Taylor Swift and also Joe Alwyn space seriously thinking around their future together — and a infant is definitely part of it.

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“Taylor and Joe have questioned children,” a resource exclusively reveals in the brand-new issue of Us Weekly. “She’s an extremely excited about that thing of she life once the time is right and comes.”

Us previously reported that the pair are looking forward to becoming husband and also wife too. “ have talked about marriage,” a source said in March. “They don’t have actually a collection deadline in place, yet they’re very much in love.”


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Since they were first linked in 2017, the duo have actually made that a selection to save their romance the end of the public eye — and also they will proceed to do so.

“I… was falling in love with someone who had actually a wonderfully normal, well balanced life,” Swift admitted in she Netflix documentary, Miss Americana. “We decided together we wanted our partnership to be private. Even though it was really horrible, ns was happy. However I no happy in the way I to be trained to it is in happy. It was happiness without everyone else’s input. We were simply happy.”

While your engagement and also baby plans room up in the air, the Folklore singer, 30, is putting all of her concentration ~ above her job-related in the meantime.

“She’s concentrated on her career, she album and getting her political views the end there and making a difference,” adds the source. “Taylor feels much less pressure 보다 she once did because she is really confident in ~ this allude in her life.”


And thankfully, the English actor, 29, is appropriate there through her. “Her family and also Joe have ongoing to it is in a substantial support system for her,” continues the source. “She’s really excited around her future.”

For more on Swift and also Alwyn’s relationship, clock the video above and also pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, ~ above newsstands now.

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