Despite that is ubiquity, the beginnings of the dollar authorize remain much from clear, with competing theories poignant on Bohemian coins, the Pillars that Hercules and harried merchants.

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The dollar sign is amongst the world’s most potent symbols, emblematic of far an ext than united state currency.

It’s shorthand because that the American dream and also all the consumerism and commodification that comes through it, signifying at when sunny aspiration, splashy greed and rampant capitalism. It’s to be co-opted by pop society (think Ke$ha when she first started out, or any variety of fast-fashion t-shirts) and borrowed by artist (Salvador Dali fashioned a moustache from it, Andy Warhol calculation it in acrylic and also silkscreen, producing an iconic human body of job-related that itself now sells for $$).

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It’s provided widely in computer coding and it gives money-mouth emoji v its dazed eyes and lolling tongue. Yet regardless of its polyglot ubiquity, the origins of the dollar authorize remain far from clear, with completing theories emotional on Bohemian coins, the Pillars the Hercules and also harried merchants.


The dollar’s infant sibling, the all-but-worthless cent, is logically represented by a small letter ‘c’ through a line through it, but there’s no ‘D’ in the dollar sign. If you had to uncover letters lurking in the form, you could spy one ‘S’ overlain with a squeezed, bend-less ‘U’ providing its vertical strokes. In fact, this account for among the most popular misconceptions about the sign’s origins: it means United States, right?

That’s what writer and philosopher and famed libertarian Ayn rand believed. In a thing in her 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged, one character asks another about what the dollar authorize stands for. The answer consists of these lines: ‘for achievement, for success, because that ability, for man"s an imaginative power—and specifically for these reasons, it is provided as a brand that infamy. It means the initials of the unified States’.

It appears that edge was wrong, no least because until 1776, the us was recognized as the United swarms of America, and there room suggestions the the dollar sign was in use before the United states was born. 


The British lb sign has actually a history going earlier 1,200 years, as soon as it was first used by the Romans as an abbreviation for ‘libra pondo’, the empire’s simple unit the weight. As any type of amateur astrologer will tell you, libra way scales in Latin, and libra pondo literally translates as ‘a lb by weight’.

In Anglo-Saxon England, the pound ended up being a unit the currency, identical to – surprise, surprise – a pound of silver. Vast riches, in other words. But along with the roman inn name, the Anglo-Saxons borrowed the sign, one ornate letter ‘L’. The crossbar came along later, indicating the it’s one abbreviation, and also a cheque in London’s financial institution of England Museum mirrors that the lb sign had actually assumed the current form by 1661, even if it took a little longer for it to come to be universally adopted.

The dollar, meanwhile, has a far much shorter history. In 1520, the Kingdom the Bohemia started minting coins making use of silver indigenous a mine in Joachimsthal – which about translates native German right into English as Joachim’s valley. Logically if unimaginatively, the coin was referred to as the joachimsthaler, which was then shortened come thaler, the word that proceeded come spread approximately the world. It to be the netherlands variation, the daler, the made its means across the Atlantic in the pockets and on the tongues of early immigrants, and also today’s American-English together of the word dollar maintain its echoes. 


Despite the currency’s relative youthfulness, however, over there is no straightforward answer come the inquiry of whereby the dollar sign sprang from. Nobody appears to have actually sat down to architecture it, and its type still fluctuates – occasionally it has actually two lines through it, increasingly just the one. Not that there aren’t lot of of contending hypotheses. Because that instance, circling earlier to the idea the there’s a U and an S covert within the form, the been said that they stand for ‘units that silver’.

One the the many esoteric beginning stories web links it back to the Bohemian thaler, which featured a serpent top top a Christian cross. That itself was an allusion to the story the Moses winding a bronze snake approximately a pole in order come cure human being who’d been bitten. The dollar, for this reason it’s said, derived from the sign.

Yet an additional version centres top top the Pillars of Hercules, a expression conjured increase by the ancient Greeks to define the promontories that flank the enntrance gate to the Strait that Gibraltar. The pillars function in Spain’s national coat of eight and, throughout the 18th and also 19th Centuries, appeared on the Spanish dollar, which was otherwise recognized as the item of eight, or peso. The pillars have actually banners twined roughly them in one S-shape and it doesn’t take much squinting to watch a resemblance to the disagreement sign.


The many widely welcomed theory go in reality involve Spanish coinage, and also it goes prefer this: in the colonies, trade in between Spanish Americans and also English Americans to be lively, and the peso, or peso de ocho reales, was legal soft in the united state until 1857. The was often shortened, so historians tell us, come the early stage ‘P’ with an ‘S’ hovering beside it in superscript. Gradually, thanks to the scrawl that time-pressed merchants and also scribes, the ‘P’ an unified with the ‘S’ and lost that curve, leaving the vertical stroke favor a stake under the center of the ‘S’. A Spanish disagreement was much more or much less worth one American dollar, therefore it’s basic to see just how the sign can have transferred.

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As with everything American in ~ the moment, there’s a partisan measurement to the debate about the dollar sign’s ancestry: because that duelling politics reasons, one faction favours the idea the it’s homegrown, one more that it was imported.