrition. If the PICC is huge enough, it have the right to be used to draw blood.

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How a PICC Is Placed

The PICC is put in the radiology (X-ray) department or in ~ the bedside if the child is as well sick to go to radiology. 

A nurse and also a son life professional talk through you and also your child to define how that is done.Most children are awake for the procedure. Steps are taken to make certain your son is as comfortable as possible.An X-ray is taken to make certain the PICC is in the right place.

Caring for the PICC in ~ Home

A home care infusion company will offer you the supplies essential to treatment for the PICC in ~ home. 

The PICC is purged at least two time a work to save it native clotting. You are taught exactly how to do this by a nurse from her home care infusion company.The PICC dressing keeps the site clean and also holds the PICC in place. The PICC dressing and also cap are changed weekly through a nurse. Someone demands to aid hold your kid still for the dressing change.If the dressing comes loose and is not extending the PICC, contact the home care nurse to change the dressing. Keep the PICC extended at all times v a protective wrap. This keeps the PICC from gift tugged or pulled. The protective wrap is only removed when the PICC is gift used.Keep the PICC dry during bathing. You deserve to cover it with plastic plunder or a plastic bag to keep the dressing dry.Anyone who takes care of your child demands to learn about the PICC. They need to know exactly how to take treatment of the PICC, just how to recognize any type of problems, and also what come do should a problem come up. The PICC is taken out by a nurse at the end of therapy. This deserve to be done in the house or clinic.

Safety Guidelines for a PICC

Keep a protective spanning or wrap roughly the PICC.
Keep the PICC dry at every times.Avoid activities that could reason damage to the PICC. This includes contact sports. Ask her home treatment nurse if girlfriend have any questions around an activity.Avoid tasks that may cause sweating. Sweating may cause the PICC dressing to come off.Your child can return to school with a PICC. Your home care nurse will contact the college to make plans for your boy to go to college with a PICC.Keep one emergency kit v your kid at all times. The emergency kit should have actually tape, gloves, clamp and also gauze.

Possible difficulties with a PICC

InfectionBlocked or clotted PICCBleedingPICC dislodgedHole or tear in PICCPhlebitis (irritation that vein)Movement of the PICCAir in bloodstreams

Signs of a problem with a PICC


Signs the a skin infection include:


Signs the a bloodstream epidemic include:

FeverChillsSweatingDrowsiness or dizzinessFeeling sickBlocked or clotted PICCBlood have the right to clot within the PICC and cause it to it is in blocked.

You would understand the PICC was blocked if:

The PICC becomes very hard to do the washing up or you cannot do the washing up it in ~ allAn IV systems will not go in through the PICCBleedingSome bleeding ~ a PICC is put in is normal. If the bleeding provides the dressing not stick, speak to your home care nurse to obtain a dressing changed. Movement the the PICC  loose Dressing The PICC is held in ar with tape, a securing maker and a clean dressing.The PICC can move in or out if any component of the dressing comes loose.Call her home care nurse if girlfriend think this might have happened.

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PICC gets tugged or pulled

The PICC can be traction out part or every the way.If the PICC is pulled every the method out:Apply press for any kind of bleedingSave the PICCCall the home care nurseIf the PICC is traction out some of the way:Tape the PICC in placeCall the home care nurseThis could additionally cause a feet or tear in the PICC. Indications include:Wetness under the dressingPuffiness or ede at the PICC site Phlebitis

This is wake up of the vein in i m sorry the PICC is in. That is not an infection. Indicators include:

Redness or hardness along the vein through the PICCPain in the extremity v the PICCSwelling in ~ or close to the PICC siteMovement the the PICCThe PICC is held in ar with tape, a securing maker and a clean dressing.The PICC can move in or the end if any component of the dressing comes loose.Call her home care nurse if you think this might have happened.Air in the bloodstream

This is really rare. Yet it might happen if the cap came off the end of a PICC that is not clamped. It could likewise happen if there to be a reduced or tear in the PICC. That takes a large amount of air in the bloodstream to reason a problem. If wait gets right into the bloodstream, your child can have:

Trouble breathingChest painCoughing

If over there Is a difficulty with a PICC

Call the doctor or nurse if your kid has:

A feverChills, sweating, drowsiness and feels sickTrouble breath or chest painAny redness, swelling, ache or drainage approximately the PICCWetness under the PICC dressingRash, itching or hives

How to prevent a difficulty with a PICC

Wash your hands prior to doing any PICC care. Always store a clean, dry, occlusive (all edge sealed) dressing end the PICC site.Follow the instructions because that cleaning the cap and also using sterile equipment.Avoid tugs or pulls on the PICC. Take extra treatment when removing clothing to stop a traction or tug. If the PICC is hard to flush, execute not try to force it.Always store scissors and all spicy objects away from the PICC.Make certain the PICC is covered and also secure as soon as your boy is sleeping.