I"m a brand brand-new nurse, and also I"ve just realized nursing college didn"t perform a an excellent job of explaining all the varieties of feeding tubes to me. I"m in a crucial care rotation program, where I visit every one of the ICUs for a few weeks... And also I felt for this reason silly and naive once the RN i was following was naming turn off these various names!

Could someone please describe the different types of feeding tubes? I understand the difference between an NG tube, a PEG tube, a J tube, etc. However she to be talking around Dobhoff tubes, and ND, NJ, and also GJ tubes.

I feel pretty lost, and also don"t know why you would use, because that example, a Dobhoff instead of one NG tube, or a PEG tube instead of a J tube. And also I don"t even know what ND / NJ / GJ pipe are!

Any help would it is in really, really appreciated.