Harry Potter: 10 facts You Didn't Know around Dobby The home Elf Dobby the house-elf is just one of the most lovable and tragic personalities in the bother Potter series, and here are 10 hidden details about him.

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Dobby the house-elf made his first appearance in The room of Secrets and also instantly became one that the many loved personalities in Harry Potter. Though the is at first trying to avoid Harry from return to Hogwarts, it shortly becomes clear that Dobby care deeply for Harry and also is such a sweetheart. Adhering to him transparent the books, we obtain to see him come to be a complimentary elf finally and also really come to be everything the he wanted.

Dobby was constantly there because that Harry, protecting him and also doing whatever he can for him. This is what provides Dobby such a wonderful character, and you can tell the he would certainly give every little thing for Harry. He confirmed that even a house-elf deserve to do tremendous things, and his death was one of the most tragic parts of the series— in fact, we"re still not sure anyone has fully recovered. To help you remember the house-elf with a love of socks, right here are ten facts the you didn"t know about Dobby.

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Harry Potter is recognized for its exceptional cast, however one member that often gets overlooked is Dobby"s voice actor. You can"t view him straight on the screen, yet Dobby"s voice need to be extremely familiar. Toby Jones theatre the role of Dobby, that you might recognize from Captain America: The Winter Soldier where he plays Arnim Zola. He additionally has major roles in The Hunger Games and Sherlock. His voice absolutely played a major part in do Dobby the lovable personality that us all adore.

9 that Negotiated His very own Wages

as soon as Dobby ended up being a free elf, he take it a well-deserved break, yet then he wanted to get ago to work. Dobby love being cost-free and wasn"t going to go earlier to gift an unpaid slave. He accepted a task at Hogwarts, with Dumbledore supplying him ten galleons a week v weekends off. Despite Dobby want to it is in paid, it was never about the money, so he decreased Dumbledore"s offer and asked for only a galleon a week.

Dobby is freed
Dobby deserve his freedom by acquiring a sock, and also they constantly held a special ar in his heart. Throughout his time together a free elf, Dobby took up collecting socks, make the efforts to discover all the exciting pairs that he could. He even shared his love through Harry, knitting him a personalized set of socks for Christmas.

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7 leave Socks because that Dobby

Dobby is among many characters to leave a lasting influence on the fans. His death was particularly heartbreaking and also one of the most impactful moment of the entire seven-part story. Dobby has a statue at Warner brothers Studio that is extremely lifelike, and visiting fans have actually been relocated to leave a tribute. Visitors have started leaving socks in ~ the statue, which Dobby would absolutely love. Part fans walk so far as to take the socks turn off their very own feet to leaving them in remembrance.

The Deathly Hallows is full of emotionally moments. It"s tough to think that any type of fan could make it v the book without shedding a few tears. Dobby"s death was one of the moments the hit the hardest, and also it seems that to be true for Emma Watson, together well. Watson said in an interview the Dobby"s fatality made her fully break down.

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5 Dobby"s girlfriend Winky

though the movie don"t show this exorbitant relationship, the friendship between Dobby and Winky really mirrors Dobby"s heart. Winky to be the house-elf that Barty Crouch. Once he freed her, she couldn"t take it.

Dobby found her a job at Hogwarts, however she quiet didn"t understand what to perform with herself. Winky became a heavy drinker of Butterbeer, which, for humans, wouldn"t have any kind of effect. ~ above a house-elf, however, it was an extremely potent, and also she ended up being a hefty drinker. Dobby was always there for her and also took treatment of her v the drinking.

v the brand-new edition of Harry Potter came all-new illustrations. Jim Kay was the illustrator because that the series and was given the job of providing Dobby a brand-new illustration. Kay claimed that Dobby was one of the hardest personalities to illustrate due to the fact that he didn"t desire to let the pan down and also knew the they had actually high expectations. The based his illustration top top the descriptions in the novels and also did an remarkable job.

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3 Dobby"s Birthday

While we don"t know precisely how old Dobby is, us do recognize his birthday. Dobby was born ~ above June 28th. When this might seem prefer just any type of other date, its in reality the same birthday as J.K. Rowling"s sister, Dianne. Dianne loves Dobby, so Rowling offered them the same birthday. The a nice tiny detail because that Rowling to litter in, and additionally shows just how loved Dobby is.

In the movies, Neville Longbottom offers Harry the Gillyweed that makes sure he can finish the task for the Triwizard tournament. In the books, it goes a small bit differently. Dobby is the one who finds the Gillyweed for Harry. Castle probably adjusted it in the movie so the they wouldn"t have to spend the money on the CGI for Dobby. It"s understandable, however it"s likewise a tiny sad that us don"t get to see just how Dobby was constantly looking out for Harry.

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1 Dobby"s last Words

Dobby"s fatality is exceptionally tragic, however this little detail could make that even more so. When Harry very first meets Dobby, the residence elf"s first words room "Harry Potter." once he is dying in the books, the critical words the he manages to get out room "Harry Potter." That method the first and critical words that Dobby claimed in the books are take care of Potter. This shows just how much Dobby cared because that the boy that lived.