The little but loveable Shih Tzu is recognized for having a sweet nature, long hair and beautiful dark eyes. Countless people believe that Shih Tzu’s perform not shed and also are therefore an ideal dogs for human being with allergies however is this yes, really true? Let’s uncover out.

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Do Shih Tzu shed? despite popular belief, they do shed. A Shih Tzu is various from countless other dog breeds as they have hair instead of hair which means, like humans, they lose a little amount of hair every day rather than go through periods of intense shedding. Most of this loosened hair gets caught in the dog’s lengthy coat so is often unnoticed which leads to the id that they perform not shed.

A simple, everyday grooming regimen is enough to keep a Shih Tzu’s hair under control. V that said, a puppy will burned as that transitions indigenous its puppy coat come its adult coat. Some say that Shih Tzu room hypoallergenic dogs, however, this is no strictly true as they carry out still easy shed.

Understanding your dog’s coat type, developing a good grooming routine and also knowing once shedding is likely to happen will make managing allergies and also expectations significantly easier.

Shih Tzu Shedding: What to Expect

Shih Tzu Hair Type

SheddingLow frequency
CoatDouble Coat
Grooming RequirementsHigh

You have actually probably heard rumors the Shih Tzu’s carry out not shed at all, when this would be good it is just a misconception. They are light shedders, they lose a very small amount of hair each day. Countless people believe that they do not burned at all because the loose hair gets caught up in the coat rather than falling to the floor, meaning it is only really noticeable when you hit or groom the dog.

Some Shih Tzu owners decide to clip their dog’s hair so it is shorter and more manageable. It’s personal preference whether you choose your pup with long or quick hair. Many world think Shih Tzu’s space cuter with lengthy hair yet there is no denying that they are far easier to maintain with brief hair. Let’s face it, if you skip brushing a long haired Shih Tzu it i will not ~ be lengthy until knots and tangles start to form.


If you suffer from allergies you may think that a good idea to clip your dog’s hair to minimize your allergies however this will actually make the irradiate shedding an ext noticeable due to the fact that the hair will autumn out fairly than getting caught in the dog’s coat. This could even cause your allergies to be worse. Either way, her dog will shed the exact same amount but a lengthy coat makes it appear as though they are shedding less.

Shih Tzu organize Routine

One of the biggest concerns when it pertains to Shih Tzu’s coat treatment is matting. This is due to the fact that mats and also tangles seem to occur quickly in specific breeds (Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians to name a few). Matted hair can cause your dog pain and also discomfort and also can increase the likelihood that skin epidemic occurring. The best means of handling this is to brush her Shih Tzu ~ above a everyday basis.

Not just will day-to-day brushing stop tangles, that is likewise necessary to remove any loosened hairs from their coat. The ideal thing around establishing a continual routine is the it doesn’t take lot time come brush your dog top top a daily basis but it makes a world of difference to their coat condition. By picking the best brushes and combs it will certainly be also easier; i recommend using a wire pen brush and also a comb for a Shih Tzu.


Bathing her dog will certainly also aid with handling the shedding but if your pup has a knot or mat, be certain to comb that out prior to bathing them together water can reason a knot to tighten and worsen the situation.


Without continuous brushing her Shih Tzu’s coat will end up being tangled, if friend don’t have actually time because that a frequent grooming program you might want to consider clipping your hair brief as this minimizes the to organize required.

What is a dual Coat?

Shih Tzu have a twin coat, this way they have a brief inner great of hair (undercoat) and also a longer outer layer (top coat). This way overall your coat is rather thick and also often shows up fluffy. Dogs v a double coat require constant grooming to stop mats from forming.

Examples that Dog Breeds through a dual CoatExamples of Dog Breeds v a single Coat
AkitaYorkshire Terrier
Siberian HuskyPoodle
Australian ShepherdBedlington Terrier
PomeranianAfghan Hound
Shih TzuMaltese

Is a Shih Tzu Hypoallergenic?


No dog is important hypoallergenic. However, many world consider Shih Tzu’s come be among the much more suitable dog each other for people with allergies. This is because, if her allergy is particularly to fur, there is a great chance you are not going to be allergic to a Shih Tzu’s hair. In addition to this, they melted a lot less than many other each other so you might not react together severely come them.

With the said, many civilization are allergy to dander (a dog’s dead skin cells) and saliva fairly than fur. This means if you are allergic to dog dander or saliva climate you will certainly still be allergic to Shih Tzu’s. The idea the Shih Tzu’s room hypoallergenic originates from the truth that a Shih Tzu go not trigger people’s allergies as much as various other breeds.

Some people’s allergies room still set off by also the most allergy-friendly dogs. If you have actually allergies and also are considering presenting a Shih Tzu right into your family, very first spend some time with the breed at a rescue facility or dependable breeder so you can uncover whether or no they will trigger your allergies prior to committing.

How to attend to Allergies

According to the Asthma and Allergy foundation of America, as plenty of as 3 in ten people are allergic to cats and dogs in the U.S. If you room suffering from allergies you may uncover the following tips useful:

Wash her hands after ~ playing v your dogKeep your Shih Tzu the end of her bedroomTry to save your pets turn off of the furnitureIf possible, avoid having carpets in your residence or if friend do have actually carpets clean them frequently (once a week)Get your dog right into a organize routine: if possible, asking a non-allergic family members member to lug out her dog’s everyday grooming. In enhancement to this, weekly baths deserve to also help to alleviate allergiesEnsure her dog has actually a well-balanced diet (a an excellent diet will aid reduce dried skin and also in turn will minimize shedding and dander)

Related Questions

Shih Tzu’s do wonderful companions; they are adorable, sweet-natured and also affectionate. Make sure you know about the breed and what come expect prior to you bring a Shih Tzu right into your family. Listed below are some usual questions inquiry by owners and also soon-to-be owners:

Why Is my Shih Tzu Shedding therefore Much?

If your Shih Tzu is quiet a puppy friend will notice that lock have fairly fine, thin hair and also this is because they don’t have actually their adult coat yet. Together they go v the transitional period from your puppy to adult coat there will be an increase in the lot of hair gift shed.

While you might be detect it an overwhelming to keep your Shih Tzu groomed and totally free from tangles throughout this shedding stage, keep at it. This is just a short-term struggle, i promise! as soon as your Shih Tzu has its adult coat it will be far easier to treatment for.

You may likewise see an increase in shedding after her Shih Tzu has given birth, this is due to the fact that of hormonal alters that occur.

Will a Shih Tzu Mix Shed?

The lot a Shih Tzu mix sheds will rely on what breed it is blended with, for example a Pomeranian Shih Tzu mix will likely melted slightly much more than a pure Shih Tzu.

BreedShedding LevelKey Characteristics
Maltese Shih Tzu (Mal-Shi)Low shedGood temperament
Poodle Shih Tzu (Shi-Poo)Low shedStubborn
Chihuahua Shih Tzu (Shichi)Low shedVery sassy
Pomeranian Shih Tzu (Shiranian)Medium shedPlayful and energetic

How frequently Should ns Bathe mine Shih Tzu?

Every week or two is enough for a Shih Tzu. Consistent baths can aid to protect against dry skin and also reduce the amount of dander present.

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Why is my Shih Tzu always Hungry?

Shih Tzu’s have an extremely healthy appetites, a balanced diet is crucial for your dog’s health. If you are worried castle are never satisfied when it involves food, a pilgrimage to the vet can assist you make certain they are acquiring all the nutrition lock need.

Need come train a Puppy?

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