Wondering about the “Baby, Don’t hurt Me… No More…” reference? check out this famous ’90s song

Former national team athlete Alex Scott opens up up about his lifelong love affair with the sports of bowls in this distinct Valentine’s day edition of Biased Bowls.

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We every remember our first love. Even if it is it was another human, a pet, somethingyou discovered on the internet, it was there, and it to be majestic, and also it do youfeel strange. That was kind of favor my feeling in the direction of Lawn Bowls.

When i was younger, i was a quiet, polite, mischievousand cheeky child that loved gangster laboratory music. I also loved Bowls. Mine pals wouldpoke fun at me as they play hockey, basketball, soccer and pulled offmind-numbing kickflips on your skateboards. You will do it say, “You pat Bowls? Whydo friend play that, guy?”. Ok tell girlfriend why my friends, for it is just one of myeternal loves. Periodically it pains me so much that I practically quit and also other timesthe love to be so obvious that I necessary more. That’s BOWLS baby.

It to be Summer 1997 once I entered my very first Saskatchewan JuniorProvincials. Nutana Lawn Bowling club was beaming v sunshine and pride.There were around a dozen competitors, and also I wondered if I was in over mine head. Bythe time Sunday come along, however, i was gift presented through a hilariouslylarge provincial team jacket and also a pilgrimage to PEI for the small Nationals. Whatis love, you ask? the Bowls baby.

Let’s fast forward to 2007. Ago on the East shore in PEI for theUnder-25s. Karaoke bars, cheap lobsters and friends from almost everywhere Canada. Oh,yes…that’s Bowls baby.

2008- Hong Kong! we were prepared for a potential playoff run… just had tobeat Zimbabwe. Us were up five coming home after all! carry out you think us did it? ABSOLUTELYNOT. Dropped a six and also shanked everything. Game over Canada. Baby, nothing hurtme…no more.

2008- Australia! playing on 17 second greens for the very first time ever?Very problematic! You know what no problematic? The life-long memories ofmeeting people from anywhere the world. That’s Bowls baby.

2013. Heart pain Hotel. Ns doubted regarding whether Iwould ever before win a Canadian Championship. Doubt if i would keep my passionfor the game. Baby, don’t hurt me… no more.

2017- My 3rd Canadian Championship gold in4 years. Currently that’s Bowls baby.

The memories, life-lasting friendships, heartbreak, success,perseverance, passion, practice, coaching, travelling, gift on a board,helping your local clubs, generating systematic dialogue on society mediaplatforms, daunting the current systems, daunting yourself and what youwant to become. It is Bowls baby. Actually…that’s LOVE baby!

As we celebrate this intimate and also sexy 14th work of February,remember why you are involved in Bowls. We all have those moments of perfectclarity paired with complete and also utter agony. But that’s LOVE baby.

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Every solitary person has their very own journey to walk on. Just make sure youkeep top top truckin’, for there will be many times you’ll be dreadful close but notquite there.

So, if you discover yourself aimlessly huckin’ some size 5 HenseliteClassics down an 8.7-second green- just pump some ‘Haddaway,’ crank the headside come side and also realize…