Google “will cycling make….” and those space (somewhat ironically) several of the first autofill searches that pop up. I beg your pardon is surprising, however unsurprising, as soon as you think about that number of years ago Harper’s Bazaar released a function story title “Is turn Making friend Fat?”

Spoiler alert: No! Cycling will not make you fat. It will make you fit and also strong. Will it provide you pro cyclist legs through monster quads? just if that’s what you’re after ~ (but you’ll have to do a lot more than just ride). Or it might just offer you some unique muscle tone, favor that distinctive teardrop over her kneecap (otherwise known as your vastus medialis slope or VMO) and also impressive calves. If girlfriend ride (or do any exercise) regularly, your body it is adapted to assist you be better at it. That’s how training works.

“In general, cycle can assist improve cardiovascular fitness and also decrease fat mass,” states Jinger Gottschall, an associate professor that kinesiology at pen State University. Just how it will certainly otherwise shape your muscles and your mass depends on myriad factors, including how much friend ride, the sort of riding you do, what training you do off the bike, what girlfriend eat, and your hormone makeup. Here’s what you deserve to expect.

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Pro-level riding equates to next-level quads.

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If friend ride 15 to 20 (or more) hrs a week, you much better believe you’ll have actually the cyclist legs to present for it. “Professional cyclists have actually a bigger thigh muscle cross section than non-cyclists,” claims Gottschall. Particularly pronounced space the quadriceps muscles that press the pedals down, and also the large hamstring muscles that aid sweep the pedals up. That’s why brand such together Levi’s and Rapha make special jeans come fit cycling enthusiasts who have actually trim waists, but strong quads. But remember: strong is various than “big,” and every person’s distinct makeup will react differently to the economic stimulation of cycling.

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Speak long, slower, steady state rides will likewise put girlfriend in a fat-burning zone so your muscle fixed may flourish while fat decreases bring about a different—but not necessarily bigger—body composition.