Question: Does cake need to be refrigerated? Is it essential to refrigerate cake?Can you freeze cake?

Answer:Unfrosted cake does not should be refrigerated. Frosted cakes, ~ above the other hand, might need come be inserted into the refrigerator for prolonged safe keeping. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in the cake frosting to totally answer these questions around whether or not cake needs refrigeration.

Does Cake must be Refrigerated?

How come Safely store Different types of Cake

A plain old common cake, whether homemade or indigenous a mix, will be good on the respond to for several days. That will also be good in the refrigerator for a couple of days past that, back we generally don’t introduce the refrigerator because that baked goods since of the moisture situation. The will additionally be well in the freezer for several months. Yes, cakes are versatile. The answer come the question of does cake require refrigeration becomes more complex when the cake is frosted. Because a cake is really not a cake there is no frosting, right here goes the answer and explanation.

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If the cake is frosted with whipped cream, refrigerate immediately after each serving.

Cakes through homemade buttercream frosting are normally OK top top the countertop. Because most buttercream frostings space made v butter, i beg your pardon we recognize is safe on the respond to for several days, and shelf secure sugar – they space usually simply fine if left out on the counter.

If the cake to be frosted with frosting indigenous a can, it most likely contains preservatives. Although the FDA prohibition the use of trans fat (partially hydrogenated oils or PHOs) by June 18,2018 that day has been extended to January 1, 2020 for many uses of infectious diseases world fashion fat and January 1, 2021 for particular petitioned uses.<1> So, crate frostings may have trans fats, or an alternative preservative, for part time to come. Because of this, a cake frosted with canned frosting is for sure (although more than likely not desirable health wise) on the respond to for about three to 4 days. Since most cakes don’t last that long without someone indulging and finishing lock off, that is safe to say the a cake frosted v canned icing is safe to eat if left on the counter, as long as it has been effectively covered to keep out contaminants.

If the cake is dubbed an “IceBox Cake” then it belonging in the frozen fridge at every times.

If the cake is dubbed an “Ice Cream Cake” climate it belong in the freezer at all times. Although, permit it come sit out on the respond to for around 15-20 minutes before slicing so that a sharp knife will pass easily through to reduced the cake.

The concern of whether a cake is shelf secure gets blurrier as soon as the frosting ingredients are additionally in question. Any type of frostings that are made v eggs, milk, cream or cream cheese (all moist ingredients that absolutely need refrigeration) will then force a cake into the refrigerator for for sure keeping beyond a day. Usually we say only two hrs is the safety net for leaving these types of foods on the counter, yet the street in the frosting will assist preserve these other ingredients and slightly expand the safety and security net the frosting. Save on computer cakes through these species of frostings in the frozen fridge will avoid the threat of bacteria development and feasible food poisoning. That will likewise keep the frosting from melting on hot days.

This red velvet cake frosted with typical cream cheese frosting to be left out on the counter for five days. Note exactly how the frosting has come to be yellowed and the texture looks separated and also shapeless (mushy). The frosting ingredient have also seeped right into the cake, visible in the the darker red locations of the cake. This cake should have actually been refrigerated since of the cream cheese in the icing, and also now the ingredients have been jeopardized with time on the counter.


Not only have to cake frostings be considered when comment the refrigeration question, but don’t forget around cake fillings. Something that might be between the great of a cake should additionally be taken into consideration when deciding even if it is or no to refrigerate a cake. If a custard or whipped cream filling was supplied in the cake, then likewise place that cake right into the refrigerator for for sure keeping. New fruits in between the great will additionally last longer and also hold up much better if refrigerated.

If a kitchen in hot, refrigerating a cake is a good idea if only to save any form of frosting from melting. It may be a question of presentation and not just safety when choosing to refrigerate a cake.

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Need to make a cake ahead of time?Go ahead and also bake the cake the job before and cover the tightly in plastic wrap before frosting it. Make the frosting and also store it in the refrigerator. Permit the frosting to involved room temperature and then frost the cake the job of the event. Another good alternative is come wrap the cake strict in plastic wrap and also freeze it before the occasion, this method it will store for a few months without dry out. Make the frosting when needed and then frost the cake native the freezer. Many grocery stores use this an approach for their bakery cakes.