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Rashawn Mitchner
May 25, 2021/6 min read
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A co-signer is a human who takes full responsibility because that a loan along with the borrower. If the major borrower doesn’t make payments, the co-signer will be organized financially responsible because that repaying the debt. A co-signer typically has a favorable credit transaction score and history, which helps the key borrower attain a loan to acquisition a house, buy a car, or take out a personal loan or college student loan. Either way, having you on the application can increase the primary borrower’s chances of approval — especially if castle have poor credit or poor financial resources.

Unfortunately, being a co-signer could not be as helpful for you. Despite there’s a possibility that co-signing another person’s loan could improve your credit transaction score, that’s not always the case. In fact, over there are rather a few risks the come through being a co-signer, and if you’ve been asked to be one yourself, it’s important to think about the duties of a co-signer before signing any kind of paperwork.

What is a co-signer?

A co-signer is a human being who has actually agreed to insurance the debt of an additional individual but does no receive any kind of of the loan proceeds. In other words, a co-signer is responsible because that the debt if the borrower does not make payment or defaults ~ above the loan entirely.

“A co-signer serves as second repayment resource for the lender,” says Adam Marlowe, primary market breakthrough officer because that Georgia’s very own Credit Union. “They space a safety net because that the lender because they space responsible because that the loan in instance the main borrower fails to pay. The co-signer lends his or her great name and credit history to assist another borrower achieve financing.”

Having a co-signer can assist a loan applicant attain not just the loan, yet also much more favorable terms and much more money than they might otherwise be eligible for.

How execute I recognize if I’m a co-signer?

If you’re unsure even if it is you’ve served as someone’s co-signer in the past, there room a couple of telltale signs.

“Co-signers are compelled to sign loan documents outlining the terms and conditions that the obligation,” claims Rich Tambor, chief hazard officer in ~ OneMain Financial. “You must also sign and also receive a copy the the notification to Co-Signer, which is a notification required to be detailed to friend by the Federal trade Commission.”

The bottom line? friend can’t it is in made into a co-signer without her knowledge and consent.

Co-signer rights and also responsibilities

If you’re considering co-signing a loan for someone friend know, it’s vital to understand a co-signer’s rights and responsibilities first.

Ownership of property

Unfortunately, gift a co-signer doesn’t give you legal rights to the property, car or other security that the loan is payment for. You’re merely a jae won guarantor, and if the primary signer fails to repay the debt, then you’re next in heat to make it happen.

Repayment that the debt

The most essential thing to note is her financial responsibility. Though the main borrower have to make the established monthly payment on the loan, that doesn’t mean they constantly will. If castle don’t, it’s your responsibility to choose up the slack. Depending upon how so late they are, you likewise may owe penalties, so late fees, additional interest and more.

Application consideration

Credit history, credit score, income, debts, employment and other gaue won details are all likely to be taken into consideration as part of the loan application as soon as you agree to become a co-signer because that someone. Because of this, you’ll likely need to go with a difficult credit inspect when the primary borrower submits their application.

Credit impact

It’s important to know that serving together a co-signer can eventually hurt your credit transaction score if the borrower makes payments late, since any type of actions top top the loan are tied come both the main borrower’s and your credit reports.

On the other hand, being a co-signer can help improve your credit transaction score if the borrower consistently renders payments top top time.

Removal indigenous the loan

If the primary signer on the loan stop making payments or drops behind, you have the right to request a co-signer release. This is a type that the main borrower will need to sign turn off on releasing friend from the obligations of the loan.

The lender must additionally approve the removal of the co-signer (which the will only do if the main borrower can demonstrate that they have the credit and history to take care of the payments).

Co-signer considerations

There’s a lot to think around if you’ve to be asked to co-sign ~ above someone’s loan. Your an excellent credit could aid a girlfriend or loved one achieve their gaue won goals, yet is the a good thing for you? here are a few things come consider before signing on the dotted line:

The kind of loan you’re co-signing for

Secured loans space riskier for borrowers since there’s collateral top top the line — a house, a vehicle or an additional piece the property. Any included risk because that the primary borrower is added risk because that the co-signer, too. (For example, a HELOC might seem favor an easy way for you to aid your son pay turn off a massive medical debt, however it likewise puts their residence at risk. If castle can’t store up your HELOC payments, and also their current mortgage loan, where will the leave you?)

Your financial situation

Generally, lenders want to watch co-signers v high credit scores, blemish-free credit reports and long histories of consistent, on-time payments. They’ll also want girlfriend to have actually steady employment and verifiable income. Go this use to your financial scenario? If the does, space you willing to risk your high-credit condition to co-sign the loan?

The long-term rewards of being a co-signer

If you’re co-signing a loan to aid your kid go to university or develop up credit beforehand on, climate the risk may be worth it in the long run. If you’re simply helping a friend pay off credit transaction card blame or purchase a car that’s exterior of your price range, it’s probably not the best move because that you or for them.

What’s the difference in between a co-signer and also a co-borrower?

There space two species of parties the can use for a loan together the primary borrower: a co-signer and also a co-borrower. In both situations, every parties room legally responsible because that the debt that’s gift taken out. The credit scores and financial details of both parties are also considered in the application.

After that, the two duties diverge.

“A co-borrower is a party come the loan in every sense, including being entitled to get loan proceeds,” Tambor says. “Where purchase of property or a auto is involved, they are an ext likely to be joint owners too. The co-signer does not receive any kind of loan proceeds, yet is responsible for the debt if the borrower does not pay.”


Have no title or ownership in the residential property (house, car, etc.).Are legit obligated come repay the loan if the major signer drops behind.


Are on the location or have actually some insurance claim to the property.Split the repayment obligation equally through the other borrower.Have your income, assets, credit transaction score and debt-to-income ratio considered in the loan application. This might make it simpler to qualified for larger loan quantities and an ext favorable terms.

The bottom line

At the end of the day, it’s vital to psychic what’s on the line. Though co-signing might improve your credit transaction if the primary borrower stays current on your payments, over there are additionally a variety of risks come consider. Co-signing a loan might not only threaten your credit transaction score, however also impact your financial future for many years. Take right into account the full scope of your liabilities, risks and also rewards before agreeing to be a co-signer.

FAQ about co-signing rights and also responsibilities

Can being a co-signer hurt her credit?

The short answer is yes: being a co-signer because that someone else’s loan deserve to hurt your credit.

“Co-signers should understand that the loan will display on their credit reports and they space legally responsible because that payment,” says Mike Boyle, vice president of loan work at flexibility Financial Network, a blame relief company. “In addition, if the co-signer desires to apply for a loan ~ above his or her very own — whether a mortgage, vehicle, an individual or something rather — that exceptional debt might have effects for the application.”

How carry out I find a co-signer?

Choose someone who is close to you and also that you to trust to help you do a financial decision. Friends and family room the most typical co-signers, yet make sure the human you choose has a good credit score and history.

Can i pay for a co-signer?

Paying for a co-signer is an uncommon approach, however for part people, there aren’t numerous other options. Co-signing companies exist, yet they generally have questionable reputations. For instance, Cosigner Finder has actually an “F” rating from the better Business Bureau. In short, rental a co-signer you’re not acquainted with can be risky.

Can a co-signer gain out the a loan?

Yes, that is possible to acquire out the a loan if the major borrower agrees come a co-signer release. Every lenders have different criteria because that co-signer release, however in general, the borrower will have to demonstrate that they have actually the credit or repayment history needed to qualify because that the loan on their own.

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Can I remove a co-signer without refinancing?

It is feasible to remove a co-signer without refinancing. However, in many cases, the lender will likely require the borrower to refinance the loan anyway. This is due to the fact that it’s unlikely that the borrower would certainly qualify because that the same rate and also terms there is no the co-signer, Marlowe says.